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  • 1. If you manage big CSS, probably youwill know hundreds of frameworks to help developing new projects...
  • 2. • Grids: Blueprint, YUI Grids, Compass, Scaffold,...• Stylesheet meta-languages: SASS, LESS,...• Object-Oriented: OOCSS
  • 3. But...
  • 4. Is anybody worried about the order of CSS? At least i do...
  • 5. div.messy {• CSS can be written as you want, it should work, but font-color: blue; overflow: hidden; have you thought in your teammates? display: none;• You could avoid some discussions with other Css height: auto; position: absolute; developers. font-size: 15px; text-decoration: none;• People who don’t play with CSS everyday can help you box-shadow: 0 1px black; without add more complexity to the file. -webkit-border-radius: 5px; width:100px;• Waste time searching properties in a reaaaally large font-style: normal; CSS class. letter-spacing: -1px; background: url(‘../lol.png’);• If in your team there are more than 2 developers, margin-top: 20px; I think this is a must. padding-bottom: 10px; ... }
  • 6. So, this is my proposal... It likely shouldn’t fit for you
  • 7. Classification & positioning 1/5• First should be the classification and positioning of div.less_messy { the “box”. clear: left;• Importance queue?, it could be: display: block; position: absolute; - clear top: 4px; - display right: 3px; - position bottom: 5px; - top || right || bottom || left left: 2px; - z-index z-index: 10; - float float: none; - overflow overflow: auto; - vertical-align ... ... }• As we know, some properties depend on previous ones.
  • 8. Dimension 2/5• Now is time to declare the object dimensions. div.less_messy {• The list is: ... - width (min|max) width: 150px; - height (min|max) height: 20px; - padding padding: 10px 5px 3px; - margin margin: 3px; ...• It’s true that margin property should be in positioning } chapter, but I’ve always thought it has to be written with height, width and padding (mania?).
  • 9. Box 3/5• Is box a pretty good title name? I’m not really sure, but we are going to style it ;). div.less_messy {• SOME of these properties would be: ... - background background: red; - box-shadow box-shadow: 0 1px black; - border border: none; - zoom translate: rotate(45deg); - translate border-radius: 3px; - border-radius ... - border-image ... }• There is no importance of order...
  • 10. Text 4/5• And almost last, but no less important. div.less_messy {• Just a few of them: ... - font font: normal 11px Arial; - color color: rgba(0,0,0,0.7); - text-decoration text-decoration: none; - letter-spacing line-height: 11px; - text-transform - line-height text-transform: uppercase; - text-align ... - word-spacing ... }• A great idea is put color after font, why? I don’t know, who cares?
  • 11. div.less_messy {End 5/5 clear: left; display: block; position: absolute;• There are some (... several) of properties do not top: 4px; right: 3px; specified here, like list, table,... don’t worry, just bottom: 5px; order yourself to keep clean your CSS. left: 2px; z-index: 10; float: none;• This is an example of CSS order guide. overflow: auto; width: 150px; height: 20px;• Let’s make it clear together. padding: 10px 5px 3px; margin: 3px; background: red; box-shadow: 0 1px black; border: none; translate: rotate(45deg); border-radius: 3px; font: normal 11px Arial; color: rgba(0,0,0,0.7); text-decoration: none;• Some advices? why not, go next slide. line-height: 11px; text-transform: uppercase; }
  • 12. Advices! 1/2 • Try to avoid using long style of the property, e.g. border, margin, etc. border-color: red; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; border: 1px solid red; • But if you want to change just a single property with a new class (e.g.), it’s time to use minified property... border: 1px solid blue; border-color: blue;
  • 13. Advices! 2/2 • There are some specific CSS3 properties for each browser, write all followed: translate: rotate(45deg); -moz-translate: rotate(45deg); -ms-translate: rotate(45deg) ... • Do the same with the “hacks” for IE (in case you use them of course...): border: 1px solid blue; border: 1px solid white8; border: 1px solid white9;
  • 14. Remember once more!This is not a guide to improve the world, use just in case you find it useful...
  • 15. Thanks! :-)