Food By Phone Book 2012


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Food By Phone Book 2012

  1. 1. September 2011 EditionPromtly bringing great food from bangkok’s finest restaurants to your home or office for 14 years and counting! Braving Bangkok’s traffic to deliver great food from over 80 restaurants directly to your door
  2. 2. Dear Food by Phone CustomerWhat another great year we have had here at Food by Phone! On top of always looking out GENERALfor the most exciting restaurants in town to add to our service, we have hugely developed ouronline ordering interface, our messenger training, our call center and our newsletter. INFORMATIONYou can also now follow what is going on at Food by Phone through our Facebook page,, or our Twitter account, @foodbyphonebkk.One of our biggest projects for the coming year is to become even more environmentally friendly.We have been working with the PATT Foundation to become totally carbon neutral, and are alsolooking into the best solutions for recycling the packaging we use.We are always keen to get feedback, so please feel free to contact me directly onmarc@foodbyphone.comEnjoy your Food by Phone.Marc HagelauerManaging Director HOW IT ALL WORKS... Food by Phone is a unique Food by Phone คือ การบริการ 6 FOOD BY PHONE STEPS delivery service that picks up meals from your favourite จัดส่งที่มีเอกลักษณ์เฉพาะตัว โดยการ จัดรับอาหารจานโปรดจากร้านอาหารที่ restaurants and delivers them คุณ ชื่นชอบและ จัดส่งถึงมือคุณที่บ้าน to your home or office within หรือที่ทำ�งาน ภายในเวลาเพียง1 ชั่วโมงstep 1 step 2 an hour. 1. Select your food from the menu book 1. เลอกอาหารจานโปรดขอทานจากหนงสอเมนอาหาร ื ่ ั ื ู or the interactive website หรือผ่านทางเว็บไซด์ 2. Either place your order online on 2. ท่านสามารถสั่งอาหารผ่านทางเว็บไซด์ หรือ the website or call our customer service โทรศัพท์มายังเจ้าหน้าทีลกค้าสัมพันธ์ของเราหมายเลข ู่step 3 step 4 representatives at 3. The Food by Phone staff will place your 3. เจ้าหน้าที่ของเราจะสั่งอาหารผ่านไปยังร้าน order with the restaurant and will instruct อาหาร เพื่อทำ�การจัดเตรียมพร้อมทั้งอธิบายผู้ the delivery messenger of the location of จัดส่งให้ไปรับและส่งถึงท่านทั้งที่บ้านหรือที่ทำ�งาน the restaurant and your home or office. 4. The delivery messenger will pick up 4. ผู้จัดส่งจะรับอาหารของท่านจากร้านอาหารstep 5 step 6 the food at the restaurant and check the และ ตรวจสอบว่ารายการอาหารได้ครบถ้วน ถูก order is complete. ต้องสมบูรณ์ 5. All the delivery messengers use 5. ผู้จัดส่งจะทำ�การจัดส่งอาหารของท่านอย่าง motorbikes to ensure the fastest possible รวดเร็วและเรียบร้อยที่สุด service. 6. Payment is made on delivery either 6. การชำ�ระค่าบริการท่านสามารถชำ�ระด้วยเงินสด by cash or credit card after checking the หรอบตรเครดต หลงจากททานไดรบอาหารเรยบรอยแลว ื ั ิ ั ่ี ่ ้ ั ี ้ ้ 10,000 order is correct and complete. dishes from Bangkok’s best restaurants delivered to your door within the hour PLEASE NOTE: หมายเหตุ • All prices are inclusive of VAT. • ราคาอาหารทั้งหมดรวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่มแล้ว • The charge for delivery depends on your • ค่าบริการจัดส่งอาหาร จะขึ้นอยู่กับสถานที่ และ location. Please check the delivery zone map. ตำ�แหน่ง ที่ระบุไว้ในแผนที่ • Restaurant items in the Food by Phone • รายการอาหารในเมนูฟู้ดบายโฟน จะมีราคาไม่เท่า delivery service are not necessarily priced กันกับราคาที่ร้านอาหาร the same as in the restaurant. 1
  3. 3. FAP EVENTS OFFERS THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOUR THIRSTY GUESTSAND THE BEER COSTS NO MORE THAN A PINT IN YOUR LOCAL... Fluid Asia Events, available for both large and small parties. In 2011 Vodka Cruiser Launch at the Full Moon Party In 2012 Full service bar at the Bangkok Rock FestivalMEXICAN PLATTERS LEBANESE PLATTERS AMERICAN PLATTERS JAPANESE PLATTERS THAI PLATTERSCALL US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION!Fluid Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.66/4 Sukhumvit Soi 2, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110Tel: 02 656 7350 Fax: 02 656 7311 Email:
  4. 4. MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS MORE THAN JUST FOODQ. Why does the delivery time vary from order to order?A. Although we go to tremendous effort to ensure that your order arrives as fast as possible, food deliveryis not an exact science. The delivery time may vary based on the following factors:- How busy the restaurant is at the time you place your order- What you order. Some dishes take longer to prepare than others- The distance from the restaurant to your home or office (check the location zones at the top of each menu page)- The traffic, which can occasionally bring even motorbikes to a standstill!- The weatherWe cannot guarantee a delivery time. However, we use very well-developed delivery methods to ensure thatorders arrive on average within 45 minutes of your phone call and rarely over an hour.Q. Can I order dishes that I know are on the restaurant menu but do not appear in the Food by Phone book?A. Yes, just ask the telephone operator to check with the restaurant if this can be organised.However, some dishes have purposely been excluded from delivery because they do not travel well.Q. Is it customary to give a tip to the drivers?A. Yes, but it is absolutely not a necessity. Most customers tip the same as they would in a restaurant.Q. Can I order from multiple restaurants?A. Yes, however please bear in mind the location of each restaurant. If you order from multiple restau-rants from different parts of town, this may reduce the speed of delivery. When placing an order, please