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Cloud leaders such as Rackspace and Internap are building their next generation cloud using OpenStack and Xen+XenAPI, not everyone uses OpenStack with KVM. Lets take a look at how OpenStack and Xen work together, and look at how you can get more involved.

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  • Taken from: VMsStorage: Block and ObjectNetworking: QuanutmShared: Glance, KeystoneAll accessed through APIs, reference GUI provided too
  • Contributors in Essex
  • Component based architecture: Quickly add new behaviors Highly available: Scale to very serious workloads Fault-Tolerant: Isolated processes avoid cascading failures Recoverable: Failures should be easy to diagnose, debug, and rectify Open Standards: Be a reference implementation for a community-driven API API Compatibility: Nova strives to provide API-compatible with popular systems like Amazon EC2
  • Taken from: VMsStorage: Block and ObjectNetworking: QuanutmShared: Glance, KeystoneAll accessed through APIs, reference GUI provided too
  • More details:
  • nova-network:Flat DHCP (private cloud may have network public), floatingips (is other network is private), VLAN networking (limitations overcome by SDN)Integrating with existing networks: independent routable subnet is easiest
  • Dashboard
  • These are the current core projectsTaken from:
  • + Dashboard: How you access the systemIdentity: Account managementSwift:storage distributed across multiple disksMassive rsync loopNote:Volume and Network being pulled out as separate components
  • Lets look at how an image is launched in OpenStack
  • More details: describe cast (just the top half)
  • Openstack Xen and XCP

    1. 1. OpenStack, Xen and XCPJohn GarbuttSenior Software Developer, Cloud, Citrix@johngarbutt
    2. 2. What is OpenStack?
    3. 3. OpenStack• Open Standard Cloud Computing Platform• Public and Private Clouds• Massively scalable and feature rich• Open Development• Open Design• Open Community• 3386 People, 200+ Contributors, 186 Companies
    4. 4. Design Guidelines• Component based architecture• Highly available• Fault-Tolerant• Recoverable• Open Standards• API Compatibility
    5. 5. Releases• Folsom ᵒunder development ᵒdue September 2012 ᵒthis talk covers Folsom• Essex ᵒcurrent stable release ᵒfirst released April 2012• Six monthly Release + Conference• Next: Grizzly due April 2013
    6. 6. Object Storage• Swift• User: Account, Container, Object• Redundant storage of static data• Scales horizontally to PB of data• Uses eventual consistency• Admin: Rings, Proxy, Replication, Updaters, Auditors• Contributed by Rackspace
    7. 7. Compute• Nova• Concepts: Server, Flavor, Image, Metadata• Multi-hypervisor: KVM, XenAPI, …• Bare-metal provisioning• Availability Zones• Scheduling• Contributed by NASA / Anso Labs
    8. 8. Block Storage• Cinder• Persistent block level storage device• Create, attach/detach, snapshot• Pluggable backend: ᵒiSCSI, Ceph and others• Least developed area• Evolved from nova-volume
    9. 9. Networking• Quantum• Concepts: Network, Port, Attachment• Network Isolation• Floating IPs, Security Groups• Support for SDN• Other services: DHCP, DNS, Firewall, QoS, LBaaS…• Replaces nova-network
    10. 10. APIs• APIs to configure virtual resources• OpenStack REST APIs ᵒCompute ᵒImage ᵒObject Storage ᵒIdentity ᵒNetwork ᵒVolume / Block Storage• Amazon APIs• Standard APIs
    11. 11. Other Services• OpenStack Keystone: Users, Roles and Service Catalog• OpenStack Glance: Images and Snapshots• Database: SQLAlchemy• Message Queue: RabbitMQ and others
    12. 12. Other Projects• Heat• Ceilometer• Reddwarf• LBaaS• Devstack• Crowbar
    13. 13. How does OpenStack work?
    14. 14. Demo Time!… let’s start a VM
    15. 15. How does OpenStack work?
    16. 16. 16 5 2 7 3 4
    17. 17. RPC using AMQP
    18. 18. How does OpenStack use Xen?
    19. 19. OpenStack and Xen• XenAPI ᵒUsed by Rackspace Public Cloud ᵒStill developed by Citrix ᵒXCP ᵒXenServer ᵒXCP-XAPI• Libvirt + Xen ᵒNot widely used ᵒSUSE working•
    20. 20. OpenStack and XenAPI 2 3 1
    21. 21. What is XCP? • XCP = Xen Cloud Platform • Open Source Citrix’s XenServer • Datacenter and cloud-ready API • Complete virtualization stack • xcp-xapi • iso
    22. 22. Citrix and OpenStack?
    23. 23. Citrix and OpenStack• Still have an OpenSource team• Maintain and improve XenAPI support• Expose latest XenAPI features• Documentation• QA
    24. 24. Storage XenMotion Live Virtual Machine XCP Host XCP Host VDI(s) Local Local Storage Storage XCP Pool 1 XCP Pool 2
    25. 25. Demo Time!… let’s move a VM
    26. 26. How can I get involved?
    27. 27. OpenStack Community•• Email list and LaunchPad• Sign CLA• Clone from GitHub• Pick Bug or Blueprint• Submit to Gerrit• Enjoy 
    28. 28. Join with Xen Community?• Xen Doc Day• Xen Test Day• Work on OpenStack issues• Ideas?
    29. 29. Work better. Live better.