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Xrm xensummit

  1. 1. XRM:  An  Event-­‐based  Resource   Management  Framework  for  XCP   Pradeep  Padala   in collaboration with Ken Igarashi, Akshay I. Mehta, and Ulas C. Kozat
  2. 2. Typical  scenario  in  shared  infrastructures   Web search Data analytics Shared infrastructure (cloud) Data Center! Xen Summit AMD 2010
  3. 3. ApplicaCon  requirements   Web search Data analytics Fast searches Analyze large data   Low response time   High throughput   QoS differentiation 3:1 Xen Summit AMD 2010
  4. 4. How  to  host  these  applicaCons?   Physical partitioning Virtualized data center app1 app1 app1 app1 web app2 app3 db web db Node I Node II Virtualization Virtualization Virtualized  shared  data  center  =  a  new  paradigm!   Node II app2 app3 Challenge   I Node How  to  allocate  resources  to  meet  goals?   Node III Node IV    Improved utilization   ×  Wasteful    Reduced costs ×  Difficult to manage  High flexibility (elastic!) Xen Summit AMD 2010
  5. 5. Challenge  #1:  Developers  don’t  want  to  manage  resources   ProvisionVMs() RunApplications() Where  to  provision  VMs?   While (true) { MonitorApplications() If(AppPerformance != GOAL) { FindReason() If (ScaleUp) { Holy  Grail   FindAvailableResources() MigrateVM() How  to  determine  what  to  do?   DeployService();! } If (ScaleOut) { AutoScale();! Migrate?  Clone?     Scale  UP?  Scale  Out?   ProvisionVMs() RunApplication() } } If (Consolidation == True) { FindSuitableVMs() Consolidate() How  to  consolidate  VMs?   } } Cloud  Providers  Want  to  Consolidate   MulCple  Services  too!   5 Xen Summit AMD 2010
  6. 6. Challenge  #2:  Resource  Management  Spans  MulCple  Layers   Services   Management   Resource   PaaS   IaaS   Hardware   How  to  pass  informa.on  between  the  layers  so  that  they   don’t  make  conflic.ng  decisions?   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  7. 7. Challenge  #3:  Complexity  of  Scaling  PrimiCves   Slicing   Live  MigraCon     LiZle  overhead     Handles  overload     Efficient     Small  downCme   X  Limited  to  single   X  Overhead   machine   Cloning   Live  ReplicaCon     State-­‐ful  clone     Maintain   X  Overhead   connecCons   X  Side-­‐effects   X  Overhead   How  to  combine  primi.ves  to  achieve  goals?   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  8. 8. What  is  a  perfect  Resource  Manager?   A   RM   that   can   automaCcally   re-­‐arrange   resources   to   mulCple  applicaCons/VMs  on  mulCple  physical  machines   and  provides  opCmal  resource  uClizaCon  and  applicaCon   performance     We  are  building  the  (ulCmate)  RM  system    AutomaCon   XRM  =  first  incarnaCon  on  XCP!    Resource  AllocaCon    High  UClizaCon    High  ApplicaCon  Performance   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  9. 9. Outline   •  MoCvaCon   •  Challenges  in  RM   •  XRM  Feedback  Control  based  Design   •  XRM  ImplementaCon  and  Preliminary  Results   •  Summary  and  Feedback   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  10. 10. How  to  achieve  the  automaCon?   “Almost any system that is considered automatic has some element of feedback control” -Hellerstein et al. XRM  =  A  Feedback  Control  System   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  11. 11. RM  in  mulCple  layers   Services   High  level  service  request   Does  app  modeling   PaaS  RM   and  may  request   changes     Slice  request   Slice  changes   IaaS  RM   Automated   Knows  only  about   control  loop   Hardware   VMs  and  hardware   resources   XRM  =  IaaS  RM   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  12. 12. XRM’s  feedback  control  loop   XCP   Monitor   Network  stats   Model  can  model   Model   applicaCons,  VMs,  and   Performance   underlying  resources goals   Control   Control   parameters   AcCon   Change  resource   Migrate   Power-­‐off   shares   machines   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  13. 13. Current  incarnaCon   XCP   Stats   Stats  analysis   1.  Thresholds   monitoring   module   2.  Rules   module   Filtered  Stats  and  stats  analysis  data   Core  algorithm   Algorithm   module   bank   RRD  database   Take  acCon   Out  of  band  stat   updates  from  XCP   Wrapper   nodes   Low-­‐level  commands/XAPI   commands   XCP  master  node   Openflow   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  14. 