Financial Growth of E-cigarettes proves its Effectiveness as Better Smoking Alternative


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Reveal the stat on the growth of e-cigarettes and possible caused of it with point of view to finance.

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Financial Growth of E-cigarettes proves its Effectiveness as Better Smoking Alternative

  1. 1. The Success of E-cigarettes From a Financial Expert’s Eye E-cigarettes have undoubtedly gained a strong foothold in the market, with ever-increasing demand and growing awareness, but the question arises – are the e-cigarette companies growing likewise? The secret to success in the electronic cigarette market is not merely investing billions of dollars. Financial experts are stressing more on staying ahead of the competition. And how is it possible? Of course, with innovation, product development as per changing consumer behavior and trend, as well as exemplifying a well-defined brand!!
  2. 2. Innovate or Perish!! In a scenario where a host of new tobacco companies is penetrating into the e-cigarette market, the product range has somewhat become diluted and customers now have an unbelievably exotic selection. Large companies may be investing millions of dollars in manufacturing electronic cigarettes and marketing the same, extensively across diverse platforms, but where is the edge? Every e-cigarette company comes with a product that offers somewhat similar features and benefits, flavors, and prices. So, why should consumers buy your product rather than that of your competitor? Where the electronic cigarette market is witnessing significant boom and rapid growth in demand, it is important for a brand to be innovative and unique, or perish away at the face of stiff competition. Standing ahead of the crowd always helps in grabbing the attention of the public, and there lies the secret behind the success of electronic cigarettes. Moreover, as the industry is getting somewhat diluted with a startlingly vast selection of similar products, the market demands innovation and uniqueness. If manufacturers are unable to provide a value for money, the e-cigarette market will also get extinct in the face of tobacco cigarettes. E-Cigarettes are Here to Stay!!! Undoubtedly, it is here to stay and further expand its reach. It is not a mere fad for upstarts who love experimenting; e-cigarettes come with a broader concept of health benefits over smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes, which are a cause of numerous health diseases and even death. However, the market demands expansion and innovativeness. Hence, extensive marketing complemented with quality products that are a result of excellent research and development will help in attracting new customers and retaining them. At the same time, improved knowledge and vast exposure of electronic cigarettes is required, coupled with high- quality products, to consistently increase its sales and use for a good cause of good health and well being. No wonder, e-cigarettes are here to stay and have already created a tremendous buzz in the market. Catering to increasing demand, it is
  3. 3. important for the manufacturers to not only provide superior quality products but also incorporate some innovativeness to appeal best to the consumers. Uniqueness, vast exposure, excellent quality, and intelligent marketing are considering the key mantra to drive success for electronic cigarette market today.