askus and we can give you an idea of how close the various restaurants are to one another. All of us at Food by PhoneQ. What are the charges? take pride in offering the highest quality service available. Should youA. There are no hidden charges. The VAT is included in the price and we charge a flat 60/80 Baht deliverycharge per restaurant visited. That’s it! ever have a question or problem, please do not hesitate to contact usQ. Do I get benefits if I use the service regularly? right away on 02-663 4663 orA. Absolutely. Just check out our VIP Member Programme on the following page. It’s easy to join and our customerservice@foodbyphone.comVIP Members receive discounts, special deals and many other benefits not available to non-VIP members.Food by Phone not only delivers food from your favourite restaurants, but we can also supplythe following products to your home or office. minimart items fruit chocs dunkin’ donuts flowers ice cream page 176 page 178 page 178 page 178 page 179 wines spirits beer cigarettes soft drinks page 181 page 189 page 191 page 191 page 192 If you are having an office party or a casual get together with some friends, you can now order a great selection of food platters from some of our favourite restaurants. VIEW PAGE 175 3
  5. 5. Do you order food from Food by Phone at least once a month? VIPDo you go out to dinner at least once a week? PROGRAMIf you answered “yes” to either of the above, then you should have a Food by Phone VIPMember Card. The card offers you great savings on food & delivery, in addition to specialdiscounts and promotions at many restaurants as well as from numerous Food by Phonepartners around Bangkok.VIP Members not only get great food delivered to their door 365 days a year, but alsoreceive well over THB 10,000 in discounts, special offers, FREE food, FREE delivery, andmuch more! And if you sign up for a new VIP Member Card and place an order at thesame time, you will receive 50% off that order! (discount not to exceed 500 baht). The VIPProgram is designed to suit all our customers. 1. 3 X 30% Initiation 4. Five Minus Ten Program Member As a new VIP Member, you will receive 30% off on your next three orders (This is electronically Each month when you order more than five Benefits tracked – nothing you have to submit or keep times with Food By Phone, you will receive track of). 10% off all subsequent orders for that month. Starting from the sixth order, just as with our Food by Phone Bucks and our Free Delivery 2. Food by Phone Bucks benefits, the Five Minus Ten Program is tracked electronically – nothing to worry about and no You will receive twelve 100 baht Food and paperwork to be concerned with. Beverage vouchers to be used when you like . (These are also electronic vouchers conve- niently keeping track of your transactions so that you don’t have to worry about loads of 5. Two for One paperwork, losing coupons, etc). & 50% Off You will receive Food and Drink vouchers from member-selected restaurants. These will be special discounts available only to Food by 3. free delivery Phone VIP Members. These vouchers are only You will receive twelve FREE Delivery vouchers to be used at the partner location, therefore to be used when you like. (These are also electroni- paper vouchers will be issued when you receive cally tracked vouchers). your VIP Member Card. REGISTER TODAY...ONLY 1,295 BAHT The VIP Member Card is still priced at only 1,295 baht. An average customer will get back well over 10,000 baht in food and beverage purchases alone, not to mention the many other benefits that come with membership. To sign up, simply fill out an application form. This can be done online, faxed or directly over the phone the next time you order with Food by Phone. Sign up and order today and you will receive 50% off that order! (discount not to exceed 500 baht). Inside this menu guide, there should be an application form. If it has already been used, we will be happy to hand deliver a new one to you between 10:30 am and 10:30 pm, seven days a week.Terms & Conditions1. The card is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Member’s privileges and expiry date to be in accordance with Terms and Conditions stipulated by the management.2. The management reserves the right to amend or withdraw the privileges, card expiry date, as well Delivery Charge not included. Not as terms and conditions without prior notice. valid with other offer.3. Please visit for full details of privileges, terms and conditions, benefits, Food by Phone Bucks may be used latest promotions, events, etc. in conjunction with the Free Delivery.4. Member’s privileges cannot be enjoyed with other offers and promotions except those associated with Food by Phone’s VIP Card. Only one can be used per order.5. Please report lost cards immediately. There is a 200 baht lost card fee for replacement cards. Only one 100 baht voucher or Free6. The VIP Card remains the property of the management. Delivery voucher can be used per order.7. The VIP Card is not transferable. If found, please return to Food by Phone.8. The management reserve the right to limit this very generous offer to one per household per calendar year. 5
