Corporate Brochure 2009


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America\'s Largest AACSB Accredited Business School now in Singapore.

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Corporate Brochure 2009

  1. 1. New York’s Finest Education Now In Singapore Executive Masters of Science | Executive MBA Grad Diplomas | Executive Education | Seminars
  2. 2. 2 A Rich Heritage of over 160 years of Academic Excellence CUNY’s Faculty ore than 80 percent of CUNY’s senior college faculty hold Ph.D.s or other highest degrees in their fields. The full- time teaching faculty of 6,100 includes world-renowned experts in virtually every field of human endeavour. CUNY Distinguished Professor at Lehman College, Billy Collins served as Poet Laureate of the United States. Other current CUNY faculty has won prestigious awards in recognition of their contributions to education and scholarship. Included are Guggenheim Fellowships, Pulitzer Prizes, an Academy Award, MacArthur Foundation “genius awards,” and Carnegie Teacher of the Year awards, among many other honors, fellowships and grants.
  3. 3. 3 The City University of New York Founded in 1847, City University of New York is today, the nation’s largest urban public university with over 226,000 degree-credit students and 230,000 adult, continuing their professional education. With more than 100 nationally recognized research centers, institutes and consortia, CUNY is also one of the nation’s major research institutions. CUNY distinguished faculty includes 12 Nobel Laureates, amongst the highest number from any public university in the country. CUNY Alumni ince 1967, CUNY has bestowed more than 950,000 associate, baccalaureate, masters and doctoral degrees. According to a recent CUNY survey, more than 88 percent of graduates found work within six months of graduation and of that group, nearly 90 percent worked in New York. At least one-third of college-educated New Yorkers are CUNY graduates. CUNY luminous alumni includes Nobel Laureates, U.S. Secretary of State, Supreme Court Justice, Mayors, Members of Congress and a long list of successful businessman and CEOs. They also includes astronaut, actors, singers, composers, writers and inventors. More top U.S. corporate executives earned their degrees at The City University of New York than at any other university in the country, according to the most recent national survey conducted by Standard & Poor’s. Notable CUNY alumni When you embark your Masters qualification with Baruch College, CUNY, you will be joining a powerful international business network of over 100,000 international alumni which includes successful and well-accomplished people in virtually every field of endeavour including renowned world leaders and businessmen. • Gen Colin Powell 65th United States Secretary of State • Henry Kissinger Nobel Peace Prize winner and former US Secretary of State • Nelson Mandela 11th President of South Africa • Ralph Lauren Chairman and CEO of Polo Ralph Lauren • Ben Cohen Co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  4. 4. 4 The Leading Graduate School In Executive & Senior Management Education
  5. 5. 5 Shaping Global Leaders Aventis School of Management is the leading Graduate school in the area of professional development and executive education. At Aventis, our faculty, business leaders and industry experts work together to design and deliver the best in class graduate education. Professional Training for the Real World able to strengthen their capabilities to achieve competitive advantage. Aventis is dedicated and committed to Human e collaborate with leading institutions and Capital development and actively supports and contribute professional bodies across the world to bring to major HR Conferences and events across the region in together a suite of industry oriented Graduate line with Aventis mission to promote and celebrate lifelong Diploma programs with the aim to provide a professional learning. qualification of sufficient depth for professional career advancements or career switches. Aventis graduate • Prestigious HRM Awards 2009 - Proud Sponsor of one of and professional development programs are suitable Singapore’s pre-eminent HR awards of the Year for Best for candidates from a wide diversity of industries and Graduate Development. backgrounds. • Singapore HR Awards 2009, organized yearly by Singapore Rich Learning Experience Human Resources Institute (SHRI) to celebrates leading HR practitioners in their drive for impactful human Our industry driven curriculum offers an unsurpassed capital strategies. experience in accelerated learning that fosters both intellectual growth and the development of new tools • Singapore HR Congress & Business-Connect Exposition to meet the specific current and future needs of working 2009, organized by the Singapore Human Resources professionals. Learning