14. XRM  is  an  event-­‐based  framework   •  Many  algorithms  can  be  developed  and  plugged  in   •  The  algorithms  register  for  specific  events   –  High  CPU  uClizaCon   –  Packet  drops   –  PowerOff   –  PowerOn   –  …   •  Different  algorithms  may  take  different  acCons   A  Common  Abstrac.on  for  ALL  Algorithms   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  15. 15. What  algorithms  can  you  implement?   •  AutoControl  –  automated  control  of  mulCple   virtualized  resources  [PadalaEurosys09]   •  Models  applicaCon  and  sets  VM  shares  based  on   applicaCon  goals   App   App   App   Controller   Controller   Controller   Resource Goals Shares Node  Controller   Node  Controller   [PadalaEurosys09] Pradeep Padala, Xiaoyun Zhu, Mustafa Uysal et al. Automated Control of Multiple Virtualized Resources. In the proceedings of the EuroSys 2009 Xen Summit AMD 2010
  16. 16. Outline   •  MoCvaCon   •  Challenges  in  RM   •  XRM  Feedback  Control  based  Design   •  XRM  ImplementaCon  and  Preliminary  Results   •  Summary  and  Feedback   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  17. 17. XRM  features   •  Interface  to  upper  layers   •  Auto-­‐*  features   •  External  control   •  Pluggable  algorithms   •  Extensibility   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  18. 18. XRM  ImplementaCon   •  Implemented  on  XCP  0.1.1   •  WriZen  in  Python   •  Pluggable  algorithms  have  to  be  wriZen  in  Python   •  Currently  implements  four  algorithms   –  Bin  packing   –  Bin  packing  +  Live  migraCon   –  Random  host   –  Round-­‐robin   •  We  have  also  implemented  a  simulator  (run  1  Million   VMs  on  100,000  nodes!)   –  Can  capture  data  during  a  “real”  run   –  Run  mulCple  algorithms  on  exact  same  trace   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  19. 19. XRM  EvaluaCon   •  5  hosts,  4  cores   •  Random  uClizaCons   •  Random  slice  requests   •  Three  algorithms   –  Bin-­‐packing   –  Round-­‐robin   –  Random-­‐host   •  Slicing  algorithms  evaluated  in  previous  work  -­‐   AutoControl  [PadalaEurosy’09]   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  20. 20. Comparing  three  algorithms   1000   Round-Robin Uses all five hosts, wasting energy 500   Host Utilization 0   1000   Random Host Uses <= five hosts, wasting energy 500   0   1000   Bin Packing Uses <= three hosts! 500   0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   Time Interval
  21. 21. AutoControl  experiments   •  Experiments on Emulab •  20 server nodes – 80 VMs •  20 client nodes •  Mix of applications •  Load increased on ½ of the VMs chosen randomly Under   Under   Over   Over   Over   loaded   loaded   loaded   loaded   loaded   VM1   VM2   No  control   AutoControl   VM3   VM4   needed   can  readjust  
  22. 22. SLO  (performance  goal)  violaCons   Default Xen AutoControl A p p l i c a t i o n s Time Time Bad Target Good
  23. 23. Summary   •  Resource  management  in  cloud  infrastructures  is   complex   –  MulCple  layers  of  RM   –  Complex  primiCves   –  Complex  decisions   •  We  are  developing  feedback  control  theory  based  RM     •  XRM  is  event-­‐based,  pluggable  and  extensible   •  Complex  algorithms  like  AutoControl  can  be   developed   •  Research  in  advanced  algorithms  in  progress   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  24. 24. Summary  of  our  experiences  with  XCP  0.1.1   •  We  are  trying  to  build  a  research  cloud  based  on  XCP   •  Other  than  XRM,  adding  Fault  Tolerance  and  a  Web-­‐based   GUI  to  XCP   •  Having  to  install  a  special  distribuCon  is  difficult   –  Why  not  have  XCP  as  a  set  of  packages  in  RHEL  or  other   distribuCons?   –  You  are  breaking  toolstacks  developed  at  various  companies   •  XCP  docs  is  same  as  Citrix  Xenserver  docs   –  Some  of  the  features  don’t  work  or  not  supported   –  BeZer  documentaCon  of  API   •  XCP  GUI  needs  to  improve   –  Bugs  in  OpenXenCenter   Xen Summit AMD 2010
  25. 25. Xen Summit AMD 2010 25
  26. 26. We  want  feedback  from  Xen  community   •  Comments  on  XRM  architecture   •  Should  we  incorporate  XRM  into  XCP?     –  Ocaml   •  Are  you  interested  in  open  source  XRM?   –  Does  the  community  wants  to  be  involved?   •  QuesCons?                    ppadala@docomolabs-­‐usa.com   Xen Summit AMD 2010