  6. 6. N eutra l isingFood by Phone’sCarbon FootprintFood by Phone has long been at the forefront of the food delivery in-dustry in Bangkok. Now it’s breaking new ground by aiming to becomethe first of them that is carbon neutral. Therefore, Food by Phone ap-proached the PATT (Plant a Tree Today) Foundation and asked them toassess the company’s carbon footprint.The PATT Foundation’s aims are to encourage better environmental practices, to take action against climate change, to educate the younger generation about a greener carbon neutrality, it was calculated that society, and to encourage reforestation it needed to plant 100 trees per year to neutralize carbon footprints. to erase its carbon footprint. Food by Phone has already made the necessary The PATT methods of compiling the car- contribution to PATT to organize the bon footprint report follow the Green planting of these trees. An excellent site House Gas (GHG) Protocol, which sets has been discovered in Khao Yai and a the standards and guidelines for ac- wide range of trees have been selected counting and reporting on the six green- including: Fig, Neem, Queen Flower and house gases covered by the Kyoto Pro- Red Sandalwood. tocol. Food by Phone will be the first carbon The findings were that Food by Phone neutral food delivery service in Bangkok. has two contributing factors to its carbon footprint: the messenger delivery fleet and the electricity used in its offices. The fleet of small messenger bikes travel a combined average of 750 km per day and around 20 people are working in the offices. The size of Food by Phone’s carbon footprint was then assessed. To achieve the company’s objective of
  7. 7. AMERICANBourbon Street 10 Irish durty nelly’s 86 RESTAURANTGreat American Rib Roadhouse BBQ Woodstock Bar & Grill 14 16 18 the dubliner Finnegan’s 88 90 INDEX italianAUSTRALIAN bacco 92The Australian Pub & BBQ 20 Basilico 96Tenderloins Bar & Grill 22 L’Opera 99 Pizza Mania 102British Big mama 104The Black Swan 24 japaneseJools 28the londoner 30 Ringer Huts 107the ship inn 32 nishimura 108 Sonie’s 110 Nippon Kai Deluxe 111chinese sazae 114 Yamagoya Ramen 116peking 33 Tawaraya 117the chow box 36jasmin 38 lebaneseLee Café 40 beirut 118danish Nadimos 122 thai-Esaan Jim Jaew House 162Stable Lodge 42 Mediterranean Roi-et 163 The Cedar 124EUropean wrap it 125 vegetariantessa 44 Crêpes & Co. 126 Govinda 164 Khun Churn 166french Mexican Na Aroon at Ariyasom 169Le Pré Grill 46 Charley Brown’s Mexicana 128 vietnameseCafé Tartine 47 coyote 130 los cabos 132 Hanoi 170german Patty’s Fiesta 134 Madam T 172 Señor Pico 136Bei Otto 48 Party Platters Scandinavian Party Platters 175greek Scan Deli 138 minimartOLive 50Souvlaki 52 singaporean minimart 176 Frozen Chocs, Dunkin’ Donuts 178 boontongkiat 139 ice-cream 179indianHimali Cha Cha & Son 54 swiss Drinksindian host 56Indian hut 60 Chesa 140 Wines 181indus 64 Spirits 189Planet Bollywood 67 thai Beers, Ciders and Cigarettes 191Mrs. Balbir’s 71 Soft Drinks, 192Rang Mahal 74 Baan ya 142 Mineral Water & JuicesRed 76 Cabbages & Condoms 146Masala Art 80 Madam Saranair 148 Red Pepper 151 restaurant locationinternational Phuket Town 152 Puang Kaew 154 Sukhumvit SILOM Sukhumvit &Bistro 33 82 Silom Village 158 Zone Zone SILOM Zonethe barbican 84 Takiang Thai 160 7
  8. 8. MAP
  9. 9. AMERICAN Bourbon Street 67-10 Smoked Chicken Wings 225 fl Delicately smoked and friedthe only placefor cajun creole cuisine 67-11 Shrimp Cocktail 210 fl Seasoned boiled shrimps with special homemade cocktail sauce Open Every Day 67-198 Popcorn Shrimp 210 fl 10.30 am - 10.30 pm Fresh shrimp delicately fried in a special, spicy batter then served with ‘Tiger sauce’ Address 29/4-6, Sukhumvit 67-12 New Orleans BBQ Shrimp 235 fl Road, Soi 22 Klong Baked in a unique sauce of olive oil and butter with Toey, Bangkok 10110 17 other herbs and spices 67-13 Spinach and Artichoke Dip 240 fl Blended with three kinds of cheese and served with tortilla chips 67-14 Munchers 110 fl Fried potato, cheese and chilli 67-15 Potato Skins 135 fl With bacon bits, cheddar cheese or blackened chicken and cheddar cheese 67-61 BBQ Pork Ribs 67-16 Fried Mozzarella Sticks 115 fl Coated with special homemade breadcrumbs & served with marinara sauce Cajun Specialities ALL DAY BREAKFAST 67-17 Nachos – Beef 175 fl 67-26 Boiled Crawfish - ½ Kilo 550 fl 67-01 Bourbon Street Special Breakfast Tortilla chips topped with shredded beef and melted Live crawfish boiled in Cajun seasonings. Served 215 fl cheese, served with salsa with corn on the cob and boiled potatoes Four eggs, a choice of bacon, ham, or country sausage. With home fries, a hash brown or tomato and toast 67-160 Shrimp Remoulade 210 fl 67-165 Boiled Shrimp - ½ Kilo 395 fl Seasoned boiled shrimp with famous New Orleans Live shrimp boiled in Cajun seasonings. Served with 67-02 Dad’s CouNtry Club Sandwich Remoulade sauce corn on the cob and boiled Andouille sausage. Breakfast 210 fl One egg covered with melted cheese and Andouille 67-161 Bloomin’Onion 115 fl 67-166 Boiled Shrimp – 1 Kilo 725 fl sausage on toast Onion Blossom fried in a special batter, with our Live shrimp boiled in Cajun seasonings. Served with unique ‘Tiger sauce’ corn on the cob and boiled Andouille sausage. 