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takaful islam

  1. 1. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 ABSTRACT Assalamualaikum, in this report will be briefly explain about five journal that correlated with the subject of Islamic Business Ethic and Social Responsibilities. This subject is important because can enhance the preliminary knowledge about business ethic and Islamic moral and ethical. Start from the preface will discuss the objective of the summarising the journal. There are several objective will be given, so with the understanding and easy English usage the readers will not miss the chances to read the entire report. In content, we will discuss and summarizing five different topic of journal that still correlated with the subject, first journal is The impact of knowledge sharing and Islamic work ethic on innovation capability, second journal is The role of Islamic work ethics in developing organizational citizenship behaviour at the Jordanian Press Foundations, third journal is an Islamic ethical perspective, fourth and fifth are more about economic and its correlated. In conclusion we will conclude the whole journal and the readers will understands the entire summarise. It will help reader to gain more knowledge and to become more understand about the subject of business ethic. 1
  2. 2. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 PREFACE Islamic business ethic and social responsibilities is a complex topic, its discussing about what ethical and characteristic (akhlak) in every human in this world. Every people has their own attitude and every attitude describe each of their behaviour toward ethic. For example, person who always throw rubbish everywhere showing their attitude of his/her self toward ethic, this mean he or she is not ethical person. It is simple to judge everybody which is not ethical, but sometimes it is difficult because in every country or culture, they have their own ethics. Ethic is „considered as the moral standard by which people judge behaviour‟ (Deon, Leon. 2011). This mean every behaviour shows their own ethical. In every country or cultural, ethical are different, some of cultural can be seen as unethical in other cultural and vice versa. ethical issue are most publicized it western country because their don‟t have strong religion belief. They belief that what are seen by their eyes, they will judge and sometimes follows the majority.But in Islam are different, we have the strong grip which is Al-Quran and As-Sunah. Those Al-Quran and Sunah explain a lot about akhlak and this is more important to discuss instead of ethical. Although, recently, ethical is take place instead of akhlak issues. Furthermore, in this journal report, we will discuss about ethical over the workplaces and what its interrelated with the economy. As we know, there are a lot of ethical issue over the working environment and what are the solution to overcome those problems. Most of the problem in ethical issue in workplaces have much impact on working quality and also product quality, for example workers with bad attitude and high level of absence will impact on poor quality work and poor quality product, so more less this preface will make you brief understanding of what the entire report would say. For the conclusion, before we understand more on this journal after this, we need to understand preliminary of ethic and why their use ethic to control human behaviour. It is not about talking about bad or good, sometimes ethic is rules to make people live with better life. More fact and issue will be presented in each of these journal later. 2
  3. 3. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 JOURNAL 1 TOPIC : EUTHANASIA FROM AN ISLAMIC ETHICAL PERSPECTIVE This journal explained about how people make the decision upon killing people for his/her benefits. Killing people for his/ her benefits means that something problem happened to them and the solution is to kill them so they are not suffer. This is called Euthanasia in Greek which mean good death or easily death. The core problem is the face of many ethical issue, some said that this is ethical and some said this is unethical because loss of some person‟s life. An Islamic perspective has been adopted to analyse this problem so we are not make misconception after getting the solution. The uses of Islamic perspectives is important because in Islam, we are adhere to Al-Quran and Sunah, from those, we will get the answer because all the natural science and the afterlife is in there. So, the sources that has been used is Al-Quran, fatwas and also regulation and science articles. From the Al-Quran, there are several verse mention about this matter for example, part 1 : a, “Do not take life, which Allah made sacred, other than in the course of justice.”(Quran 17.33) b, “If anyone kills a person - unless it is for murder or spreading mischief in the land- it would be as if he killed the whole people.”(Quran5:32) and part 2 “When their time comes they cannot delay it for a single hour nor can they bring it forward by a single hour.”(Qur‟an 16:61) b. “And no person can ever die except by Allahs leave and at an appointed term.”(Quran 3.145). from this Quran verse, we can make an instant predict that killing of person for his or her benefit are prohibited because all death and life is in hand of Allah. Furthermore, second sources are from fatwas such as Saudi Arabia scholars, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, Egyptian scholar Sheikh Yusuf al- Qaradawi and Dr Muzzami Siddiqi from north American. They has issued a similar response from this matter, they said, killing the person life is un-Islamic, this is because it was against the sharia to decide the death of the person before its actually death and all mufti has agreed that Euthanasia is haram. Third sources is using a medical regulation and law, doctors are advices to not violate the rule because once any person death, the life cannot be restored. This is because, in Islam, live given by Allah are priceless. Even the guardian of the person asking for killing it is prohibited. As a conclusion, we took the al-Quran as our guidance to not recognizes person‟s right die voluntarily. The guide that we can uses is first euthanasia is not allowed in Islam because the life is sacred and second Allah decide of how long we will die, when and where based on the two verse mention above. 3
