How to build a successfull digital tribe


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  • @re:DESIGN Hey Paul, true I didn´t think of that then. :/
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  • Glad you liked my article enough to make a Slideshare out of it, Xelo. Good job but wish I was tagged somewhere so I was made aware of it back when it went live.
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  • Hi Maureen , so true , thank you for your feedback.
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  • Honesty is the best policy in any working enviroment I would like to add. Learning experiences begin when 'tribal' members respecting eachother enough, want to further the growth of each individual just by guiding in the right direction instead of dismissing the persons' effort be it wrongly, into a state of lock down. Allow your colleague to grow in your space too !
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How to build a successfull digital tribe

  1. 1. How to Build a Successful Digital Tribe A path to real business success on Social Media by Xelo Romero
  2. 2. Passion with a common purpose Having a passion for the mission and values of the tribe is vital. Share it !
  3. 3. Leadership Large groups that work together towards common goals, requires leadership to establish: ❖ ❖ ❖ Focus Keep things properly aligned Get them done
  4. 4. Establish forums for people to get to know each other Forums are safe havens where people aren’t afraid to: ❖ ❖ ❖ Share Be themselves Strong bonds
  5. 5. Nurture a sense of responsibility and commitment
  6. 6. Be the example, be available and provide timely responses Acting as the model community member, is a living example of what is expected of all community members. If a mistake is made, admit it and fix it.
  7. 7. Share what others are doing and tirelessly advocate for each other Sharing is caring ! Spread knowledge and build a community around it.
  8. 8. Establish a strong brand identity It provides something tangible for people rally behind.
  9. 9. Be positive and have a sense of humor Positive people creates positive energy where positive things happen. Wit and laughter are magnets to attract people willing to join the fun.
  10. 10. Celebrate victories and draw attention to a job well done Everyone likes a pat on the back or being recognized for an accomplishment, that is publicized without provocation.
  11. 11. Discipline The welfare of the tribe is essential, to make everybody comfortable and willing to stay. Don’t allow behaviour to linger.Make your wishes clear, to avoid compromising the wellbeing of the tribe.
  12. 12. Consistency is key Dedicating yourself consistently to these behaviours, is critical for nurturing the kind of culture of which strong digital tribes are made.
  13. 13. Stay nimble Communities evolve, things change. It will require flexibility and making adjustments as you go, to ensure that your community prevails.
  14. 14. Created by Xelo Romero Based on 12 Most Community Driven Ways to Build a Successful Digital Tribe by Paul Biedermann