67-03 Steak and Eggs 285 fl Minute-steak and eggs with a choice of home fries 67-145 Fried Calamari 185 fl 67-27 Gumbo with Shrimp & Crab Meat or hash browns or tomato and toast 200 fl A healthy and rich Creole dish of the "Cajun Trinity" 67-142 Eggs Benedict with Canadian Bacon 280 fl 67-28 Gumbo with Chicken & Andouille Two poached Eggs with muffins and freshly made Sausage 165 fl Hollandaise sauce served with home fries or hash browns or tomato and toast 67-29 Crawfish Bisque 200 fl Another Louisiana tradition made with passion and 67-143 Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon love. Possibly the best stew you will ever eat 310 fl Two poached Eggs with muffins and freshly made 67-30 Red Bean and Rice 250 fl Hollandaise sauce served with home fries or hash New Orleans traditional Monday dish with our own browns or tomato and toast Andouille sausage 67-17 Nachos 67-144 Eggs Benedict with Crab Cakes 67-31 Jambalaya Seafood 260 fl 370 fl New Orleans version of fried rice cooked in a light Two poached Eggs with muffins and freshly made tomato sauce and magic Cajun seasonings Hollandaise sauce served with home fries or hash Soups ‘n’ Salads browns or tomato and toast 67-32 Jambalaya Chicken & Andouille 67-18 Creole Bouillabaisse 200 fl Sausage 250 fl 67-05 Pancakes 200 fl With the choice of bacon, ham or country sausage 67-19 New England Clam Chowder 165fl 67-34 Redfish Bourbon Street 320 fl Boneless Redfish fillet topped with shrimp and crab meat and a white cream sauce. Served with mixed 67-06 French Toast 200 fl 67-20 Cream of Mushroom Soup 150 fl vegetables With the choice of bacon, ham or country sausage 67-21 Tossed Fresh Mixed Salad 115 fl 67-35 Baked Redfish Topped with Crab 67-07 Omelettes 200 fl Meat 350 fl With choice of: ham & cheese, ham cheese and 67-22 CrabMeat Salad 225 fl Fresh redfish baked topped with Cajun sauce and mushroom, ham green pepper & onion, or Mexican crab meat. Served with mixed vegetables 67-23 Caesar Salad 165 fl 67-141 Two eggs any style 200 fl 67-36 Blackened Shrimp 375 fl Choice of bacon or country sausage with home fries 67-24 Caesar Salad Deluxe 250/280 fl Fresh shrimp dusted with spicy Cajun seasoning and or hash browns or tomato and toast Topped with your choice of blackened chicken, cooked in a cast iron skillet. Served with sautéed roast beef, blackened shrimp or smoked salmon Zucchini and eggplant, ground pork, "dirty rice" appetizers 67-163 Spinach Salad 265 fl 67-37 Chaurice Sausage Plate 225 fl 67-08 Buffalo Wings (8 pcs.) 175 fl Topped with your choice of blackened chicken, an- A hot and spicy cousin of the Andouille sausage douille sausage or smoked salmon. Served with a with Creole mustard and garlic-mashed potatoes 67-09 Fire Wings (8 pcs.) 175 fl fresh spinach salad Chicken wings fried, then glazed with our special 67-39 Eggplant Casserole with Crab sauce. Served with homemade blue cheese dressing 67-146 Rocket Salad with Balsamic Meat and Shrimp 370 fl Vinegar 150 fl Eggplant spiced up with Cajun magic and sautéed with 67-151 Buffalo Pork Ribs (8 pcs.) 190 fl crabmeat and shrimp. Served with sautéed Zucchini Served with coleslaw 67-150 Rocket Salad with Balsamic Vinegar topped with smoked salmon 95 fl 2 67-40 Crab Meat au Gratin 400 fl 67-152 Buffalo Fire Pork Ribs (8 pcs.) 190 fl Casserole of crabmeat, magic Cajun spices and Served with coleslaw 67-197 Commander Salad 245 fl cheese. Served with sautéed Zucchini 10
  10. 10. AMERICAN BOURBON STREET67-41 Blackened Boneless Chicken Fillet 300 fl Side OrdersChicken breast fillet dusted with spicy Cajun 67-68 Garlic Bread 55 flseasoning and butter then seared in a cast ironskillet. Served with sautéed Zucchini and eggplant, 67-69 Corn Bread 55 flground pork, "dirty rice" 67-70 Potatoes au Gratin 105 fl67-42 Cajun Style Chicken 265 flHalf of a farm-fresh chicken fried with spicy Cajunseasoning inside. Served with mixed vegetables 67-71 Home Fried Potato 60 fl67-43 Riverboat Chicken 375 fl 67-72 French Fries 60 flTender chicken breast broiled to perfection andtopped with our famous spicy barbecued shrimp. 67-73 Mashed Potato 85 flServed with white rice and sautéed Zucchini 67-74 Potato Salad 60 fl67-44 Baked Rack of Lamb 470 fl 67-36 Blackened ShrimpSeasoned with a delicate blend of Cajun spices and 67-75 Baked Potato 85 flrosemary, so tender it almost falls off the bone.Served with potatoes and carrots 67-76 Fried Onion Rings 60 fl Steak Dinners67-45 Salmon Florentine 450 fl 67-77 Red Beans 95 fl Served with fresh mixed salad & your choice of bakedMarinated and grilled on a bed of spinach, sautéed potato, mashed potato or French Fries in a dill cream sauce and served with sautéed Zucchini 67-78 Coleslaw 60 fland eggplant, ground pork, "dirty rice" 67-54 T-Bone Steak 725 fl 450g. of tender corn-fed beef chargrilled to your 67-79 Corn on the Cob 60 fl67-199 Blackened Salmon 450 fl specifications 67-113 Sautéed Zucchini 65 fl67-46 Andoullie Sausage Plate 250 fl 67-55 New York Sirloin Strip Steak 725flA spicy smoked pork sausage with Creole mustard 350g. of tender corn-fed beef 67-114 Green Beans 75 flsauce and garlic mashed potatoes 67-56 Rib-Eye Steak 725 fl 67-115 Collard Green 80 fl67-164 Blackened Red Fish 320 flPaul Prudhommes famous New Orleans creation of 350g. of tender corn-fed beef 67-116 Fried Okra 80flfish fillet dusted with a spicy Cajun seasoning andcooked in a cast iron skillet. Served with sautéed 67-57 Blackened Rib-eye Steak 725 flZucchini and eggplant, ground pork, "dirty rice" Tender beef dusted with spicy Cajun seasoning then 67-117 Dirty Rice with Eggplant and cooked in a cast iron skillet Ground Pork 90 fl67-105 Southern Fried Catfish& Hushpuppies 350 fl 67-58 Fillet Mignon Steak 555 fl 67-167 Sour Cream 45 flAmerican Catfish fried in corn flour and corn meal. 300g. of tender corn-fed beefWith coleslaw 67-168 BBQ Sauce 40 fl 67-59 Pepper Steak 570 fl67-106 Redfish Amandine 330 fl Filet mignon simmered in our own pepper sauceFresh Redfish fillet lightly battered and fried, thentopped with sliced almonds, sautéed in butter, 67-60 Australian Lamb Chops 490 fllemon, Worcestershire and Cajun magic. Served Seasoned and grilledwith mixed vegetables 67-38 Riverboat Steak 795 fl67-107 Crab Cakes 380 fl A sirloin strip topped