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iPhone Application Portfolio


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  • 1. iPhone Application Portfolio
  • 2. High Five Labs Inc.
    Mario Cooks
    MarioCooks is the most advanced and comprehensive cooking app till date and has introduced a new vision of what a cooking app could be.
    • Browse recipes by region, course, prep-time, season, category of food or kid-friendliness.
    • 3. Videos showing Mario cooking all 63 recipes, plus 25 more technique and kitchen basic videos – over 5 total hours of video.
  • North American Bancard
    Pay Anywhere
    Pay Anywhere is your FREE mobile credit card terminal that makes credit card processing a breeze. You will be able to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere, and from anyone. Powered by North American Bancard, an industry leader in credit card processing, you can use Pay Anywhere with confidence.
  • 4. 24 Hour fitness
    The bodybugg system keeps an accurate daily count of calories burned and provides the ability to keep track of what you eat.
    • Log foods eaten and calories consumed
    • 5. Track steps with built in pedometer
    • 6. Manage calorie consumption through a web-based program
    • 7. Includes a free phone coaching to help get you started
    Hasbro Inc.
    Create your own WEEBLES® character. Make it, shake it, and share it. Choose your features from a series of mix-and-match components such as clothing, hair, and facial features. Add music and motion to get your Weebles character groovin and Take a “snapshot” of your new wobbly friend and share it with friends and family.
  • 8. Hotlist Media Inc.
    The Hotlist is a free mobile app that shows you what’s going at venues and events that are nearby and around the world.
    • Get a "peek inside" the venue by viewing thumbnails of the crowd
    • 9. Get a personalized “Hotlist” based on what you and your friends like to do.
    • 10. Friend profiles show where they have been, where they currently are and where they are going later
  • High Five Labs Inc.
    Vocab SAT
    The easiest, funnest, fastest way to master vocabulary.
    • 2000 words, chosen based on data from forty years of past SATs.
    • 11. Intelligent design generates word lists tailored to your level.
    • 12. Fun, addictive quiz mode and study mode.
    • 13. More than just a game or stack of flash cards.
  • [x]cube Labs
    Health n
    Health n Family works as a single solution for storing and accessing health care information for all your family members.
    • Add lab reports, prescriptions, and other important documents to specific health conditions.
    • 14. Get handy access to record of surgeries, and family health history
    • 15. List out your allergies along with reactions and treatments
  • Eyedip
    Halloween Fright Booth
    Halloween Fright Booth is a place to play god with your photos and have fun!
    Import pictures from your camera, photo library, Facebook, Twitter. Play god and transform any image into your very own work of art!
  • 16. PurpleTalk, Inc
    CLIQUE is your on-the-go Twitter client for quick access to multiple lists, multiple accounts and easy-to-organize Cliques of your own creation. Create a Clique from a Twitter List, Search Terms, Mentions, Direct Tweets, and Favorites. Easily switch between Cliques to tailor your browsing as you like.
  • 17. Equilibrium Enterprises. Inc.
    Habit Factor
    Crush your Goals with The Habit Factor®! The #1 Goals & Habits app on iPhone and Android.
    Using this app, you can keep track of your habits, set goals for yourself, and work towards advanced personal development.
  • 18. Technique Fitness Personal Trainer
    Technique Fitness, Inc. Joy
    Technique Fitness brings the insights and know-how of personal training directly to your iPhone
    • Unlimited workout routines – never feel lost at the gym again.
    • 19. Instructional videos that show you how to do exercises properly and safely.
    • 20. A fully integrated website that automatically syncs with your phone when you login.
  • FORMation
    Press Check
    PRESS CHECK is a designer ode to the old-school art of print plate alignment re-imagined as a challenge of speed and accuracy.
    • 4 Levels of Difficulty
    • 21. 16 Challenges
    • 22. International Leaderboard
    • 23. Social Sharing with Facebook & Twitter
  • Mom Maps
    New Media Parents, Inc.
    Mom Maps helps you find fun, kid-friendly locations on the go!
    • GPS - You'll see kid spots which are close to you, plus a map to get you there as well as reviews and ratings from other parents.
    • 24. Over 26,000 kid-friendly locations from 27 metro areas and counting.
  • [x]cube labs
    New years resolution
    Note your resolutions in your iPhone and let this smart app help you keep track of them. There's a pre-loaded list of some very useful, and a few wacky resolutions you can choose from--or you could just write some of your own. iResolve is simple to use, and incredibly useful to get rid of that pesky bad habit, or to learn that exciting new skill.
  • 25. Mooshlu, LLC
    99 Words –
    A Tandem Story App
    99 Words lets you create a story one chapter at a time with a friend or join a story that someone else has started. Each book has two authors that take turns writing chapters (up to 99 words each), until ten chapters are complete. Once the book is completed it can be read by your friends and other users and rated with one through five stars!