is enhanced by high levels of class Institute (SHRI) participation and an emphasis on group work. This enables • HR Summit 2009 where world renowned business students to work closely with peers and faculty rich in speaker, Allan Pease will participate in the plenary professional experience and to form life-long friendships session and business relationships. • Career & Education 2009, organized by Singapore Aventis School of Management (ASEAN) Professional Centre and Supported by Ministry of Aventis, ASEAN attracts top talents from across the region, Education, Singapore providing a valuable regional business network. Candidates are drawn from a rich diversity of industries, nationalities, and knowledge, which enhances the learning environment through class discussion, group work, and presentation instead of purely academic examinations. Commitment to Human Capital Development In today’s knowledge-based economy of the 21st century, excellent organizations are differentiated by their human capital and the superior products and services which are produced by skilled & talented professionals. Organizations that are dedicated to developing their human capital through continuous training and skills upgrading will be
  6. 6. 6 Baruch College Reaches All-Time High in U.S. News & World Report “Best College Rankings” Aug. 25, 2008 Baruch College has once again “If you take the present value of my compensation since graduating form earned a gold badge from U.S. News & World Baruch and divide it by the cost of my education, the value proposition of a Report magazine in its latest rankings of best Baruch education is clear. My contribution colleges nationwide. In the just-released to the college cannot even make a dent in everything Baruch has done for me.” 2009 report, Baruch took honors in several Keith Anzel, categories. In the north region of the United Managing Director, States, Baruch jumped two notches, to #33, Citigroup Corporate & Investment Bank in the list of best master’s degree-granting institutions.
  7. 7. 7 Accolades & Honors Baruch College Reaches All-Time High in U.S. News & World Report “Best College Rankings” New York, NY - Aug. 25, 2008 Baruch College has once again earned a gold badge from U.S. News & World Report magazine in its latest rankings of best colleges nationwide. In the just-released 2009 report, Baruch took honors in several categories. In the north region of the United States, Baruch jumped two notches, to #33, in the list of best master’s degree-granting institutions. U.S. News & World Report American Institute of Architects • Baruch’s Part –Time MBA Ranked 21st Nationally in U.S. • Baruch’s innovative, 17-floor William and Anita Newman News & World Report’s Index of America’s Best Graduate Vertical Campus was honoured in 2003 with the highest Schools 2008. award it offers to an individual building. • Baruch is ranked amongst the Top 35 universities in The Money Magazine North America that offers a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs (US News & World Report) • Ranked Baruch among the top twenty non-residential • Baruch College is ranked among the Top 20 non- colleges nationwide (2004). residential colleges in US (The Money Magazine) Accounting Today’s Magazine • Baruch Ranked One of “America’s Best Value Colleges” by The Princeton Review • Baruch tied Harvard University in 1999 in Accounting • No. 33 out of the world’s Top 923 academic institutions for Today’s “100 Most Influential People in Accounting” for research productivity in finance (Financial Management graduates with bachelor’s degrees. Journal) Diverse: Issues in Higher Education • More CEOs and top executives graduated from The City University of New York (CUNY) than at any other Magazine university in the country, according to the most recent • The magazine identifies the top 100 minority degree national survey conducted by Standard & Poor’s. producers among undergraduate institutions of higher education. As a producer of baccalaureates in business, Princeton Review management, marketing, and related support services, • Ranked Baruch College as one of “America’s Best Value Baruch is ranked #1 overall for minorities, #4 for Hispanics Colleges” (2008) and Asian-Americans, and #5 for African-Americans (June 2006). • Cited as one of the 222 best colleges in Northeast America (2008) Public Accounting Report 2006 (Annual Survey of Accounting Professors in U.S.) The Newsweek 2006 edition of America’s • Undergraduate accounting program was ranked 15th. Hottest Colleges • Graduate accounting program was ranked 22nd. • Ranked Baruch College as one of the nation’s 367 most interesting schools. Rankings were determined by factors such as academic strength, student body, and specialty programs. Also on the 2006 list are Brown University, Harvard University, New York University, and Stanford University.