with our spicy barbecuedUnique blend of crabmeat and spices sautéed then shrimpserved with garlic mashed potatoes 67-49 Chicken Fried Beef Steak 360 fl67-109 Stuffed Fried Shrimp 375 flLarge batter-fried shrimp, stuffed with crabmeat Tender cubed beef steak, breaded, fried and toppedand seasonings and rolled. with white wine chicken gravy67-108 Boiled Shrimp Cajun Style 370 fl More Traditional Fare67-111 Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab 400 fl 67-61 BBQ Pork Ribs 300 flLarge Butterfly shrimp, stuffed with crabmeat and Barbecued to perfection with home-made Cajunseasonings and rolled Bar-B-Q sauce. Served with sautéed Zucchini and Bar-B-Q Beans67-155 Extra Soft Shell Crab on Gumbo 85 fl 67-62 BBQ Chicken 245 fl Half a chicken barbecued with home-made Cajun 67-43 Riverboat ChickenPasta Dishes Bar-B-Q sauce & Bar-B-Q Beans and sautéed Zucchini67-47 Blackened Chicken Florentine 67-63 Fried Chicken 250 fl 395 fl 3 pieces fried in a special batter. Served withChicken breast fillet dusted with spicy Cajun seasoning From The Sandwich Board French Fries& olive oil then seared in a cast iron skillet on a bed 67-80 Hamburger 225 flof spinach then sautéed in dill cream sauce & served 67-64 Fried Pork Chop 265 fl All burgers are served on a sesame seed bun,with angel hair pasta A lean, tender pork chop fried in our special batter. garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and onion and Served with French Fries served with French Fries67-48 Blackened Shrimp Florentine 395flShrimps dusted with spicy Cajun seasoning & olive oil 67-65 Fried Shrimp 295 fl 67-81 with Cheese 40 flthen seared in a cast iron skillet on a bed of spinachthen sautéed in dill cream sauce and served with Gulf shrimp delicately fried in our special batter."Angel hair" pasta Served with French Fries and coleslaw 67-82 with Bacon 50 fl67-159 Blackened Fish Florentine 395 fl 67-66 Boneless Fillet of Chicken or 67-83 with Chilli 40 fl Pork Cutlet 290 fl67-50 Chicken à la Grande 330 fl Smothered in a unique cream of mushroom & artichoke 67-118 with Mushroom 30 flHalf a chicken sautéed in olive oil, rosemary and sauce. Served with vegetables & mashed potatoesgarlic. Served with "Angel Hair" pasta 67-84 Charbroiled with BBQ Sauce 20 fl 67-67 Meat Loaf 285 fl67-51 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce 190 fl Served with vegetables and mashed potatoes 67-85 Hot Roast Beef Sandwich 210 fl Served opened-faced with mashed potatoes & gravy67-52 Spaghetti and Tomato Gravy 67-147 Lamb Shank 470 flwith Italian Sausage 260 fl Marinated and slow-cooked to perfection, served 67-86 Hot Roast Pork Sandwich 200 flwith Italian sausage and garlic bread with garlic mashed potatoes and zucchini Served opened-faced with mashed potatoes & gravy TURN OVER >>> 11
  11. 11. BOURBON STREET AMERICAN67-87 Club Sandwich 210 fl 67-122 Pizza Bourbon St. Special 365 flTriple-decker with chicken or ham Packed with pepperoni, ham, ground beef, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and black olives67-88 Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (BLT) 180 fl 67-123 Pizza Meat Lovers 365 fl Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham & ground beef67-89 Tuna Salad Sandwich 125 fl 67-124 Pizza Seafood 365 fl67-90 BBQ Roast Pork Sandwich 215 fl Shrimp, onion and green peppersTopped with coleslaw on a sesame seed bun 67-125 Pizza Hot & Spicy 345 fl67-91 Roast Beef Po’Boy on French Red chilli, onions, tomatoes plus ground beef orBread 250 fl pepperoni67-119 Po’Boy on French Bread with 67-126 Pizza Hawaiian 280 flShrimp 250 fl Ham and chunks of pineapple67-120 Steak Sandwich 250 fl 67-147 Lamb Shank 67-127 Pizza Vegetarian 280 flMinute-steak on French Bread Meat-free with onions, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes and chunks of pineapple Mexican Specialities Homemade Desserts 67-128 Extra Cheese/ Pepperoni / Mushroom / Anchovies/ Italian Sausage /67-25 Chicken Fajitas 415 fl 67-96 Bread Pudding with whiskeyServed on a platter of onion and bell peppers with sauce or white chocolate 110 fl Black Olive / Green Pepper 55 flflour tortillas 67-97 Cheese Cake 140 fl67-92 Tacos 245 fl Party PlattersThree tacos of beef or shredded chicken topped 67-98 Carrot Cake 70 flwith lettuce, cheese and tomato. Served with taco 67-100 American Platter A 1,350flon the side 67-99 Apple Pie 140 fl BBQ Pork Ribs (15 Racks)67-93 Enchilada Plate 340 fl 67-129 Chocolate Brownie 90 fl 67-101 American Platter B 1,100flChoice of beef, chicken or cheese enchilada. Buffalo Wings (50 pcs.)Served with beef or chicken taco, refried beans 67-130 Georgia Pecan Pie (Served Frozen) and Mexican rice 175 fl 67-102 American Platter C 1300fl Mixed BBQ Pork Ribs (9 Racks) and Buffalo Wings 67-94 Chilli con Carne with Beans 67-131 Pecan Pie 155 fl (20 pcs.)( Small ) 120 fl 67-148 Lemon Tart 70 fl 67-103 American Platter D 425 fl67-95 Chilli con Carne with Beans Mixed Vegetables - Carrot, Celery, Steamed Broccoli( Large ) 170 fl Pizzas and Cucumber with Blue Cheese Dressing67-112 Shrimp Fajitas 460 fl 67-121 Pizza Cheese with one topping 67-104 American Platter E 250 flServed on a sizzling platter of onions & bell peppers 280 fl Mixed Fruits - Pineapple, Watermelon, Papaya,with flour tortillas Plenty of Mozzarella plus one topping of your choice Cantaloupe
