Advantages and disadvantages of a questionnaire


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Advantages and disadvantages of a questionnaire

  1. 1. I found that writing up and handing out a questionnaire to collect information was very useful because once the questionnaire was created it was a very quick and efficient way of collecting information. I found that i could collect large numbers of data quickly and clearly which made the information very easy to present. I also found that the data was simple to read because most of the answers throughout y questionnaire were multiple choice which made it easier for people to chose an answer. Although i found the questionnaires to be a very useful and clear way of collecting data i found that people struggled to put across there individual opinions because there were not enough questions where people could write out their own answer they had to choose from answers that i had given. I also found that one specific question was difficult to use in my research as people were writing answers not relevant to my genre of music. The question I asked was what artists or bands do you listen to? and people wrote down answers like Ed Sheeran, Paramore and Example, all of which are not reggae artists.
  2. 2. I also had a few problems with hardware. When i first created my questionnaire on a macbook i saved the document to my AS media folder and when i next tried to open it, Only half of the file had saved therefore I had to re-create the second half of my questionnaire and saved the file again. After saving my file for the second time i tried opening the file on a windows computer and the font styles were different and all of the auto shaped i had inserted had disappeared from my questionnaire, I made the final changes to my questionnaire and printed out 14 copies to give out to people however when I printed them the colours didnt print the way they looked on the computer and all the red colours came out as bright pink and all the blue colours printed out as greens and grey. For this reason if I were to create another questionnaire I would print off one copy first to make sure that everything printed correctly before printing loads of copies.Personally i think that using a questionnaire to collect information is the best way of data collection because questionnaires are quick and easy to make and they are easy to fill in and hand out to people. All my results were from people within my target audience meaning that i knew exactly what my potential customers would want from a reggae magazine.