  8. 8. 8 World Class Faculty Baruch’s faculty are among the most distinguished and most widely known in their fields. They combine outstanding academic credentials with significant real- world experience. Baruch handpicks faculty to teach in its Executive MBA Program, choosing them for their experience in teaching seasoned executives. The program’s reputation rests largely on the talent of the professors, who when not teaching, are conducting research and authoring papers that are published in the most influential professional journals in their respective fields. Professor Dan Levin (PhD, Wharton)
  9. 9. 9 he knowledge that they bring to the classroom, combined with peer-to-peer learning, create an educational experience second to none. The core faculty is supplemented with practitioners and executives from the business community, and faculty from other leading academic institutions. In addition to the tenured faculty, Baruch also invites adjunct professors with industry experience to teach in the program. Our adjunct faculty members include entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs whom have extensive real world business experience which they bring to the classroom each day. The International Faculty Includes: AVNER WOLF Professor TERRRENCE F.MARTELL Professor PhD (Columbia) Ph.D (Penn State) PETER GUTMANN Professor JOEL RENTZLER Professor PhD (Harvard ) Ph.D (NYU) LINDA ALLEN Professor GWENDOLYN WEBB Assistant Professor Ph.D (NYU) Ph.D. (NYU) JAIHYUN PARK Professor YOSHIHIRO TSURUMI Professor Ph.D. (Yale) DBA (Harvard) NORMAN L. KLEINBERG Associate Professor SANKAR SEN Associate Professor Ph.D (M.I.T) Ph.D (Wharton) BARRY MA Associate Professor THOMAS KRAMER Assistant Professor Ph.D (Stanford) PhD (Stanford) LARRY HUCKINS Assistant Professor DAN LEVIN Adjunct Professor PhD (Chicago) PhD (Wharton) ARCHISHMAN CHAKRABORTY HYEONG MIN KIM Assistant Professor Assistant Professor (Princeton) Ph.D (Michigan) VIKTORIA DALKO Professor NERMIN EYUBOGLU Associate Professor PhD (Pennsylvania) Ph.D (UNC-Chapel Hill) HANAN T. EYTAN Associate Professor GUR MOSHEIOV Adjunct Professor Ph.D (M.I.T.) PhD (Columbia) KACK CLARK FRANCIS Professor JEAN BODDEWYN Professor Ph.D (Washington) Ph.D (Washington) LIN PENG Assistant Professor MARK CHADWIN Professor PhD (Duke) Ph.D (Columbia) DAN LEVIN Adjunct Professor ANDREA F. GREIN Assistant Professor Ph D (Wharton) Ph.D (NYU) ALVIN MARTY Professor BILL HEALTH University Distinguished Lecturer PhD (Berkeley) MBA (NYU) RUI YAO Assistant Professor JACK LEE Assistant Professor PhD (UNC Chapel Hill) Ph.D (NYU) CHRISTOPHER A. HESSEL Associate Professor YOCHI COHEN-CHARASH Professor Ph.D (NYU) Ph.D. (California, Berkeley) ARMEN HO VAKIMIAN Assistant Professor Ph.D (Boston College)
  10. 10. 10 Executive Masters (1 Year Accelerated Program) When you enroll in Baruch Executive Master Programs, you make a strategic investment in your personal growth and professional success. Baruch Executive Master Programs are widely regarded as the pre-eminent graduate programs in the world, taught by world class faculty drawn from the world capital, New York. Features 3 Executive structured tailored for working professionals & expatriates 3 100% Taught by Baruch Faculty flown in from New York 3 Registered with Ministry of Education Singapore 3 Same Degree as conferred on Campus 3 Emphasis on Decision Making and Case studies EMBA • Human Resource & Global Leadership • Business Administration (18 months - incorporating 3 week Industry Tour • Psychology (I/O) to New York) • Information System and Business • Finance Computing • Marketing
  11. 11. 11 Graduate Diploma Achieve Personal & Professional Development in just 6 months We offer an exciting suite of graduate diploma programs on an accelerated schedule, designed for working professionals seeking to advanced their professional skills or mid-career professionals exploring career switches. In just 6 months, you can achieve a life change experience by accelerating your career advancement or embarking on your dream profession. Features 3 A Great Way to get more out of your life and career 3 6 months Accelerated program (Part-time) 3 Classes are conducted on week days evenings from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. 3 Registered with Ministry of Education, Singapore 3 Flexible Monthly installment of $500 • Professional Post Graduate Diploma in • Financial Analysis & Valuation Marketing • Service Leadership • Global Marketing & Branding • Human Capital Development • Finance & Investment • Training & Development • Financial Portfolio Engineering • Organizational Psychology • Wealth Management • Social Psychology & Counselling