  12. 12. AMERICAN Great American Rib Fresh Salads and Chili Authentic HickoryGenuine wood smoked Slow Smoked BBQamerican barbecue 57-10 Mixed Greens Salad 175 fl With red honey-tomatoes ( Choice of vinaigrette, All BBQ specialities spend the night covered in a secret Blue cheese or ranch dressing ) dry rub. Smoked “low & slow” in the lovin’ arms of our three sister smokers; “Lucille”, “Maybelline” and Open Every Day 57-11 Caesar Salad 205 fl “Aretha”, then kissed with heat from the charcoal grill 11.30 am - 10.30 pm Crisp hearts of Romaine lettuce tossed with Parmesan and slathered in our “rich and sassy” BBQ sauce cheese, croûtons and a creamy garlic dressing Address 57-23 Smoked Ribs - Half Rack 445 fl 32, Sukhumvit Road, 57-82 Farmers Market Salad 295 fl Soi 36, Klong Toey, This salad is our own creation and it tops any salad 57-24 Smoked Ribs - Full Rack 695 fl Bangkok 10110 anywhere. The fixings are several kinds of lettuce, sesame seeds, pineapple, cucumbers, tomatoes, 57-87 Texas Smoked Prime Rib Beef Blue cheese with vinaigrette dressing and finished Bones (Half-Rack) 465 fl with roasted chicken. Slow hickory wood smoked prime rib bones served with coleslaw, Idaho curly fries & corn on the cob. 57-53 El Grande Taco Salad 245 fl Large flour tortilla bowl stuffed with salad, 57-88 Texas Smoked Prime Rib Beef Cheddar cheese, fresh salsa, Carnitas Pork or Bones (Full-Rack) 940 fl Smoked Chicken 57-25 Butt-Kickin Chicken 230 fl 57-83 Lone Star Texas Chili 180 fl Smoked BBQ half chicken Chunks of beef tenderloin, beans & imported Mexican chilies, slow cooked in a spicy sauce. 57-26 Carolina Style Pulled Pork Shoulder 295 fl 57-27 Dixie Double-Combo 355 fl Appetizers Includes a ¼ rack of ribs and a ¼ BBQ chicken 57-01 Homemade Potato Skins 195 fl 57-30 Great American Feast (Full Feast) Four halves loaded with bacon, cheddar cheese and 1,410 fl sour cream Serves 4 - 5 people. Includes a full rack of ribs, a whole “Butt Kickin chicken”, mound of pulled-pork, 57-70 Onion Strings 110 fl pepper-coated “Pastramied” pork tenderloin, BBQ Large portion of crispy onion strings seasoned with beans, coleslaw, Idaho curly fries, potato salad, corn Texas dry rub served with our BBQ dipping sauce on the cob, and Jalapeño corn bread 57-03 El Paso Nachos 230 fl 57-31 Great American Feast (Half Feast) With spicy Fillet Mignon beef, pork, or chicken, and 770 fl Jalapeño peppers with melted Cheddar cheese on Serves 2-3 people, this is a ½ order of the Great crispy tortilla chips American Feast 57-04 Smoked Chicken Taquitos 195 fl Crisp rolled tacos topped with cheese served with sour cream and fresh Southwestern salsa 57-51 Quesadilla 180 fl Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, Carnitas pork or smoked chicken 57-24 Smoked Ribs - Full Rack 57-81 Bubas Shrimp Cocktail 230 fl Large family-size portion of shrimps served on a bed of lettuce with tangy homemade cocktail sauce Hamburgers & Sandwiches All our burgers consist of a huge ½ pound patty of custom ground choice beef, served on our special sesame roll. Includes French Fries, tomatoes, onion and dill pickle 57-15 Classic Burger 230 fl 57-51 Quesadilla 57-16 Cheese Burger 265 fl 57-17 Bacon Cheese Burger 295 fl With BBQ sauce and Cheddar cheese Side Dishes 57-85 Alabama Sliders 295 fl 57-32 BBQ Beans 75 fl Three small hamburgers served with three sauces, tomato, pickles, onion, and fries. This set up allows 57-33 Baked Potato 75 fl you to build your own burgers 3 different ways. 57-03 El Paso Nachos 57-34 Coleslaw 75 fl All our sandwiches are served on a sesame roll with coleslaw, French Fries and a dill pickle 57-35 Potato Salad 75 fl Original Buffalo Wings 57-84 Wilber’s Chicken Tender Sandwich 57-36 French Fries or Idaho curly fries 230 fl 75 fl Crispy Chicken wings tossed in an addictive cayenne We use our chicken tenders on a hamburger bun. pepper sauce, served with the classic garnish of celery Then slather it with ranch dressing and a bit of our 57-37 Corn Bread 75 fl and blue-cheese dressing. Your choice of medium, buffalo sauce to give it some gentle spiciness, add hot or atomic sauce. some lettuce & you have one of the best sandwiches 57-38 Garlic Bread 75 fl anywhere. Comes with curly fries & coleslaw. 57-05 6 Wings 110 fl 57-73 Corn on the Cob 75 fl 57-86 Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich 57-06 12 Wings 205 fl 230 fl 57-52 Homemade Potato Chips 75 fl A generous portion of smoked BBQ pork smothered 57-07 24 Wings 350 fl in BBQ sauce. 57-02 Onion Rings 100 fl Food by Phone has operated for 14 years 14
  13. 13. AMERICAN great american rib Macaroni & Cheese 57-76 American Macaroni & Cheese 05 fl 2 Tender large macaroni served in smooth creamy white Cheddar and Parmesan cheese sauce. 57-78 with Boneless BBQ Pork Rib Meat 265 fl 57-79 Special House Smoked Tomato & Basil Macaroni 230 fl With olive oil & Parmesan cheese 57-17 Bacon Cheese Burger 57-05 Authentic Buffalo Wings Specialities Seafood Specialities57-74 New Orleans Blackened Duck All platters are heaped with 6 jumbo juicy tigerBreast 415 fl prawns, coleslaw, Idaho curly fries & corn on the cob. Pan-seared with hot Cajun Spices and pan gravy. Served with grilled mushrooms, asparagus, & potato chips. 57-100 Gulf Coast Style Prawns 530 fl Grilled with the shell on for maximum flavor, garlic57-75 Southern Fried Chicken Tenders lime butter on the side. 275 flFried chicken tenders served with Idaho curly fries, 57-101 Buffalo Style Prawns 550 flcoleslaw, corn on the cob, BBQ Sauce & Ranch dressing. Grilled with an addictive Cayenne pepper sauce.57-93 Down Home Dory (1 pc.) 350 fl 57-102 Key West Coconut CrustedJohn Dory is caught off the coast of Australia but we 57-30 Great American Feast Crispy-fried Prawns 560 flcook it like it’s done in BBQ restaurant, deep fried. With mango BBQ dipping sauce.Served with french fries, onion rings, asparagus, tartarsauce and a choice of garlic bread or corn bread.We also offer this fish baked in a lemon wine sauce. Main CoursesNot BBQ but awesome. Awesome Steaks All steaks are served with your choice of a small Caesar salad or mixed green salad, plus jumbo on- ion rings, baked potato, fresh asparagus & sautéed mushrooms. 