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What should a virtual library environment look like?
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What should a virtual library environment look like?



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  • 1. What should a virtualUniversity Libraryenvironment look like?redesigning our library website @xdurana Xavier Duran Open University of Catalonia #UOC #ELAG2011 Conference. 25-27 May, Prague
  • 2. Who are we?Internationalized (ca, es, en)LocalizedVirtualUniversityLibrary
  • 3. A virtual libraryDigital, Hybrid and VirtualContent + Services – loan service – reference service – user training – document supply service
  • 4. The library on 201015 years old21 people5 technical librarians56.196 potential users818.938 visits including all tools (+27%)
  • 5. Didactic modules
  • 6. Many satellite toolsCatalogElectronic resourcesInstitutional repositoryEbook websiteLibrary labs websiteTechlibnotes blogBibliographic newreleases
  • 7. Redesigning the libraryInformation gatheringPlanningDesignDevelopementContent creationTestingMaintenance
  • 8. Information gathering Purpose Goals 4% 3% Target audience 22% Direct traffic Google Campus Content Other71%
  • 9. Where do they go to?
  • 10. Who is searching what? 0.46 Visits with search Visits without search 99.54
  • 11. Library tools visits
  • 12. What we want it to be?Dynamic web pagesFlexibleDecentralized contentmanagement, daily updatedHighly integrated with othertools, central searchData-driven web pagesHTML5 + CSS3APIMultilingual: content + metadataMultiprofileCredibility
  • 13. What they want it to be?Collaborative & participativeUser (classroom) centeredGraphically modern, engaging websiteSubject oriented browsingSingle search boxOpen to all users
  • 14. Sitemap Themes Materials Services Training My library
  • 15. Wireframes
  • 16. Graphic design
  • 17. Why Drupal?Open Source CMS Rather complexModular Difficult content editionThemed by defaultWide community Steep learning curveFrequently updatedMany libraries using it
  • 18. Structuring it with DrupalBlock-orientedstructureCustom themeNew functionalitiesas modulesUse of differentback-ends
  • 19. Content creation workflowCreateEditValidatePreviewPublishVersions
  • 20. The resourcesHarvest dataMonolingual andmultilingual metadataSingle and simplifiedmetadata registerSearch engine layer:resources + web contentSolr
  • 21. The library servicesAbout the serviceService conditionsFAQ
  • 22. The classroom in the libraryWork with libraryresourcesStudent coursesubjectsThematic areasComments as atool
  • 23. Promoting the research A portal to UOC authors Support publishing into the repository
  • 24. Video-based trainingThematicContextualizedLearning pathsYouTube
  • 25. My library space All tools and services in one page Maybe an utopia?
  • 26. Dêkuji@liblabslabs.biblioteca.uoc.edulabs.biblioteca.uoc.edu/blog