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All about arkadiusz pikor All about arkadiusz pikor Presentation Transcript

  • All about Arkadiusz Pikor 2012 ©All Rights Reserved
  • This short slide-show is intended to give a visual and autobiographicalrepresentation of my childhood in Poland. The photographs that you areabout to see were not produced by me. However, I do have rights to usethem. I wish to dedicate this presentation to those who I have lost orforgot. I hope you will enjoy watching it. This is my five-minute history.
  • Those are the parents of my mother, Zofia Job (Koscielecka) andStanislaw Koscielecki. I have never knew my grandfather as he died
  • My grandma with her parents on the left. And this is how she
  • Here‟s my grandpa when he was young (right), and with his wife and oldest daughter Teresa (left). It always felta bit weird, knowing that I wouldn‟t exist without him but never met him. I always treated my grandma, his wife,
  • This is my mum‟s sister and my auntie, Maria Koscielecka (Pikor). Myparents met because of her as she got married with my dad‟s brother. The person on the right is the youngest child of Zofia and Stanislaw,
  • The woman on the left is my other auntie and sister of my mum. The man next to her is her
  • This is Elzbieta and her daughter Klaudia Mazurkiewicz. My mum has four sisters and abrother, Elizabeth is one of them. She raised two children without her husband as he left
  • This is the father of my dad, Stefan Pikor. He died just after a month when I moved to Britain.
  • My mother, Beata.
  • My father, Marek.
  • “Some, fear none.”: Nirvana - Sifting
  • Preparation before the wedding. It‟s the time when parents give their blessing,allowing their children to get married. On my dad‟s right, there‟s his mum and my
  • I suppose they both said “I do.”
  • Outside the church with family.
  • This picture represents an old Polish tradition, where people throw coins on the ground and the fresh couple and children have to pick them up. It‟s an act of
  • Signing the documents in the department by my mother.
  • Now, it‟s time for my dad.
  • Watch one year old me, I‟m fabulous.
  • My parents, me and my four years old cousin, Klaudia.
  • The Holy Communion of one of my cousins. I‟m the blond little kiddie in the middle,
  • Me on the left with my auntie Maria and her son Lukasz. We were both three years old. I was afraid of strangers if they come to my house. When I saw one around, I started to get upset and cry. You can clearly see that my
  • My mum took me on her knees and told to start waving to the camera. Thosephotos were taken in my grandparents house (parents of my dad) as I use to go
  • The first picture here shows me and my grandfather. When I said goodbye to him before I left Poland to live inBritain, I though that we‟ll see each other in a few months. Unfortunately he died after a month I left. I had a
  • Four years old me with my dad.
  • My mum making me wear the shoes that I use to hate.
  • My cousins and I. They‟re all children of my godfather Darek and auntie Krystyna. I remember that day, they gave me a cat but I was allergic to it.
  • Me and Lukasz again, just a bit older. The girl on the picture is my neighbour, the photos were taken in her house. I was in love with the bird that I hold. I didn‟t
  • Older, older, older...
  • Klaudia and Beata.
  • Some of my other cousins and an auntie, sister of my dad. She raised her daughter on her own as her fatherrefused to be there. My father has a huge family with thirteen siblings. Unfortunately four of them passed away.
  • Lukasz, Klaudia and me. This is one of my favourite photographs.
  • At the time this picture was taken, there was a song played on the radio, with lyrics saying „Put you hands up!‟ So my auntie
  • My first carnival in school. I was six years old.
  • With best friends, playing with blocks in their house. Pawel and Ania.
  • Seven years old, find me.
  • The Holy Communion.
  • We didn‟t really knew what kind of pictures should we take, so we just lied on the grass and had fun. At least itwas unusual, I bet that nobody was wallowing on the ground on their Holy Communion day. I love how my little
  • Spot the difference.
  • I think that my childhood wasn‟t all about fun. I admit that this environment has hurt me a lot. But this is where I grew up, it‟s where I made my first steps and spoke first words. That‟s why I respect it and will never forget.
  • And now, my favouritephotograph of all time...
  • The End