  4. 4. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 JOURNAL 2 TOPIC : THE ROLE OF ISLAMIC WORK ETHICS IN DEVELOPING ORGANIZATIONAL CITIZENSHIP BEHAVIOUR AT THE JORDANIAN PRESS FOUNDATIONS The purpose of this journal is to adopted the Islamic work ethic in press organization and after the adoption, it seems one of the important element to change is the working ethic. Work ethic „ is a set of moral principle on the behaviour of individual within the organization‟ ( Thompson, 1985). This mean any of organization of the company need to have at least one code of ethic to control every individual in the company. For example dress code that has been used in UUM is the set of moral principle in that University to control the dress code of students when they go to the class. In analysing work ethic, we must understand that working ethic lead to the efficient work. This is important for Jordanian press to understand about work ethic because if they not do so, their working are inefficiency . The problemsstatement raised is the role of Islamic work ethic in enhancing organization citizenship at Jordanian press foundation and the purposes of the study is to identify the Islamic work ethic on organization citizenship behaviour in Jordanian press Foundation. A several recommendation found after the study, the first recommendation lie on press established should observe fairness and justice in their dealing with the employees and customers. The study also suggesting a complaint box to make sure any of complaint are reach to the top for further action and the last recommendation is by using the more technologies in administrative and technical method lead to the more efficient and workers do they work properly. The recommendation are based on the level of the commitment of the work ethic, after the experimental, it is shows that level of their commitment are very high, this acknowledged that their level of responsibilities in working are very high and the efficient come with second. Based on this answer, the recommendation that mention above needed to improve the efficient of the organization. 4
  5. 5. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 JOURNAL 3 TOPIC : THE IMPACT OF KNOWLEDGE SHARING AND ISLAMIC WORK ETHIC ON INNOVATION CAPABILITY The purpose of this journal is to identify the knowledge sharing and also the uses of Islamic working ethic in the relationship between knowledge sharing and also innovation capabilities in government sector. The problem of this journal is to finding the scholar who agreed that innovation is the tools to improve public sector organization. The problem raised because lack of competitive not like a business organization that need a competitive skills to improve innovation. „The bureaucratic administrative structures and monopoly nature of the public sector organizationsperhaps drive their employees chiefly as an official governmental agent delivering official state purpose, rather than a service to the customers as in the business organizations (Bendell et al., 1994). What Bendell and his friends told was true, some government lack of skill to handle with customers, sometimes there are boring with no job rotation and just specific to one job only. Malaysia has been chosen as the experimental places for scholar to investigate the factor of contributing to knowledge sharing and combined the effect of Islamic work ethic in innovation capabilities. This is because Malaysia is an ideal places because of multiracial and they live with harmonic cultural. In this study, they found that high potential of new research and a new research to improve the innovation capability in public sector. The another thing is to study of knowledge sharing enablers to make sure of exchanging experience, data and idea is happen in developing a knowledge for innovation in workplace. Ethic is important as a mirrored to what Muslims behaviour on life and ethical practises at the workplaces should be natural behaviour because this is one of the important things of Islam. Person with no ethical has low self- awareness and often guilty in the workplaces. This is exacerbated by various of world problem of terrorist that always blame Islam. In Al-Quran shows that various verse the substance of knowledge for work, behaviour and human development. In Malaysia found that there has more substantial need to examine the join effect of knowledge sharing and Islamic Work Ethic on innovation capabilities because Malaysia is among the country with majority of Muslims. 5
  6. 6. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 JOURNAL 4 TOPIC : DIVERGENCE BETWEEN ASPIRATIONS AND REALITIES OF ISLAMIC ECONOMICS: A POLITICAL ECONOMY APPROACH TO BRIDGING THE DIVIDE. The Islamic ways is important because Islam taught both ways of ethical and also the social economy development. The most important part of the development is the Islamic Banking and Finance, as we know, Islamic banking, Islamic Insurance and also Finance has become important nowadays because many of the people aware of the objective and also fairness. But in this study set a piecemeal solution and will not be able to provide a solution for development needs of Muslims in huge communities and also societies. The economic discipline of Islam depend on the philosophical foundation derived from Islam which has been differentiate between secular and also materialistic based on capitals and socialism thus contrast sharply with the Islamic Ethic.Islamic economists have always devoted most of their energies to enumerating and elucidating these axioms in an attempt to distinguish the aims and justifications of Islamic economics as a valid alternative. This has been reinforce by the Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr (1961) and Syed Abul Acla Mawdudi in numerous works (1946; 1970; 1960a; 1960b) that said over-arching principles of Islam apply to all aspects of life, and economics is no exception to this. By this mean, economy is important not just provide a comfortable life but also as an area of important to Islam religious. Broad issue of economic in ethical issue is the concept of interest-free banking and finance has been criticized on the grounds that it is economically not feasible. Issues of efficiency and cost are used to highlight how such an approach leads to products being more costly. But in real world of Islamic, ethics of care is an essential element of the presented political economy, as part of the value system of the Islamic political economy. The using of ethic in economic is to mention the core of good and bad thing. Soon people will aware that Islamic economic is the solution to the broad problem in conventional and capitalist economic. 6
  7. 7. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 JOURNAL 5 TOPIC : CONCEPT, PRINCIPLES AND MANAGEMENT FROM ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE The basic thingin the development ofan Islamic economicsystemis concernedthe welfare of humanity. This is consistentwiththeverybasicobjectivesin terms ofIslamic law(Sharia), which concern the welfare ofthe peopleandhardenthose experiencinghardship. Economic developmentmust be consistentwith the primary objectiveoftheShari „ahanddoes not far awayfromusingIslamicworkethicsapproach. Fundamentaltothe process of developmentin Islamdepends onhumansaseconomic agents, and people should beeducated on theentire development processtointegratesocialdevelopment, economic development, andenvironmental conservation andprotection. In general, the concept of sustainable developmentrefers to theeconomicand sustainable development, which meets the needs ofthe present generation withoutcompromising the ability offuture generations tomeet their own needs. In addition,in developingsustainable economic developmenton the principles ofIslam givesprotection whereno one is allowedendangeringother peopleandno one isallowed toharm tothe environmental. This is correlated with the working ethic and social responsibilities where every company or organization are needed to at least help to prevent nature from pollution and support what government do to make environment clean from any pollution. Sustainable economic developmentshould behandled wellso thatobjectivescan be achieved. Islamprovidesguidanceanda unique perspectiveon how to managethe efficienteconomicdevelopment. Itisimportantforany countryto take partin decision-makingand the implementation oftheeconomicdevelopmentprogram.sustainable economic developmentshould be carried outin a way thatwill benefit thecurrent generationwithoutdenying the rights offuture generations.Islamhas established guidelinesforsustainable developmentthat meetsboththe material aspects oflifeandwelfare ofthe community.Therefore,the process ofeconomic developmentshouldadhereto the principles ofIslam 7
  8. 8. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 CONCLUSION This five journal more less briefly summarizing about the code of ethic and social responsibilities in the life and also working environment. From the first journal, the important to know is sometimes different cultural and also country has their own thinking about ethical, for example the euthanasia for the western country is not be a major problem, but when it turn on Islam ways, Allah has pointed out that in Al-Quran „‟When their time comes they cannot delay it for a single hour nor can they bring it forward by a single hour.”(Qur‟an 16:61). This is different ethic shows us that in different region, the ethic is different. Second journal briefly about the role of Islamic work ethics in developing organizational citizenship behaviour at the Jordanian press foundations, this shows us the significant level of workers who work in high commitment based on their ethic. Third journal briefly about the impact of knowledge sharing and Islamic work ethic on innovation capability. Knowledge sharing is important for each organization to implement the social responsibilities and uses the Islamic Work Ethic to making work more efficient. Fourth journal tells us about divergence between aspirations and realities of Islamic economics: a political economy approach to bridging the divide and fifth journal is concept, principles and management from Islamic perspective that more briefly about the social responsibilities and how to gain the sustainable economic. As the conclusion, we already know, in broad area of studies, code of ethic and social responsibilities play major roles in human development, organization and public government. Every single organization or government uses the ethical code or Islamic work of ethic to make their workers work with comfort condition and the quality of the product or service will be more efficient. 8
  9. 9. ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHIC & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES BPMS 2033 REFERENCES Journal Aramesh. K., Shadi. H. ( 2007) Euthanasia: An Islamic Ethical Perspective. (Suppl. 5): 35-38 Khaled M.K. Alhyasat. (2012),"The role of Islamic work ethics in developing organizational citizenship behavior at the Jordanian Press Foundations", Journal of Islamic Marketing, Vol. 3 Iss: 2 pp. 139 – 154 Naresh Kumar, RaduanChe Rose, (2012)."The impact of knowledge sharing and Islamic work ethic on innovation capability", Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, Vol. 19 Iss: 2 pp. 142 – 165 Nazim Zaman, Mehmet Asutay. ( 2009) . Divergence Between Aspirations and Realities of Islamic Economics: a political economy approach to bridging the divide. Journal of Economics and Management 17, no. 1 (2009): 73-96 Patmawati Ibrahim, Siti Arni Basir, &AsmakAb Rahman. (2011). Sustainable economic development: concept, principles and management from Islamic perspectives. (Volume 24, No. 3, pp. 330-338). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 9