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Ec faux pas
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Ec faux pas

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  • 1. CULTURAL FAUX PAS IN NEW YORK CITY Tips on what not-to-do, you’ll thank me later.
  • 2. WHAT IS A FAUX PAS? (n.) A socially awkward act From French: a false step
  • 3. NEW YORKER’S ARE VERY PARTICULAR Stuff New Yorker’s Say Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRvJylbSg7o
  • 4. UNWRITTEN RULES OF THE SUBWAY  When you get on a bus or step up to a subway turnstile, have your change or MetroCard ready  Let people off the subway before entering  Refer to the subway lines by their number or letter, not color
  • 5. HOW BEST TO REFER TO LOCATIONS When you refer to locations in Manhattan, it’s better to start with the street, then the avenue. If youre going to 9th Street and 3rd Avenue, say "Ninth and Third," instead of "Third and Ninth." Also if youre in Manhattan, most people do not refer to "North" and "South;" its better to say "Uptown" and "Downtown," respectively.
  • 6. NEW YORK IS A WALKING CITY Don’t complain about walking. Very few places are located directly on public transit and most journeys require at least some walking. Its often the fastest way around, and its definitely the healthiest, cheapest, and best for the environment.
  • 7. PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT Don’t interfere with others privacy. New York is a very crowded place. The way people deal with it is to create their own space. This can be communicated through eye contact. If you stare at someone on the subway or if you seem to be intentionally listening in to anothers conversation, you may be violating one of New Yorks most sacred unwritten rules.
  • 8. AMERICAN IDIOMS“Blow off some steam” To enjoy oneself by finding a way to relax "Blowing off steam" in actual boiler prevents explosions by relieving the pressure through venting excess steam “Joe studied every day this week, so on the weekend he played golf to blow off some steam.”
  • 9. “Down to the wire” Undecided until the end, at the last minute. This phrase refers to races (i.e. horse race) where the winner is determined by whoever crosses the finish line (wire, string, or tape) first “The traffic was so bad we almost missed our flight, it came right down to the wire.”