  12. 12. 12 Executive Education Our suite of Executive education programs aims to facilitate organizational training and development needs through the provision of customized in house training and dynamic knowledge exchange. Join us in this unique learning journey to realize your organization’s true potential. ASM Partnership Programs Open Enrollment Programs ASM Global CEO Program y bringing together a team of internationally ~ For CEOs, Chairman, BOD and MDs renowned professors and industry leaders, we work closely with organizations to tailor-make programs The ASM Global CEO Program was launched in 2008 to in which individual, group, and organization-wide training meet the growing demands of CEOs and directors for a high needs are consistently achieved. intensity leadership program. The program aims to enhance business leader’s global perspective and improve their Professional Training Support, Coordination and Evaluation leadership competency, the program also serves as a unique platform for top executives to discuss and reflect on key A training project manager is assigned specifically to challenges in an interactive and exclusive environment. partner with you on your company’s training projects - assessing needs, overseeing course development, finding ASM CFO Program and hiring instructors, scheduling classes, ordering ~ For CFOs, Executive Board Members and Financial materials, registering participants, and following through Controllers with evaluation tools to make sure your employees and managers achieve their training objectives. The ASM CFO Program is the definitive program, providing you with the insights and tools required to enhance your High Quality Training Customized to Your Company’s Needs skills and management know-how. This 5 Day intensive Program aims to equip CFOs and aspiring CFOs with the Not all businesses have the same priorities. Customized latest frameworks and applications to keep up with the training provides practical and professional development to changing roles and responsibilities of today’s CFO. fit your business or organization. We work closely with you to ensure training is focused on your needs and is consistent ASM Advanced Management Program (AMP) with your company’s business philosophy and culture. ~ For Business Leaders and Senior Managers Enhance Organizational Efficiency and Retain Talent The ASM AMP serves as a highly effective tool to develop key managerial skill sets with minimal disruptions to While job-specific customized training enhance organization business commitments. The program serves as a catalyst performance and increase productivity, investment in for participants to develop leadership skills and change training also enhance staff morale, allow company to management capabilities, both of which are essential to continuously attract and retained management talents. compete globally. A Partner Focused on Your Business Success ASM Young Manager Program We draw upon experts from a variety of fields and match ~ For High Potential Executives & Professionals instructors to your company’s personality and needs. We ASM Young Manager Program (YMP) is a 10 Day accelerated can also develop your internal experts as trainers. We are management course which equips middle-management part of the business community and are committed to the executives with the right foundation to become future long term growth of our clientele. We will do our utmost to leaders of their organization. ensure your needs are met because we believe in forging long term in depth business partnership.
  13. 13. 13 Executive Workshops & Seminars Program Calendar 2009 At Aventis, we offer more than just Executive Education, we are committed to ensure individual and institutions realize their true potential. Our suite of seminars and executive programs are design to facilitate learning through professional development and dynamic knowledge exchange. Through our collaboration with professional institutions and international faculty, we bring together a pool of internationally renowned consultants to provide you the best in class professional development courses available in Asia. Join us in this unique learning journey to realize your true potential. Leadership & Strategy • Crisis Leadership - Best of East - West Strategy Senior Management Program • 2 Day Mergers & Acquisition Masterclass by Prof Dalko (Harvard) • Aventis Global CEO Program • 5 Day CFO Program • Advanced Management Program (AMP) General Management • Young Manager Program (YMP) People Management & Special Topics: Security & Digital Personal Development Forensic • Building Effective Negotiation Skills for the Business World • Forensic Imaging and Digital Forensic - A Real World Practical Forensic Workshop • Clarify Your Career Goals! • Critical Incident Management • Power Design for Presentation Workshop • Counter Terrorism & Current Threats Master Class • Motivating Conversation Workshop • Analysing Criminal Behavior Master Class • Current Threats - Explosive Device and Bombs Customer Services • Creating and Managing quot;Customer Valuesquot; Customized In House Training Finance & Accounting To find out more details of our customized training and partnership programs, please contact us at partnership@ • Business Valuation & Financial Modeling by Prof Dalko to arrange for a non-obligatory consultation (Harvard) with one of our consultant. • Forensic Accounting - Practical Know-How on Combating Corporate Fraud • 2 Day MBA in Accounting & Finance Visit us at to find out our latest list of events and workshops
