The donkey and the wolf


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The donkey and the wolf

  1. 1. The donkey and the Wolf The Donkey and The Wolf 1
  2. 2. The donkey and the Wolf The donkey and the wolf One morning, a frisky young donkey was enjoying himslef, grazing in a meadow. The donkey had been grazzing there for several months. “ Ive heard the grass on the other side of the hilss is fresher and sweeter,” said the donkey to himself. “Why dont I go there tommorow?” Just as he had finished eating, he raised his head and looked around. Suddenly, he saw a hungry- liiking wolf coming his way! The wolf had already seen him and there was no was he could hide or run away. 2
  3. 3. The donkey and the Wolf Then he had a plan. He pretended to walk with a limp towards the wolf. Surprised at the donkeys action, the worf asked, “Are you looking for trouble?” You kinow Im going to eat you, and still you walk towards me.” the donkey answered, “There is nothing i can do about it. Its my destiny to be eaten by you. So, why should I run away?”“ I quite agree with you,” said the wolf. “But at least, you could make an effort to hide from me. You can hide in the cave nearby or behind those trees over there. We can play a game of hide and seek before I eat you.”“That will be fun, wont it?” cimmented the donkey. The donkey explained further, “But, Mr Wolf, before you eat me, I have a request to make. Just now, while I was kumping over a ditch, a splinter pierced into my left hind hoof. Could you be as so kind as to remove it, else it might get stuck in your throat later?” 3
  4. 4. The donkey and the Wolf The wolf throught for a while, and he agreed with the donkey. “ Thank you for telling me about the splinter. I know that if im not careful, it can cut my throat or even choke me,” said the wolf. So saying, he asked the donkey to raise his hind leg for him to pull out the splinter. “ Wheres the slinter? Wheres the splinter?” asked the wolf with his eyes opened wide, liiking for the splinter. “Here!” shouted the donkey, as he gave the wolf a really hard kick on the gace with all his streangth. The full impact of the kick forced the wolf to flee in pain with a bloody nose and some broken teeth. For a while, the badly injured wolf was not seen again. While nursing his wounds somewhere inside a dark cave, the poor wolf was heard lamenting his bad luck, “My father has only taught mehow to kill to be a butcher, but I was trying to heal to be a doctor. It has brought about my downfall.” 4
  5. 5. The donkey and the WolfMoral: We should stick to what we can do best, and not try somthing we are not familiar with.Glossary: • grazing – eating grass • pretended – behaved as if it was true • destiny – final outcome in the future • splinter – a small sharp broken piece of wood • impact – the force of one object hitting another • heal – make someone well againQuestions: 1. What was yhe donkey doing ion the meadow? 2. What did the donkey see when he raised his head? 3. Where could the donkey hide? 4. When did the wolf run away? 5. What did the wolfs father teach him to do? 5