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UTA Social Media Strategy Presentation


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UTA Social Media Strategy Presentation

UTA Social Media Strategy Presentation

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  • 1. Xavier Krone is a Social Media Instructor at the University Texas at Arlington as well as a Social Media Account Director for an advertising firm. He specializes in helping businesses navigate and capitalize in the social world we live in.
  • 2. Sales Tool SEO Relationship Building Customer Service Marketing Tool Brand Building By locating and delivering value added content to groups of individuals on a consistent and regular basis your company is better positioned to offer your products and services with a higher rate of translation of sales then other organizations that fail to establish a relationship with their core target audience.
  • 3. Communicate your brand message and promise. By creating content that accurately reflects your brand, you can raise brand awareness ,recognition , and loyalty. Useful, interesting ,and helpful content can boost the word- of-mouth marketing about your business across the social web and offline as well. Promote products and services directly and indirectly with social media ,and add to your business bottom-line. Use social media as a tool to drive traffic to your catalog or store to encourage direct sales.
  • 4. Provides a forum for a two-way conversation with customers. You can use for social networks to share information, answer questions, acquire feedback etc. Not only does this allow you to build relationships with consumers, but it also can reduce your customer service costs. When you provide useful information and communicate with consumers on your social network their emotional connection to your business grows. Consumers are far more apt to become loyal to you and speak about you to others when they have a relationship with you. Increases your business visibility and page rank on social media engines. Fresh consistently updated social media outlets will provide your business higher rankings.
  • 6. S Strength Allows for conversations (deeper engagement and relationship building with audience).Encourages direct consumer interactions. Strength Leverage of reaching more and more people with less effort thanks to technology (i.e. spreading the word). Strength Allows companies a real time view on consumer perceptions about their brands. Strength Active community members are willing to become brand advocates Strength Stronger brand awareness in the market place providing a unique selling proposition Strength The ability to develop your products in collaboration with your customers Strengths SWOT ANALYSIS
  • 7. W Weaknesses Effort vs. results: Even if it is more measurable than other channels, it is difficult (especially for small business operations) to balance the effort put on social media against the results obtained Weaknesses Consistency: Engaging with your audience at a direct level means more efforts in terms of keeping a consistent message/ corporate image Weaknesses Lack of tools or resources to track and monitor social media campaign results Weaknesses Difficulty in measuring ROI Weaknesses Trouble scaling or maintaining a social media campaign Weaknesses Difficulty in ensuring your message is heard and reaches the market Weaknesses SWOT ANALYSIS
  • 8. O Opportunities Creating/joining online presence on sites where the company currently doesn’t exist Opportunities Building relationships with clients through the monetization of social media Opportunities Penetration into a new geographical market quickly Opportunities Reach out to certain groups that traditional media didn’t allow you to. Opportunities New target or niche markets that are untapped Opportunities Create new products well tailored for the market Opportunities SWOT ANALYSIS
  • 9. T Threats Competitors are going after the same space or same audience with similar campaign Threats Potential for brand to be damaged Threats The high cost in terms of time needed to maintain social media relationships may derail the campaign. Threats Has no solid revenue model Threats SWOT ANALYSIS
  • 10. Commerce Community Content Words carry content convey marketing messages, draw individuals to web pages, and persuade people to buy your product or service
  • 11. Describes everything from neurons or computers, people or power plants, everyone is connected to everyone else by a short chain of intermediaries.
  • 12. Referrals Clients POTENTIAL Client POTENTIAL Client POTENTIAL Client Prospects
  • 13. Social Media Marketing F : 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 2 Sessions 09/06/13 09/13/13 Mobile Marketing Th : 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 3 Sessions 09/26/13 10/15/13 Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Marketing M : 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 3 Sessions 10/14/13 10/28/13 Pinterest, Google+, and Meetup Marketing F : 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 3 Sessions 11/08/13 11/22/13 Capstone - Social Media Marketing F : 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 3 Sessions 12/06/13 12/20/13