  14. 14. 14 Corporate Membership As a leading training & education group in Asia-Pacific, we train over 1,500 executives annually through a wide spectrum of courses tailored to meet the needs of senior executives and professionals. It is our aim to inspire and educate individual and institutions to realize their true potential through effective learning methodology and innovative training solutions. Membership has its Privileges! e bring together a team of internationally renowned professors and industry leaders Join our learning community and enjoy the comprehensive from Australia, Europe and USA to provide a benefits & privileges exclusively tailored just for you. unique learning platform for the transfer of leading-edge knowledge and ideas to transform the life of individuals & Conferences & Seminars organizations. This unique global perspective and diversity As our corporate member, you are entitled to a 10% - 25% of Aventis international faculty are well reflected in the discount on conferences and seminars covering general extensive range of corporate education and training courses management/supervisory, creative thinking & mind that we offer. enhancement, sales techniques & marketing and many more. With these savings, your membership fee pays for Tapping on our close collaboration with professional itself. bodies and world renowned universities, we cordially welcome you and your organization to join us as corporate • Complimentary passes to seminars. Each company is members to gain access to a wide spectrum of resources entitled to 2 complimentary passes and rest of attendees and opportunities to meet your organizational goals and on discounts up to 20% personal career advancement. Your organization will also • Discounts on rental of training rooms. be able to leverage on strategic business alliances through networking opportunities with industry leaders and world • Rebates on professional development courses class faculty. • Free advertisements on job postings with Aventis School of Management / CUNY Baruch College As a corporate member, you will receive exclusive • Access into Baruch College’s career portal invitations and membership discounts to networking sessions and attractive rates to an extensive suite of benefits • VIP invitation to events organized by Aventis School of that is dedicated to enhance management and leadership. Management, networking nights, alumni party, etc We are committed to raising the performance of business by • Receive newsletters / updates championing management education.
  15. 15. 15 Resources Online Information services: Receive instant online access to the latest news and research to support your study and work. Members are regularly updated with information on our latest membership activities through magazines, flyers, brochures and website. Career Development From starting out to gaining promotions, taking a career break or changing direction and planning for retirement, our Career Services offers a wealth of tools to help you. The Executive Career Centre host immediate job vacancies from our partnering employers. Members/students can contact or email their resumes directly to the respective employers for selection. For our members’/students’ convenience, career links provides direct links to the websites of all major employment agencies as well as the job sites of our corporate partners. There are plenty of jobs listed in these websites for our members’/ students’ perusal. • Listing of company name on Aventis website • Link to company’s website from Aventis website • Complimentary invitation to talks • Free Job posting online • Access to resume of our graduates Mentorship Program This service will enable members to seek advice from a mentor on business practices, know-how skills and other information. The mentorship scheme includes business continuity management, branding and business finance Enjoy Preferential Rate for our Training rooms and Facilities Located at Concorde Hotel in the heart of orchard road, our fully furbished training room is ideal for training, talks, workshops, seminars, conference, social activities etc. Centre for Shared Services For your convenience, our Resource hub located at Orchard Road also provides self-service photocopying facilities and access to the Internet. Business Networking Member Events: Branch events provide invaluable opportunities to meet like- Corporate Friend minded and influential people. Membership Fee Business Advisory Complimentary business advisory services to organisations and individual pertaining to business and leadership challenges. 