  • 26. Madplum Creative
    South Bay
    The South Bay Construction Cost Reference Guide is the gold standard for quick commercial general construction estimating, to be used by Real Estate Brokers, Developers, Architects, Construction Managers, Facilities Managers, Property Managers, Engineers and City Planners. South Bay Construction covers the entire Bay Area - Monterey to Napa and the Pacific Coast to Sacramento.
  • 27. FamilyiTrips Washington, D.C.
    DC With Kids
    With 500 entries, FamilyiTrips DC With Kids is the most comprehensive family travel app on the nation’s capital. Forget about searching through a confusing list of EVERYTHING. Our categories make it easy to discover the city’s top attractions, places to play and special experiences from sleepovers at museums to moonlight tours, spy missions and much more.
  • 28. Chronicle Books
    Art of the
    Slow Cooker
    After a busy day, you deserve to come home to an easy and perfectly cooked dinner. With the Art of the Slow Cooker app, that fantasy can be your reality. Whether you’re sitting down to a weeknight family dinner or entertaining friends during the weekend, you'll find these contemporary slow cooker recipes the perfect solution to a delicious meal.
  • 29. DishOnIt, LLC
    Do you like juicy steaks, spicy curries, delicious cupcakes…? Ever been to a top rated restaurant which butchered your favorite dish? That’s when you DishOnIt! Like the food; DishOnIt. Hate the food; DishOnIt. Discover yummy food. Share yummy food.
  • 30. WellCare Today, LLC
    HealthAssist is an application designed to help people who take prescription medication better able to manage their condition. The application is free to the users and will be supported by WellCare Today and “healthcare” sponsors who wish to have their name or message viewable to the user. .
  • 31. North American Bancard
    Phone Swipe
    Phone Swipe is an easy-to-use and professional mobile payment solution that includes a FREE app, FREE credit card reader, and a secure merchant account with North American Bancard. Convert your iPhone or iPad into a mobile point-of-sale register and accept credit card payments directly from your customers, wherever they are.
  • 32. FORMation
    The Glider edition of "Frankenstein(or The Modern Prometheus)" by Mary Shelley features an original interface designed for a minimalist and pure reading experience. The complete classic book is included.
  • 33. High Five Labs Inc.
    To do apps abound. But Honeydo is the first and only shared to do app for the iPhone.
    If you're working together on anything, Honeydo makes the work funner, easier and more collaborative.
  • 34. Ashburn Corp.
    WTSO for iPhone is a simple, optimized interface which allows the user to quickly and easily view the attributes of a wine currently available on Each time a new item is presented on the website, the application will notify you.
  • 35. iPhone Games Portfolio
  • 36. Pocket Gems
    Tap Zoo
    Create and care for your very own zoo from your iPhone!  You're moments away from building and customizing your own zoo by choosing which animals to buy, and which to breed.  Have fun nurturing and customizing your very own zoo.
  • 37. xCube Labs
    Rescue Angels 500
    A naughty devil has bewitched some little angels and trapped them in a maze of bubbles. Your mission is to rescue them to safety. But your ammunition is limited: just a few arrows! To shoot precisely, adjust the elevation and speed, and let your arrows fly.
  • 38. xCube Labs
    Guide a famished little fish through some tricky mazes deep underwater. And look out for the ferocious octopuses lurking in the maze. iChase features 42 exciting levels, fun sound, and is a perfect test of your skill and reflexes.
  • 39. xCube Labs
    iSanta 2011
    Do you want to play Santa this Christmas and go riding on the sleigh dropping gifts through the Chimney?
    Be warned that the task isn’t easy; you’ll be riding over rough terrain on a freezing night, and in heavy snowfall!
  • 40. [x]Cube Labs.
    Fire Drop
    Attaining wisdom has never been this exciting! Burn the simmering cauldrons into raging flames and follow the monk as he splashes words of wisdom for you. Tap on 3 or more adjacent cauldrons of the same color to destroy them. Do it craftily to break larger combinations, and earn bonus points, power-ups, and more!
  • 41. Tap Joy
    Tap Defense
    Defend the Gates of Heaven from the enemies of Hell with an incredibly fun mobile TOWER DEFENSE game on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Challenge yourself and your friends by competing to master all levels and obtain high scores.
    • 42levels!
    • 42. 6 towers types!
    • 43. 7 enemy types!
    • 44. 6 different game modes
  • GameStudio9
    Tap Tap
    A bunch of four little monkeys are feeling mighty adventurous and wants to soar high from their dwellings in the forest in an effort to reach the moon. Of course you will have a big role in their daredevil attempt, since it's you they are counting on to get there.
  • 45. GameStudio9
    Tic Tac Toe
    This new brilliant format, this much loved childhood game comes alive on the iPhone with exciting upgrades.
    • Single player mode against computer
    • 46. Multi-player mode using Bluetooth
    • 47. Easy and hard levels
    • 48. Timer enabled
    • 49. Lively sounds
    • 50. Randomization in moves
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