57-96 Fillet Mignon (10 oz. / Cattleman’s cut) 695 fl 57-97 Rib-Eye Steak (12 oz. / Texas cut) 820 fl Rib-eye steaks are often referred to as the king of steaks. Cooked to your liking and served with a choice of small Caesar salad or mixed green salad, jumbo onion rings, baked potato, fresh asparagus & mushroom, and corn bread or garlic bread. 57-98 T-Bone (18 oz. / Cowboy cut) 940 fl 57-91 Surf ‘N’ Turf (10 oz. & 2 King Prawns) 57-96 Fillet Mignon 820 fl 57-53 El Grande Taco Salad Fillet Mignon with 2 King prawns 15
  14. 14. AMERICAN Roadhouse BBQ SALADS & GREENS BURGERSauthentic barbecue 22-05 Roadhouse Goat Cheese Salad w/ Served with French Fries, coleslaw & pickles & traditional american Balsamic Vinaigrette 435 fldishes Greens, goat cheese, roast peppers, pecans, fig & 22-13 Hamburger 395 fl balsamic vinaigrette Australian Beef Open Every Day 22-70 Roadhouse Salad with Choice of 22-14 Cheese Burger 395 fl 10.30 am - 10.30 pm Dressing : Blue Cheese/ 1000 Island/ American, cheddar cheese or blue cheese Vinaigrette 185 fl Address Choice of Toppings: 942/1-4, Rama 4 Road, 22-06 Caesar Salad 315 fl Grilled onion, Smoked bacon, Sautéed mushroom Suriyawong, Bangrak, Traditional w/parmesan cheese and Grilled peppers Bangkok 10500 22-07 Caesar Salad with Shrimp 420 fl Grilled Shrimp on side BARBECUE 22-08 Caesar Salad with Chicken 390 fl All items served with twice baked potato and coleslaw Grilled sliced Chicken Breast 22-16 Barbecued Baby Back Ribs “Full 22-73 Chunky Salmon Salad served on Rack” 695 fl mixed greens w/Balsamic dressing 420 fl Chargrilled with Roadhouse Original BBQ Sauce Fresh smoked salmon 22-17 Barbecued Baby Back Ribs “Half 22-42 Iceberg wedge with blue cheese Rack” 450 fl dressing 235 fl Chargrilled with Roadhouse Original BBQ Sauce 22-18 Barbecue Chicken & Ribs 645 fl 22-19 Hickory Smoked Barbecue Chicken BEGINNINGS 465 fl 22-01 Buffalo Wings (10 Wings) 195 fl Original - Hot - Suicide - Plain, served with blue cheese dressing 22-02 Buffalo Wings (20 Wings) 370 fl Original - Hot - Suicide - Plain, served with blue cheese dressing 22-35 Maryland Style Crab Cakes 455 fl Served with Creole mustard sauce 22-04 Grilled Tomato Salsa with Fresh Tortilla chips 185 fl Tomato, onion, cilantro & jalapeño 22-67 Beef or Chicken Nachos 390 fl Your choice Beef or Chicken 22-69 Chicken Quesadillas 305 fl 22-13 Hamburger 22-71 BBQ Shrimp Jamaican Style 455 fl Pan-seared and spicy WHAT’S IN THE POT? 22-37 Stuffed Potato skins 220 fl 22-09 Texas Steak Chilli Bowl 315 fl Stuffed with cheese and bacon First place “CASI” mid-west regional cook-off 1996 “Chili Appreciation Society International” 22-62 Onion Rings 175 fl 22-44 Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup 175 fl 22-36 Apple grilled Pork Chop 22-45 Black Bean Soup 175 fl with red onion Marmalade 22-46 Seafood Chowder 215 fl STEAKS SANDWICHES All items served with grilled vegetables and twice Served with coleslaw & pickles baked potato 22-10 Beef Brisket Sandwich “Texas 22-51 NY Strips 12 oz. 1,135 fl Style” 395 fl Chargrilled to perfection Hickory smoked for over 12 hours in our Texas Smoker 22-52 Grilled Rib-eye 12 oz. 1,275 fl 22-11 Philly Cheese Steak 375 fl Chargrilled to perfection Thin sliced Australian Rib-eye sautéed w/onion and melted cheese 22-53 Fillet Mignon 10 oz. 1,345 fl Chargrilled to perfection 22-12 Pulled-Pork with Hillbilly Mop sauce 345 fl Pork shoulder smoked for 6hrs. PASTA Served with Garlic Bread 22-47 Grilled Three cheese & tomato 345 fl 22-54 Fettuccine Carbonara 390 fl 22-48 Grilled Sausage 285 fl 22-55 Spaghetti & Meatballs 420 fl 22-01 Buffalo Wings 22-99 Meatball Sandwich 345 fl 22-56 Spaghetti with tomato sauce Served with melted Mozzarella Cheese 390 fl We deliver around 250,000 individual meals each year 16
  15. 15. AMERICAN Roadhouse BBQ SIDE GRUB SWEET THINGS 22-21 Grilled Corn 70 fl 22-30 Key Lime Pie 195 fl Brushed with Garlic Butter 22-31 Blueberry Cheese Cake 275 fl 22-63 Steak Fries 115 fl 22-64 Creamed Spinach 115 fl 22-65 Garlic Bread 70 fl Served with Tomato Sauce 22-23 Baked Beans 70 fl With apple smoked bacon 22-38 Potato Salad 75 fl With apple smoked bacon 22-26 twice Baked Potato 115 fl 22-27 Corn Bread 85 fl 22-28 Coleslaw (S) 65 fl 22-44 Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup 22-18 Barbecue Chicken & RibsFAVORITESServed with Garlic Bread 22-36 Apple grilled Pork Chop with redonion Marmalade 475 fl22-58 Sliced beef brisket Dinner 475 flHickory smoked for 12 hoursSURF22-60 New England Fish & Chips 420 fl22-61 Chargrilled salmon fillet withvegetables & potato 520 fl 22-71 BBQ Shrimp 22-08 Caesar Salad Jamaican Style with Chicken22-72 Blackened Snapper 505 fl