1 year SGD 500 Certificate Programmes CPD: Use our interactive online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system to plan and monitor your learning and development as a manager. 2 years + 3rd year free SGD 1,800 Executive Development Programmes Talks and workshops are organised for members. These talks and workshops provide a networking platform for members to meet up, interact and exchange *All fees quoted are subject to 7% GST. The ensuring rights & privileges of the respective knowledge of all specialisation. It is an excellent networking opportunity and Membership category shall be accorded to the avenue for exchange of ideas. Your organization will also receive extra savings individual only. and mileage for your organisation, products and services: For more information • Special invitations to Conferences & Seminars on membership, • Discount to Conferences for non-nominees email • Discount off Non-Member’s rate for training programmes • Discount off Non-Member’s rate for rental of training facilities
  16. 16. Participating Organizations Our executive programs attracted senior executives from diverse backgrounds and across the region. The following are some of the organizations that our students worked in. A.P.Moller-Maersk Grp ING Investment Management Asia Pacific Ltd Pico Art Int'l Pte Ltd ABN AMRO Bank International Council of Shopping Centres, PowerSeraya Inc Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd Pratt & Whitney Services Pte Ltd JMJ Distribution Services Pte Ltd Allen& Gledhill LLP Prudent Brokers Pte Ltd Johnson & Johnson AMD Singapore Pte Ltd Prudential Assurance Company (S) Pte Ltd JURONG International American Association of Singapore PUB KBC Bank N.V. AmMerchant Bank Berhad PVM Oil Associates Kumon Asia & Oceania Pte Ltd Amoeba Capital Partners Republic of Singapore Navy Land Transport Authority Ao Shi Da Business Consultant Pte Ltd Reuters Asia Pte Ltd Lasalle College of the Arts Asatsu-DK Singapore Pte Ltd RS Components, Asia Lear Corporation Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd RZB-Austria Singapore Branch LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AXA SAP Asia Pte Ltd Linear Technology Barclays Capital Savills Residential MacGREGOR (SGP) Pte Ltd British Airways Science Centre Singapore Macquarie Pacific Star Property Management Carlson Marketing Worldwide Seagate Pte Ltd Chang See Hiang & Partners Senoko Energy Supply Management Development Institute of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Shell Exploration & Production Singapore Cisco Systems (USA) Pte Ltd Siemens L&A DI ASEAN Mandarin Art Printing Pte Ltd Citibank Singapore Ltd Sigma Solutions HRD Consultants Pte Ltd Maybank Civil Service College Singapore Airlines Meinhardt Singapore Pte Ltd CMPMedia Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) MES Tech Cold Storage (1983) Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Polytechnic Microsoft Singapore Pte Commerce International Merchant Bankers Singapore Technologies Kinetics Miltrade Technologies Pte Ltd (CIMB) Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) Ministry of Defence Continental Chemical Corporation Pte Ltd Singapore Workforce Development Agency Ministry Of Education (Singapore) Credit Suisse Singtel Ministry of Finance CustomHouse HedgeFunds Admin SMRT Corporation Ltd Ministry of Trade & Industry Daimler Chrysler Sea Pte Ltd Spain Tourist Office MMI Holding DBS Bank Limited St. Jude Medical (S) Pte Ltd Morgan Stanley Asia Defence Science Organisation (DSO) Standard Chartered Bank National Healthcare Group Economic Development Board (EDB) STATS ChipPAC Ltd National Parks Board Emerio Globesoft Pte Ltd STMicroelectronics Pte Ltd NCS Pte Ltd Ernst & Young Indonesia Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Network for Electronic Transfers (S) Pte Ltd Eu Yan Sang International Ltd (Singapore) Nippon Ispat Singapore Pte Ltd Flextronics (S) Pte Ltd Tata Consultancy Services APAC Nokia Siemens Network Gillette Management Pte Ltd Temasek Polytechnic NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Healthway Medical Grp The Royal Bank of Scotland Limited Hermes Metal Yudigar Group TM Asia Life Singapore Ltd OCBC Bank Hewlett Packard (Asia Pacific) UBS Ocean Sky International Limited Honeywell Unilever Asia Pte Ltd OgilvyOne Worldwide Singapore Hotel Plaza Limited United Overseas Bank Orange Business Services HP Global UOB Assets Management Orange Valley Healthcare Pte Ltd. HSBS Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Weikeng Technology Pte Ltd Panasonic Ltd White & Case LLP Phu My Hung Corporation ICBC (Singapore Branch) Yellow Pages (Singapore) Limited Aventis School of Management The City University of New York Baruch College ASEAN Representative Office 100 Orchard Road #04-100 Concorde Hotel (formerly Le Meridien Hotel) Singapore 238840 Tel: 6720 3333 Fax: 6720 2222 Email: Website: