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A review of open data initiatives in greece
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A review of open data initiatives in greece



This presentation deals with an investigation for the implementation of the PSI directive in Greece and analyses the landscape of open government data (OGD) movement in terms of “Metadata and Open ...

This presentation deals with an investigation for the implementation of the PSI directive in Greece and analyses the landscape of open government data (OGD) movement in terms of “Metadata and Open Data Standards” and “Public Sector Sources and Knowledge Sources”, from a functional, knowledge and technological perspective.



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  • When the public sector responsible for these data publish them on the web making them available for use and re-use by all citizens, is when we call them OPENExamples include real time traffic information and bus timetables together with maps downloaded to smart phones
  • Functional Perspective - illustrates the complete set of utilities and functions that are available to the users.Semantic Perspective - that investigates the representation and structure of open information, starting from simple, flat representations to comprehensive and linked structures of knowledge. Results- Based on the identification phases, initial results will be conducted by applying the constructed tools on the knowledge base, and thus the landscape will be shapedConclusions - results will be analysed in relation with the potential economic impact and conclusions and recommendations will arise in order to light future exploitation and research on this domain.
  • 5-stars Maturity Metadata Schema* MetadataIgnorance** ScatteredorClosedMetadata*** OpenMetadataforHumans**** OpenReusableMetadata***** LinkedOpenMetadata5-stars Berner Lee’s rating system* make your stuff available on the web (whatever format)** make it available as structured data (e.g. excel instead of image scan of a table)*** non-proprietary format (e.g. csv instead of excel)**** use URLs to identify things, so that people can point at your stuff***** link your data to other people’s data to provide context

A review of open data initiatives in greece A review of open data initiatives in greece Presentation Transcript

  • A review of open datainitiatives in GreeceC. Alexopoulos*, G. Karamanolis+, L. Spiliotopoulou* , T.Karounos+* Information Systems Laboratory, University of the Aegean+ Prime Minister eGov Team, Greek GovernmentSamos 2012 Summit [2 July]
  • Open Government Data GD is produced and collected by public bodies andincludes◦ digital maps◦ meteorological◦ geospatial◦ health◦ legal◦ traffic◦ financial◦ economic and◦ other data.Categories andPopularity
  • Exploitation of OGD Most of this raw data could be re-usedto form new products andservices, such as◦ car navigation systems◦ weather forecasts◦ financial and insurance services Re-use of public sector informationmeans using it in new ways by addingvalue to it◦ combining information from differentsources◦ making mash-ups and new applications
  • Methodology1. Identification of Public Sector Data Sources inGreece. A top-down approach and desk-basedresearch (starting from Greek Ministries and goingdeeper following links)2. Knowledge Base Creation with the view toidentify the key elements of Public Data Sourcesand Open Data initiatives that will drive an in-depth analysis.3. Tools construction for landscape analysis◦ a taxonomy for categorisation of open data sources◦ functional perspective◦ semantic perspective◦ technological perspective4. Results representation5. Conclusions and recommendations
  • Open Data in GreeceNo. Public Agency Description Information1 Cl@rity ProgramLaws / Regulations / MinistryDecisions & Public BodiesSpendingFinancial /Governance2General Secretariat ofInformation SystemsTaxation Statistics for Greece Financial3 Geodata projecta project funded by Greekgovernment in order to hostgeospatial public cross-sectorinformationEnvironment,Demographic,Geospatial, Crime4 Hellenic Statistical AuthorityThe official sourceof statistical information foralmost every activity ofGreek economyStatistics5 Ministry of Finance Countrys Economic Data Financial, Law6Ministry of Citizen Protection -Greek Fire DepartmentProvide information on fires thathave been recorded in GreeceEnvironment /Geospatial7Ministry of Labor and SocialInsuranceSharing legal information onemployment rights and decisionsby the ministryLaw8Ministry of Education,Lifelong Learning and ReligionProvide information of thelocation of all schools in GreeceGeo-spatial/ graphical9Ministry of Citizen Protection -Greek Police DepartmentSharing information on trafficaccidents and criminalityStatistics / GeospatialMinistry of Interior,Census about Public Sector
  • Functional Perspective Title Data acquisition Datasets Catalog / Discover Data Provision Visualization Feedback
  • Semantic Perspective (1/2) Metadata Level5-stars Maturity Metadata Schema◦ * Metadata Ignorance◦ ** Scattered or Closed Metadata◦ *** Open Metadata for Humans◦ **** Open Reusable Metadata◦ ***** Linked Open Metadata Data License
  • Semantic Perspective (2/2) Open data level◦ 5-stars Berner Lee’s rating system◦ * make your stuff available on the web (whateverformat)◦ ** make it available as structured data◦ *** non-proprietary format (e.g. csv instead ofexcel)◦ **** use URLs to identify things◦ ***** link your data to other people’s data to providecontext Metadata Standards Linked Data / Semantic Web Multilingualism Data Format
  • Technological Perspective CMS / Platform User Interface Web Server Mashups / Visualizations  most N/A API  most N/A
  • Conclusions Currently open data providers areseparated in two fields: those whichignore metadata existence (94%) andthose which fully comply with linked opendata standards – it is a good way to pushall 94% to the other side without havingmiddle steps. Multilingualism: 5-stars initiatives moveson supporting English for their datasets Greek LOD Cloud (Police, Fire-Brigade, Di@vgeia, Kalikratis, DBpedia) Most active facet of Public Sector inGreece
  • Greek Open Data Cloud
  • The importance of opening data is closely relatedto the willing achieved goal in each case For example to achieve the poverty target therelated open data for monitoring would be (bycountry):◦ Trade and exports◦ Educational attainment◦ Gender equality◦ Child health◦ Mothers’ health◦ Combating disease◦ Environmental sustainability◦ Development partnership
  • Thank you for your attention…Charalampos AlexopoulosInformation Systems Laboratory, University of theAegean