  16. 16. Woodstock AMERICAN Bar & Grill Soups and Salads SandwichesAmerican Music Pub Servingburgers and good american 46-15 Split Pea Soup 190 fl All sandwiches are served with French Fries & coleslaw Thick pea soup with ham, served with bread food 46-32 Pepper Steak Sub Sandwich 340 fl 46-16 New England Clam Chowder 205fl Sliced sirloin steak with grilled onions and green Open Every Day Creamy chowder, served with bread peppers in French bread 11.00 am - 10.30 pm 46-17 Caesar Salad 225 fl 46-33 Beefeater 295 fl Address Romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing Tender slices of roast beef with melted Cheddar 44, Thonglor Soi 13 cheese and jalapeños on grilled cheese bread Road, Soi Sukhumvit 55 46-74 Cobb Salad 340 fl This is possibly the greatest salad ever created, 46-35 Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich Wattana, Bangkok 10110 comprising bacon, avocado, chicken breast, 330 fl tomato, hard-boiled egg, blue cheese and a “Woodstock” smoked ham and cheese special Woodstock dressing all on a bed of cos and iceberg lettuce. 46-78 Da Torpedo 250 fl Homemade country sausage on a baguette, served 46-66 Extra Side Order of grilled or with sauerkraut blackened chicken 65 fl 46-36 Club Sandwich 320 fl Double-decker sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon, ham, vegetables on wholewheat bread 46-37 Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich 320 fl Breaded chicken breast with tomato sauce, pesto and Mozzarella cheese on garlic bread Appetizers 46-38 Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich 320 fl 46-01 Salsa and Tortilla Chips 170 fl Breaded slices of eggplant with tomato sauce, pesto Served with fresh tomatoes, chilli sauce & homemade and Mozzarella cheese on garlic bread corn tortilla chips 46-69 Reuben Sandwich 340 fl 46-02 Nachos 250 fl 46-15 Split Pea Soup Famous New York deli sandwich à la Woodstock, Spicy tortilla chips with cheese including Emmental cheese, sauerkraut and real corned beef. North America’s favourite sandwich 46-03 Guacamole and Chips 215 fl Avocado dip with tortilla chips Hamburgers 46-04 Quesadillas 310 fl All our famous Hamburgers are from Woodstock ground Cheese-stuffed tortillas beefsteak and served with French Fries and coleslaw 46-06 “Buffalo” wings 225 fl 46-20 Plain Hamburger 260 fl Spicy chicken wings Topped with lettuce, tomato and onions 46-07 Calamari Fritos 205 fl 46-76 “The Executive” Hamburger Deep-fried squid with tomato sauce 445 fl Premium Quality Beef 46-08 Onion Rings in a Basket 110 fl 46-77 Fat Bastard 695 fl 46-09 French Fries in a Basket 110 fl 1lb. Beef patty with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and a double portion of Fries 46-75 Mini Me’s 225 fl 46-17 Caesar Salad 4 Minutes Cheese Burgers 46-21 Blackened Hamburger 285 fl Cooked with Cajun herbs and spices, topped with 46-64 Cheese Spring Rolls 250 fl lettuce, tomato and onions Stew Spring rolls stuffed with cheese, prawns & pesto sauce 46-22 Bangkok Hamburger 285 fl 46-40 Cajun Stew 225 fl 46-11 Side order of gravy 25 fl Cooked with hot Thai spices. Very Hot !!! Spicy stew, cooked with mixed vegetables and 46-24 Black ‘n’ Da Blues Burger 320 fl served with rice 46-12 Extra Chicken/Ground Beef 60 fl Blackened bun-less hamburger, stuffed with blue 46-42 Chilli Con Carne 275 fl 46-13 Extra Jalapeños 40 fl cheese and topped with grilled onions, and gravy Ground beef with red kidney beans, simmered in a 46-26 Grilled Blackened Chicken Burger spicy, savoury sauce, served with homemade corn 260 fl bread Cooked with Cajun herbs and spices, topped with vegetables 46-44 Beef Stew 250 fl A stew of hearty chunks of beef and vegetables, 46-27 Fillet of Fish Burger 285 fl served with a dinner roll Deep-fried fish in batter, topped with tartare sauce 46-28 Continental Burger 340 fl With melted Cheddar cheese and jalapeños on grilled cheese bread 46-67 House Burger 340 fl Large creole beef patty with double cheese and our own tangy sauce 46-68 Pork Cutlet Burger 255 fl Breaded pork cutlet topped with lettuce, tomato and onions 46-29 Extra cheddar cheese 45 fl 46-02 Nachos 46-40 Cajun Stew 46-30 Extra bacon 30 fl Food by Phone offers a selection of over 10,000 dishes in its catalogue 18
  17. 17. AMERICAN WOODSTOCK BAR & GRILLMain Courses Mexican Food Desserts46-45 Grilled Pork Chop 330 fl Served with beans & Mexican rice Items 46-50 46-59 Key Lime Pie 180 flserved with Potatoes of your choice & Mixed to 46-53: Your choice of beef, chicken, pork orVegetables ground beef 46-60 New York Style Cheese Cake 185 fl46-47 Blackened Red Fish 340 fl 46-50 Burritos 340 fl 46-61 Cheese Cake 215 flGrilled with cajun herbs, served with mashed potatoes Flour tortillas stuffed with meat, beans, and salsa with Blueberry or Strawberry Topping sauce - topped with cheese and served with sour46-48 Fish and Chips 380 fl cream and guacamole 46-63 Apple Pie 180 fl46-49 Grilled Salmon Steak 435 fl 46-51 Chimichangas 340 flGrilled Salmon topped with apples and tomatoes in Deep-fried burritos served with guacamoleolive oil, served with a Caesar salad 46-52 Enchiladas 340 fl46-72 Grilled Pork Ribs 380 fl Corn tortillas stuffed with meat, covered with spicyPrepared Woodstock style with our own BBQ sauce, sauce and melted cheese. Served with guacamoleand specially prepared to ensure tenderness withoutlosing any flavour. Served with mashed potatoes and 46-53 Tacos 340 flmixed vegetables Hard-shell corn tortillas stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables and spicy salsa, Served with guacamole46-73 Bangers and Mash 340 fl and sour creamA traditional British dish of grilled pork sausagesserved with mashed potatoes, fried onions and 46-54 Fajitas 410 flgravy. We make our own sausages Marinated roast chicken or beef with sautéed green peppers & onions, Served with homemade tortillas and sour cream 46-55 Combo Plate (Chimichanga, Enchi- lada and Taco) 460 fl Served with sour cream and guacamole 46-56 - Add cheese 65fl 46-57 - Add sour cream 30 fl 46-58 - Add guacamole 70 fl 46-20 Plain Hamburger 46-61 Cheese Cake