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Yasushi Hiratani: XenServer 5.0: How Citrix Leverages Open Source Xen

Yasushi Hiratani: XenServer 5.0: How Citrix Leverages Open Source Xen

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  • 1. XenServer 5.0 - How Citrix Leverages Open Source Xen Click to edit Master subtitle style Citrix Systems Japan 1 © 2008 Citrix Systems, Inc. — All rights reserved
  • 2. Comparing Xen Open Source to XenServer • Xen hypervisor is the core virtualization engine for both the open source and XenServer products • Is supports paravirtualization and hardware virtualization assistance. Both products offer stable, tested components • Differences between Xen open source and XenServer include: • Xen open source code includes unstable or untested components • Citrix XenServer products are rigorously tested and include polished features for heavy production use 2 © 2008 Citrix Systems, Inc. — All rights reserved
  • 3. Comparing Xen Platforms XenServer Xen Open Source • Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition • Xen supports the following 4.1 supports the 64-bit hypervisor hypervisor versions: version • 32-bit • 32-bit-PAE • 64-bit • Citrix Xe • Xen has the following theoretical • nServer supports the following CPU memory and CPU limits: and memory limits: • Terabytes of memory • 32 CPU cores • 128 CPU cores • 128 GB RAM • Xen requires Linux experience to • 75% of the code is proprietary which install. Installation usually takes one makes XenServer easy to use. day to install Installation usually takes less than 10 minutes 3 © 2008 Citrix Systems, Inc. — All rights reserved
  • 4. vs. XenServer Citrix Quality Assurance Xen Community and Enterprise Level Testing Manual Regression Automated Regression Optimization Alpha/Beta Testing stable, tested stable, tested proprietary not tested software unstable Fixes Fixes 4 © 2008 Citrix Systems, Inc. — All rights reserved
  • 5. XenServer 5 • Open, flexible platform • Supports all Tier 1 enterprise apps via Oracle and Microsoft Virtualization Validation Programs • Supports virtually every Windows and Linux guest OS and storage architecture/device - DAS, NAS, SAN (iSCSI and FC) • Business Continuity • Enterprise-class Automated High Availability & Disaster Recovery, Fault Tolerant with Marathon everRUN • XenMotion relocates live workloads to new servers with zero downtime • Bulletproof, scalable virtualization architecture • Workload Visibility • XenCenter console provides visibility on every server and workload • Unique virtual machine tagging and searching capability • Persistent and historical monitoring tracks workload performance • Virtual Storage Infrastructure • Expanded Storage Array support for native snapshotting, cloning, replication, backup • Application Storage Resource Management – automates connecting and configuring storage 5 © 2008 Citrix Systems, Inc. — All rights reserved
  • 6. XenServer 5 • Dynamic Workload Provisioning • Dynamically deliver workloads to any server • Stream workloads to both physical or virtual servers • Boot ‘000s of VMs from a single VHD – huge storage savings • High Performance • Thin, fast 64-bit Xen hypervisor provides near bare-metal performance • Windows and Linux support in both 64-bit and 32-bit modes • Optimized for XenApp workload consolidation • Easy Setup and Admin Fast, easy installation in less than 10 minutes • Intuitive XenCenter graphical interface • Available built-in on HP and Dell servers • Easy configuration and maintenance means lower total cost • 6 © 2008 Citrix Systems, Inc. — All rights reserved
  • 7. XenServer 5 Core Scenarios • Server consolidation • Simplest, fastest implementation from pilot to production • Mixed environments • One hypervisor for both Windows and Linux • XenDesktop desktop virtualization • Integrated solution with storage integration • XenApp consolidation • Tuned for highest performance 7 © 2008 Citrix Systems, Inc. — All rights reserved
  • 8. 8 © 2008 Citrix Systems, Inc. — All rights reserved