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These are the slides from a discussion Jared Richardson and Phil Lew had on agile testing.

They discussed:

Agile (testing) trends

and much more.

A recording can be found here:

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Agile Testing XBOSoft Jared Richardson Phil Lew

  1. 1. XBOSoft Agile Testing Webinar
  2. 2. XBOSoft info• Founded in 2006• Dedicated to software quality • Software QA consulting • Software testing services• Offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam
  3. 3. Housekeeping• Everyone except the speakers is muted• Questions via the gotowebinar control on the right side of your screen• Questions can be asked throughout the webinar, and we’ll try to fit them in• Also, general Q and A at the end of the webinar
  4. 4. Speakers Jared Richardson & Phil Lew
  5. 5. Agenda: • Agile development trends • How to test agile • How to implement scrum • Typical scrum testing bottlenecks • How to solve them • Testing agile requirements • Agile test metrics • By popular demand: • Agile test automation • Agile performance Testing • Q and A
  6. 6. Agile Development Trends
  7. 7. What Flavor?
  8. 8. What is Agile?Agile technical versus management implementation• XP is a type of technical implementation• Scrum is a type of management implementationAgile development trends• Increasing implementation• Common problems and issues
  9. 9. How to Test ‘Agile’
  10. 10. Agile Testing Realities
  11. 11. Agile QA - Testing Realities• Less formal preparation• More uncertainty-shifting to team needs• Convergence of dev and test role• Higher integration with development• Increased communication• Increased span of influence for QA • Requirements • Code reviews
  12. 12. Learn to live with risk…
  13. 13. …and work as a team.
  14. 14. Agile Testing Process• Test planning and test estimation• Unit, integration and system testing• Risk, test strategies • Tools • Requirements • Continuous integration
  15. 15. Not in the same location
  16. 16. Distributed Agile TestingIdeally everyone works from the same location.In reality people on the same team will beworking from different locations and time zones.
  17. 17. Distributed Agile Testing• Collaborative culture• Communication• Periodic face to face meetings• Tools
  18. 18. “Difficult for some testers to adapt to agile”- Shawn, project manager XBOSoft,discussing an agile transition he is working on.
  19. 19. “Role change: less testing,more coaching. Testersbecome ‘test coaches’ or‘quality directors’ to make surethe team is doing sufficienttesting.”-Huib Schoots,
  20. 20. Role of a Tester• Characteristics of an agile tester• Differences between an agile tester and a traditional tester?
  21. 21. Test Documentation• Agile testing documentation • Living documentation • Tool integration
  22. 22. How to Implement Scrum
  23. 23. Keys to Agile – Scrum Implementation• Scrum is one management method for implementing agile.• Other methods include Kanban• Key do’s and don’ts when implementing either
  24. 24. Cooperate
  25. 25. Testing Agile Requirements
  26. 26. No Documentation?
  27. 27. No Requirements?
  28. 28. RequirementsAgile’s low documentation does not meanNO documentation or NO requirements.How to balance these philosophies?
  29. 29. Agile Testing Metrics
  30. 30. Metrics• Typical testing metrics• What metrics have particular value and usage in agile?
  31. 31. Automation and performance
  32. 32. Agile Automation & Performance testing• Automation• Performance• Tools
  33. 33. Q&A
  34. 34. Questions and Answers• We’ve discussed up to now: • Agile development trends • How to test agile • How to implement scrum • Testing agile requirements • Agile test metrics • Tools
  35. 35. @XBOSoft
  36. 36. Thanks