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E-cigarette for Preventing Smoking Diseases and Deaths
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E-cigarette for Preventing Smoking Diseases and Deaths


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How E-cigarette helps prevent smoking related diseases and deaths? Discover now..

How E-cigarette helps prevent smoking related diseases and deaths? Discover now..

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. E-cigarette, Necessary Against GrowingSmoking Diseases and Deaths
  • 2. Do you know each year the Government spends 197 billions ofdollars on health care expenditure and medical expenditurecaused by cigarette smoking? Cigarette smoking also causesbillions of cost in the form of lost productivity and exponentiallyspending on smoking by smokers. Smoking related moralitydeaths are higher compare to all other dangerous diseases likeAids, cancers (other than the lungs), TB and diabetes. Accordingto world health organization, if a current smoking trend continues,by 2013 smoking related deaths would reach to 8 million including6000,000 non smokers.Have a Quick Look at Below Charts forSmoking Related Statistics
  • 3. Smoking Related Death StatisticsSmoking Expenditures
  • 4. What Are the Current Course of ActionsBeing Taken By Government?Government has put a ban on cigarette advertising and preventedcompanies to provide any kind of advertisement on radio, TV orprint media. It has also put ban on cigarette companiessponsoring any kind of public events.Government increases excise duty on a pack of cigarettes whichhas also proved to be a good step in increasing overall revenuefrom cigarette and other tobacco products and reducing cigaretteconsumptions over the time.Government supports and assign fund to different organizationswhich conduct tobacco control programs from the revenuegenerated from tax on tobacco products.Government also conducts various anti smoking campaign andforce cigarette companies to add a message in form of text orimages explaining the harmfulness of cigarette smoking.Are These Efforts Sufficient Enough?Even after these many efforts and ban on cigarette advertising,different government organizations like WHO and FDA hasreported considerable growth in smoking trends. Other than US,cigarette smoking being spread quickly among the developingcountries and the young adults are the audience who influencedmost of cigarette smoking. If considerable steps will not be takenby government, Smoking would become a key issue and it willbecome difficult to control in the future.
  • 5. Why E-cigarette, How it helps?To control the tobacco consumption, E-cigarette can be the mostpreferred choice for addicted smokers. For those who don’t knowabout E-cigarette, read our post “What Is E-cigarette”. Scientificand medical research on E-cigarettes has stated than E-cigarettes are 100% safer than traditional cigarettes and doesn’tcontain any harmful chemicals and toxigenic ingredients liketraditional cigarettes. E-cigarette has a higher success ratioamong smokers who quit cigarette compare to other availableproducts in the market. AAPHP (American Association of PublicHealth Physician) also released a statement in support of E-cigarette by concluding the possibilities of saving thousands ofadult lives which would may die due to cigarette Smoking.Try E-cigarette Now For Better Health andSafety