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On Wednesday, May 27, Red Hat and its partners Xebia, Ciber, Profict and Sogeti had organized the seminar "Business-critical processes with JBoss'. They have shared what solutions they have developed for customers like the Nationale Postcodeloterij, NXP and NS-HiSpeed and what their benefits are.

This seminar was organized in Utrecht.

Xebia had covered the topic: "Migration to JBoss, Made Cost Effective and Easy"

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Seminar - JBoss Migration

  1. 1. Migration to JBoss Made Cost Effective and Easy Presented by Anurag Shrivastava Xebia IT Architects India Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. About Xebia Group Strengths Lean and Collaborative Approach to 150+ Employees Offshore 16 m Eur Revenue Experts in Enterprise Java and Flex Proven Track Record Agile Software Development using Scrum & XP Locations Hilversum (Netherlands) Paris (France) New Delhi (India) USP Thought Leadership Lean Thinking Collaborative Approach Expertise Software Projects Consulting and Audits Agile Coaching
  3. 3. JBoss Middleware Stack Lower TCO. Higher value. Great flexibility. Red Hat has already proven open source software for mission critical enterprise use. Success with operating systems and infrastructure now extended to Middleware.
  4. 4. Migration Better or Cheaper or Faster
  5. 5. Java Middleware Migration • Better performance • More features • Better service and support • Lower annual support and licensing fee Lower TCO “JBoss the best quality Application Server on the market” -Forrester Research, 2008
  6. 6. JBoss Middleware • Top quality with very high customer satisfaction • Community driven innovation, tested and certified by Redhat • Easy availability of tested patches • 24x7 Enterprise class SLAs are available up to 1 hour response time • Fallback to community support if needed • References: Swedish Railways, AVIS, NH Hoteles, French Tax Declaration
  7. 7. Your Current Situation • Situation A: – Worried about vendor lock-in with a proprietary closed source software – Growing per CPU license costs – Less budget for new projects • Situation B: – You are happy and satisfied with your present (non JBoss) middleware • Situation C: – You are already running JBoss middleware
  8. 8. Vendor Lock-in An Extract from Oracle Official Price List (2 Days Back) quot;People are not happy about [the price hikes], but they've accepted them as inevitable. We Weblogic Server Enterprise told customers: 'When is the last time Oracle = EUR 17840 bought a company and didn't raise prices?' It 1xCPU License actually helped us sell a lot of upgrades going into the acquisition,quot; this reseller executive said. Source Techtarget:
  9. 9. Lowering the TCO – Lower licensing costs • Lower per CPU subscription cost – Lower migration cost • Effective use of lower offshore rates From 1/3 to 1/5 of local rates
  10. 10. Key Considerations before Migration 1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 2. Project Planning and Tracking 3. Performance and quality of the migrated system 4. Hidden Surprises 5. Skills Migration 6. Transition Strategies 7. Migration or Rewrite
  11. 11. TCO • TCO – Migration Project Costs – Subscription Costs – Cost of Transition • Time of your people • Planned downtime – Skills Migration • Training people • Hiring new people – Cost of Maintenance • Average time to solve an incident
  12. 12. Project Planning and Tracking Iterate 1. Initial 2. Migration PoC 3. Mainstream 4. Go live Assessment Migration • Scope definition • Definition of •Manage migration •Support during go- • Application DONE backlog live Inventory • Migrate selected •Work in sprints of 2-3 •Hand holding for application weeks few weeks until the • OS application is •Daily stand-up • Clustering • Test the selected stabilized application •Retrospectives • JVM/JRE •Sprint planning • Application Sever • Demo •Performance testing, and Versions • Migration report acceptance testing • 3rd Party • Retrospective and unit testing is Components • Go/No Go integrated in the • Deployment sprint • Identify PoC Application planning • Integrations • Go live • Products like ESB/Portals Xebia - Agile Migration Method
  13. 13. Performance and Quality • Quality - Must be the same or better after migration – Longer testing cycle and higher risk if there are no automated tests for an application – One can write automated test cases but then it is not a core migration activity anymore • Performance - Must be the same or better after migration – Performance testing should be automated and integrated in the sprint to ensure same or better performance
