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GAIN Consultancy

  1. 1. p r e s e n t a t i o n
  2. 2. 1. About GAIN consultancy 2. Consulting Solutions 3. Strategic Plans 4. International Plans 5. Strategic Alliances 6. Mergers & Acquisitions - M & A 7. Management team 8. ContactTable of contents
  3. 3. GAIN is a strategic consultancy specialized in the introduction of companies in international markets, mainly in emerging markets (BRICS and area of influence). At GAIN, we have an international staff with over 10 years of experience developing successful consulting projects in many markets, helping to maximize the benefits of our customers. In addition, the GAIN staff is formed by professionals with strong solid knowledge and experience in strategic and international consulting. Our principals and associates combine consultancy with teaching and research to offer truly innovative solutions to our customers. In the other hand, besides our office in Barcelona, we have office in Brazil which is an attractive commercial market, from where we develop and supervise projects in Latin America. GAIN works in your target market being near your company.1. About GAIN
  4. 4. From GAIN we offer solutions of international and strategic consulting to support our customers in every stage of its internationalization and strategic development. Strategic Plans International Plans Strategic Alliances Mergers & Acquisitions - M & A2. Consulting solutions
  5. 5. GAIN works with your organization to define or review: What is your company, where you are going, what do you want to achieve in the long term and how to get it. Mission, Vision and Values What we are, where we want to go and how we act Strategic Objectives What we want to achieve in the coming years Segmentation and positioning What market space we take and who are our customers Operational Plans Financial Plan, Commercial and MK, HR, Organizational3. Strategic plans
  6. 6. GAIN develops and expands the International Plan of your company to leading it successfully to the conquest of new markets. Global market research To what markets can your company export Target market selection What market is more profitable for your company Monitoring and tracking Market Study of other interesting Learn all the potential and dynamics of the target market markets for the company Strategy for market introduction Choose the most appropriate strategy to achieve the greatest results in the shortest possible time and develop the market4. International plans
  7. 7. GAIN identifies possible allies in your target markets, introduce yours products or services and create the foundation for your business relationship on existing sales opportunities. Pre-analysis of the client company Analysis of the strategic profiles of companies and setting goals for the alliance in the short, medium Selection of potential partners and long term Strategic Profile Analysis Of both customer and potential allies Strategic Fit analysis Analysis of the level of compatibility of the allies In strategy, structure, relationship and culture On business opportunities in the portfolios of the partners or already identified in the market Commercial launching in the target market5. Strategic alliances
  8. 8. GAIN staff is specialized in the development of M&A projects, leading all phases of a merger or acquisition process for your company. We identify and analyze target companies, we negotiate the purchase or the merger agreements and we develop and implement the due diligence in every area of ​the organization. GAIN develops M & A projects in three phases: Identifying potential companies and 1. Validating the operation profile Designing, structuring 2. the operation and negotiating the transaction Due Diligence Coordination and 3. management of the change process6. Mergers and acquisitions - M & A
  9. 9. Xavier S. Casademunt Principal – GAIN Ph.D in Management, Kingston University London. Expected. Master in Marketing and Sales Management, ESIC Business School. Degree in Foreign Trade and International Economics, University of Barcelona. Bachelor of Business Administration, European University. Consultant in the areas of strategy, international and sales. Former Director of the office in Madrid of BCG. He has developed strategic, commercial and international plans sectors of hospital services, hotels and tourism, construction, industrial, new technologies and consumer goods. He has lived in Brazil to develop strategic projects to Spanish companies and has experience in business management in 48 countries. Associate Professor of International Trade, EUM-Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Associate Professor of Communication Skills, Gent University, Belgium. Lecturer on trade and globalization issues for the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the Spanish Foreign. Trade Institute, ESADE Business School, ESIC Business School, EADA Business School.7. Management team
  10. 10. Lluís Mosella Principal – GAIN Ph.D in Economics, Harvard University. Master in Economics, Harvard University. Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Real Estate Management, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona. Bachelor of Economics and Business, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Consultant in the areas of strategy, international and mergers, McKinsey & Company. He has developed strategic, commercial and business plans in the sectors of education, information technologies, residential and industrial construction, funeral services, veterinary medicine and metallurgy. He has lived in Brazil and the United States and has experience in international mergers. Project Manager in development and construction of multifamily residential buildings. Associate Professor of Macroeconomics, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Associate Professor of Foundations of Economic Analysis, Girona University. Associate Professor of Economic Environment, IDEC-Full Time MBA Program, Barcelona. Collaborations with Harvard Business School, National Bureau of Economic Research, Harvard Institute for International Development, Port Authority of Barcelona, Barcelona City Council.7. Management team
  11. 11. Pol Sánchez Senior Consultant – GAIN Postgraduate Diploma in Management Accounting and Management Control, Pompeu Fabra University. Bachelor in Business, European University Consultant in the areas of marketing on-line and off-line, communication, trade and finance. He has developed marketing, communication, trade and business plans in the sectors of leisure, industrial, hotel industry, construction materials, veterinary and services. Expert in the design and implementation of models, methodologies and tools for management and control of commercial staffs. Specialist in design, development and implementation of management tools and financial control applied to measuring return on investment of campaigns and actions in the areas of Marketing and Sales. Successful experience in developing and implementing relationship marketing strategies, Community Management and loyalty programs, as well as management platforms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)7. Management team
  12. 12. For more information about these and other solutions or to arrange a meeting, in person or via videoconference, please contact: Xavier S. Casademunt Principal – GAIN MSN: Skype: xavier.casademunt Móvil: +34639712221 GAIN - Barcelona Av. Marques de l’Argentera, 13 3º 08003 Barcelona GAIN – Sao Paulo Rua Barreto Leme, 1920. 10º Andar cep 13025-085 - SP8. Contact
  13. 13. p r e s e n t a t i o n