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UM 1 Intro

  1. 1. Bill Clinton Bill Gates Bill Adams
  2. 2. Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange
  3. 3. Tension in the curricula of most M.P.A. programs Academic Job Education Training (more theory) (more practice)
  4. 4. Organi- zation Theory Manage- ment Theory Manage- ment Practice
  5. 5. Organi- zation Theory International Edition 7th: Classic Readings in Organization Theory
  6. 6. Same organization & management issues for both sectors? Public Public Sector Sector Public Sector Private Sector Private Private Sector Sector Virtually identical Different but (“generic substantial Radically management overlap Different tradition”)
  7. 7. Team presentation Class of highlights Participation of a popular mgt. book 10 one-page Short mid- recaps of the term quiz readings
  8. 8. 12+ High-Profile Books about Management  Mostly worldwide best- sellers and very influential!  Mostly “pop,” but a couple are more “academic.”  Mostly tend to emphasize practice over theory.
  9. 9. Selected Books Include…  Early blockbuster: In Pursuit of Excellence  Two books each about  overall management;  managerial leadership;  personal effectiveness;  the tools of meetings and teams; and  systems for ensuring quality performance.  One book about the “new public management.”  And one book about the Malaysian bureaucracy.
  10. 10. Book Presentation Goals Make a 20 minute presentation that…  is lively and interesting (format optional),  conveys book’s key points and its most valuable practical advice, and  evaluates its strengths & weaknesses. Then lead a class discussion (and Q&A). Distribute a one-page “executive summary.”
  11. 11. Book Presentations Basic Layout Concepts
  12. 12. What NOT to do!
  13. 13. Clean white background: Less distracting & easy printing  Perhaps a little splash of color?
  14. 14. Or a pale background
  15. 15. San Serif Fonts: Easier to Read  Arial Trachtenberg  Gill Sans MT Trachtenb  Candara Trachtenberg  Lucinda Sans Unicode  Calibri Trachtenberg  MS Reference Sans S  Castle Trachtenberg  Veranda Trachtenberg  Century Gothic Tra  Tw Cen MT Trachtenb
  16. 16. Large Readable Font Size! 24+ 32: The Trachtenberg School at GWU 28: The Trachtenberg School at GWU 24: The Trachtenberg School at GWU 20: The Trachtenberg School at GWU 16: The Trachtenberg School at GWU 12: The Trachtenberg School at GWU
  17. 17. Minimize amount of text! Avoid clutter at all cost!
  18. 18. Minimize Text per Slide Some PowerPoint gurus urge no more than…  Seven words and seven lines per slide!  Seven words and seven lines per slide!  Seven words and seven lines per slide!  Seven words and seven lines per slide!  Seven words and seven lines per slide!  Seven words and seven lines per slide?
  19. 19. For transitions between slides… The “no transition” option is too abrupt. But other options are often distracting.
  20. 20. For transitions between slides… Usually use: “Fade Through Black” When using the “Fade Smoothly” same base for a series of slides, use:
  21. 21. A simple graphic element can add visual appeal
  22. 22. Embed your fonts for each PPT!
  23. 23. Book Presentation Basic Layout Concepts Talk/Slide Interactions
  24. 24. Don’t show everything at once!  Visual trumps verbal. You loose the audience!  Use progressive reveals.  Keep the reveal “animations” simple: Fade keeps the focus on substance. (Defaults to “medium,” “fast” better.)  Set up a point, then show outcome.
  25. 25. Book Presentation Basic Layout Concepts Talk / Slide Interactions New PPT 2007 Features
  26. 26. Consider PowerPoint 2007’s “SmartArt” Diagram Options
  27. 27. PPT 2007 “SmartArt” Examples Education Poverty Salary External Statistical Validity Conclusion Internal Validity Validity Crime Example Measurement Validity If unaffordable to finance BA If illegal to If withhold or impractical to force X to field test MA No True Experiment Possible PhD
  28. 28. Class web site: http:/ /