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Chapter 6- Nutrition

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    1. 1. BACK TO SCHOOL Lets listen to songs…..
    2. 2. Chapter 6 Nutrition
    3. 3. Back to school  I beat Anorexia! I beat Obesity!
    4. 4. • ThemeGallery is a Design Digital Content & Contents mall developed by Guild Design Inc. Back to school Rickets Kwashiorkor Marasmus
    5. 5. BACK TO SCHOOL Marasmic child : He wants to eat…Can YOU give him some……??
    6. 6. Rickets Osteoporosis
    7. 7. Symtoms including swollen, bleeding gums and tooth loss.
    8. 8.  What does diet mean? Back to school A.Eating little B.Foods and drinks that we consumed C.Doing a lot of exercise to keep fit
    9. 9. Back to school
    10. 10. Back to school carbohydrates proteins lipids vitamins minerals waterfibre Water soluble Fat soluble macrominerals microminerals B, C A,D,E,K Ca,P,Na, K,Cl Fe,I,Zn Fruits ,vegetables,nuts, wholemeal grains Why do we need balanced diet? •Source of energy & to fulfill daily energy requirement •Growth and repair of damaged body tissues
    11. 11. BACK TO SCHOOL  The necessity for a balanced diet 1. A balanced diet contains all the major nutrients which include carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, water and roughage in the correct proportions and quantity to meet the daily requirements of the body.
    12. 12. BACK TO SCHOOL 2.A bomb calorimeter is used to determine the energy content of food by burning a known mass of food in the presence of oxygen.
    13. 13. Back to school 3.The energy value of a food is the amount of heat generated from the combustion of one gram of food and is measured in joule per gram.
    14. 14. Factors affecting Daily energy requirement of human body Age Climat e Gender Occupation s Body size
    15. 15. Back to school 4. Factors affecting daily energy requirement of human body. Age -Growing children and teenagers need more energy compared to adults. - The metabolic rate in growing children and teenagers is higher than adults because they need more energy for growth. Sex - A male adult needs more energy than a female adults of the same size and age. - The metabolic rate in male adult is higher than a female adult because they need more energy for the development of the body. Occupations & Climate An active person who does heavy work needs more energy than a person who is moderately active. People living in cold countries need more energy to maintain body temperature compared to those living in the tropics.
    16. 16. BACK TO SCHOOL Food Pyramid model
    17. 17. Lets watch a video!!!!!!!!!!
    18. 18. Refer the pamphlets from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
    19. 19.  ThemeGallery is a Design Digital Content & Contents mall developed by Guild Design Inc. Back to school Put your text
    20. 20. Online activity: Preparing a healthy lunch box…… aspx?siteId=14&sectionId=61&contentI d=56
    21. 21. Class Key : 894RYH48