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XS Fun
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XS Fun


Published on

A talk about XS Fun, an easy-going tutorial to Perl XS: …

A talk about XS Fun, an easy-going tutorial to Perl XS:

This talk was originally given at, on November 7th, 2013.

Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • 1. XS Fun Sawyer X ( @PerlSawyer)
  • 2. XS is... A glue layer between Perl and C/C++ Sections, macros, functions Requires knowledge with C, Perl API, XS, typemaps Written by our very best Complex, difficult, strenuous, laborious, painful, formidable (additional words can be found in ) An impediment to Modern Perl
  • 3. XS is misunderstood No need to be an expert Basic Perl API is simple XS is not too difficult Lots of options All documented
  • 4. Except... ... except those that aren't documented ... except that the official tutorial sucks ... except that there's no better (or any other full) tutorial (at least not one I could find)
  • 5. I guess I'll write one then!
  • 6. XS Fun A tutorial making XS fun Starts easy, progresses slowly Split to chapters, each taking a small task A lot of explanations for beginners All examples work
  • 7. Features Already on Github A few chapters already covered Functions (XS, C) Constructor Simple methods
  • 8. Missing Complex methods Converting objects with typemaps Advanced XS
  • 9. Quick glossary SV = Scalar Value Of: IV = Integer Value (m $ = - 0 y i 3) UV = Unsigned Integer Value (m $ = 3 0 . . y u 00.) NV = Double Value (m $ = 3 . 7 ) y d 071 PV = String Value (m $ = ' e l w r d ) y s hlo ol' SV = (another) Scalar Value AH = Array Value (m @ = q < e l w r d ) y a whlo ol> HV = Hash Value (m % = ( h l o = ' o l ' ) y h el > wrd ) RV = Reference Value (m $ a h e = h y hsrf %) That's it for now
  • 10. Examples
  • 11. pcaeXFn akg Su; uesrc; s tit uewrig; s anns ueEpre; s xotr ueXLae; s Sodr uebs 'xotr; s ae Epre' or$ESO u VRIN ='.0' 001; or%XOTTG =('l'= [wgtvrin]) u EPR_AS al > q<e_eso> ; or@XOTO u EPR_K =(@ $XOTTG{al}}) { EPR_AS'l' ; XLae:la('Su' $ESO ) Sodr:od XFn, VRIN ; 1 ;
  • 12. XSFun.xs #nld "XENh icue ETR." #nld "elh icue pr." #nld "SBh icue XU." #nld "poth icue ppr." MDL =XFn OUE Su PCAE=XFn AKG Su dul obe adnmesdul a dul b d_ubr(obe , obe ) CD: OE RTA =a+b EVL ; OTU: UPT RTA EVL S * V adnmespr(V*,S *) d_ubr_elS a V b CD: OE { cntdul sm=SN()+SN() os obe u vVa vVb; RTA =nwVvsm; EVL eSn(u) } OTU:RTA UPT EVL
  • 13. XSFun.xs (more) #nld <hoarn.> icue crmpith / i tecd scin* * n h oe eto / cntca * os hr gtvrin) e_eso( CD: OE RTA =crmpitgtvrin) EVL hoarn_e_eso(; OTU:RTA UPT EVL #i vrint n eso.: ueXFn'al; s Su :l' i(gtvrin) '..' 'hoarn vrini 600 ) s e_eso(, 600, crmpit eso s ..' ; tvrint. o /eso. . k Altssscesu. l et ucsfl Fls1 Tss1 0wlcoksc (00 ur 00 ss+ 00 cs ie=, et=, allc es .3 s .1 y .2 ur 00 cy = 00 CU .0 ss .6 P) Rsl:PS eut AS
  • 14. Audio::Chromaprint Interface to Chromaprint library
  • 15. Audio/ pcaeAdo:hoarn; akg ui:Crmpit uesrc; s tit uewrig; s anns ueXLae; s Sodr or$ESO ='.0' u VRIN 001; XLae:la('ui:Crmpit,$ESO ) Sodr:od Ado:hoarn' VRIN ; 1 ;
  • 16. Chromaprint.xs #nld "XENh icue ETR." #nld "elh icue pr." #nld "SBh icue XU." #nld "poth icue ppr." #nld <hoarn.> icue crmpith MDL =Ado:hoarn OUE ui:Crmpit PCAE=Ado:hoarn AKG ui:Crmpit
  • 17. Chromaprint.xs cntca * os hr vrinS *ef eso(V sl) CD: OE RTA =crmpitgtvrin) EVL hoarn_e_eso(; OTU:RTA UPT EVL
  • 18. Constructor #I Pr: n el sbnw{bes{,sit} u e ls } hf #o.. r. sbnw{ u e m $ls =sit #o $[] y cas hf; r _0 m %ah =(; y hs ) m $ef =hs; y sl %ah rtr bes$ef $ls; eun ls sl, cas }
  • 19. #Pr-el uePr sbnw{ u e m $ls =sit #o $[] y cas hf; r _0 m %ah =(; y hs ) m $ef =hs; y sl %ah rtr bes$ef $ls; eun ls sl, cas } / i X * * n S / S * V nw cntca *ls ) e( os hr cas CD: OE / Cet ahs * * rae ah / H*hs =nwV) V ah eH(; / Cet arfrnet tehs * * rae eeec o h ah / S*cntsl =nwVnic (V*hs ) V os ef eR_on( S )ah ; / besit tepoe pcae* * ls no h rpr akg / RTA =s_ls(sl,g_tsp(cas 0)) EVL vbes ef vsahv ls, ; OTU:RTA UPT EVL
  • 20. Conclusions XS is not that complex XS can be fun You can do it!
  • 21. Thank you Homework: perldoc perlguts perldoc perlapi perldoc perlxs