Smart Selling Program


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Program developed for enable vendor / channel partners to create, develop, improve their sales capabilities.

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Smart Selling Program

  1. 1. Growing your business<br />‘Smart Selling’Program<br />ExecutiveSummary<br /><br />
  2. 2. 2<br /> Some Typical Vendor Challenges<br />Related to vendor issues: - Value proposition based on pricing and features - Customer needs are different for different markets and/or products - Customer profiling not based in purchase motion - Lead generation activities driven by vendor activities - Customer information comes from different and disconnected sources - Services sales cycle is longer than product sales cycle <br />Related to vendor channel partners: - Lack of accurate channel partners funnel - Difficult to have same customer pitch everywhere - Partners do not assign enough resources to cover vendor expectations - Few partners are proactive for promoting low margin products - Few partners are proactive to follow-up vendor generated leads<br />
  3. 3. 3<br />‘Smart Selling’ Program Objectives<br />Positioning vendor as a proactive sales generator of deal opportunities.<br />Equipping vendor and partner inbound and outbound sales teams with the right selling argumentation and tools to help them to identify customer needs instead of discovering what they could buy.<br />
  4. 4. 4<br />Program Overview<br />Sales Intelligence<br />Discovery<br />Develop, test and adjust key selling points.<br />Lemon resources<br />Build the right sales tools to deliver the right quotation to the right customer on time<br />Sales ToolboxDesign<br />Get the right information to detect opportunities<br />Database<br />Profiling<br />Vendor or partner resources<br />Ensure sales resources are focused on the right sales opportunities at the right time.<br />Sales <br />Generation<br />
  5. 5. 5<br />‘Smart Selling’ Program Workflow<br /><ul><li> Stage 1 (Lemon): Sales Intelligence Discovery
  6. 6. Stage 2 (Lemon): Sales Toolbox Design
  7. 7. Stage 3 (vendor/partner): Database Profiling
  8. 8. Stage 4 (vendor/partner): Sales Generation</li></ul>Data needed to qualify leads<br />Qualifies an opportunity:<br />- Who<br /><ul><li> What
  9. 9. When</li></ul>Profiling<br />Fields<br />Database<br />Audit (goal, ratios) <br />Training<br />Smart Selling Box<br />Lead<br />Qualification<br />Profiling<br />Sales<br />Rules<br />Opportunity<br />Follow up<br />Sales<br />Results<br />Audit <br />Training<br /><ul><li> Standard proposal
  10. 10. Business Case generation tool
  11. 11. Customer objections
  12. 12. Sales arguments</li></ul>Sales Toolbox<br />Sales Arguments<br />
  13. 13. 6<br />Similar references using Lemon sales methodology<br /><ul><li>QuickPage program launch for sales prospection for SME market.
  14. 14. Designjet telesales program by transactional and pay-per-use selling motions.
  15. 15. Channel recruitment for vertical markets.
  16. 16. Identification of sales opportunities for channel partners.
  17. 17. Sales opportunities generation for customer licencing & ugrades.
  18. 18. New funnel development of CEM solutions for large and corporate accounts.
  19. 19. Sales generation program for Workstation product line and their partners.</li></li></ul><li>7<br />Next Steps<br />