  14. 14. Hidden Surprises • Each application migration project is unique • You need good knowledge of both source and target environments • Applications vary in their complexity • Some technical challenges examples: – The application programming interfaces (APIs) used across the applications are not usually uniform since they may have been developed at different times. – Some applications may entail integration with a single sign-on, existing security framework, while others may involve integration with third-party packaged products.
  15. 15. Skills Migration • Train Administrators – JBoss standard training programs – Hire specialists from the market – Have onsite support from the service provider until the application is stable • Train Developers – High chances that they know JBoss already – Training strategy can vary between formal training and self study depending upon the level of your developers – Training might be useful if you use JBoss products like JBPM, JBoss Rules and JBoss Portal
  16. 16. Transition Strategies • Big Bang Migration – Migrate everything – Go live with everything at once • Incremental Migration – Start from less critical applications and gradually move to more critical applications – Migrate, test and make applications live one at a time – Think of environmental factors like peak and dull season
  17. 17. Migration or Rewrite • Migration to JBoss could be a great opportunity – To throw away some old code – To improve test coverage – To reduce amount of code by taking the benefit of new features of Java • Would you migrate EJB1.0 or EJB1.1 to the newest JBoss middleware? • Initial assessment can help you decide between pure migration or some rewrite
  18. 18. Sample Calculation License/Subscription Costs Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Total Bea Weblogic Server Enterprise Edition for 4 x CPUs Server € 71,452 € 12,366 € 12,366 € 12,366 € 12,366 € 1,20,916 Jboss Subscription for 4 x CPUs Server € 5,300 € 3,975 € 3,975 € 3,975 € 3,975 € 21,200 License Cost Savings in First Year € 66,152 € 8,391 € 8,391 € 8,391 € 8,391 € 99,716 Migration Cost in First Year € 36,850 €0 €0 €0 €0 Net Savings € 29,302 € 8,391 € 8,391 € 8,391 € 8,391 € 62,866 Migration Costs for 1 Application JBoss Cost of Ownership Calculator Initial Assessment € 5,600 Offshore Migration Effort € 11,250 Training for your Administrators € 6,000 JBoss Specialist Help € 6,000 Onsite support € 8,000 This calculation is based upon indicative data available in the public domain. Please get in touch with us for detailed information. Total One Time Costs € 36,850
  19. 19. Xebia – Migration Partner Xebia Capabilities Your Benefits • Expertise in several Java application • Risk Mitigation with Agile Approach servers • Deep technical expertise mitigates • Have been looking “under the hood” technical risks for several years • Proven Agile Offshore track record • Successful Agile Offshore model with • Fixed price migration projects are Dutch customers like ProRail, UWV, possible KLM • Engaged in migration projects for the customers like Achmea, KvK and KLM • In-house JBoss expertise in NL, FR and India • Knowledge of products such as jBPM, Rules Engine, ESB and Jboss Portal
  20. 20. Conclusion • Time is just right for high quality enterprise class open source • Consider the total cost of ownership when planning a JBoss migration project • Use Incremental and Agile approach • Do not underestimate the technical risks • Take expert help • Consult success stories/references
  21. 21. Xebia: At Your Service Website Sales Offices INDIA Anurag Shrivastava Xebia India 612, BPTP Park Centra Thought Leadership Sector 30 Gurgaon 122001 India E-mail: Phone: +91 9910 174582 EUROPE Edward van de Pas Xebia Global Services Utrechtseweg 49 1213 TL Hilversum The Netherlands E-mail: Phone: +31 651 274875
  22. 22. References JBoss Middleware Migration customers – some examples Swedish Railways ● electronic ticket sales / auctions / SMS through ESB ● 700% performance gain over WebSphere DGI – French tax declaration ● Online system for French citizen income tax declaration (replaced WebLogic based system) ● over 13M EUR savings in project costs AVIS Car Rental ● Migration from WebLogic - Revenue and Fleet Applications ● over 50% savings in TCO Swedish National Police Board ● replace Oracle and WebLogic by MySQL and JBoss ● saving 20M EUR over 5 years Much more references can be found here:
  23. 23. Jboss Enterprise Middleware