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Sun storage tek 6140 customer presentation

  1. 1. Sun StorageTek™ 6140 Array Presenter Title Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  2. 2. Your business is really taking off -your data is growing even faster You need greater... • Protection – you have more to lose • Performance - meeting new application demands • Availability – more people need access more often • Scalability – growth continues... • Flexibility – multi-purpose solutions and options that save money • Manageability – simple, powerful, intuitive, and low-cost Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  3. 3. Sun StorageTek™ Modular Arraysand Systems Value — get the most for your money • Cost-effective balance of performance, availability, and scalability • High-end features previously only available on expensive, high-end systems • Affordable application and storage consolidation Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  4. 4. Sun StorageTek™ Modular Arraysand Systems Flexibility — easily keep up with ever-evolving applications • Non-disruptively adapt to changing application requirements • Data-in-place upgrade-ability across the line and across generations • Family compatibility preserves your investment Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  5. 5. Sun StorageTek™ Modular Line ofArrays and Systems Data protection • Highly-available system design • Broad suite of data protection software • World-class 24/7 service and support Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  6. 6. Sun StorageTek™ Modular Line Sun StorageTek™ 6540 array Ideal for database-driven applications Leader in price/performance Enterprise-class data protection Excels in HPTC on a budget environments Multi-tiered storage Replication Sun StorageTek™ target 6140 array Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  7. 7. Whats new with the Sun StorageTek™6140 Array?• RoHS-compliant• Feature enhancements over earlier products: ✔ Up to 8 FC Host ports ✔ Up to 4GB cache ✔ Faster Performance• Two model options based on ✔ Host ports, cache size, performance, scalability and data services options. Hot new 4 Gb/s array• End-to-end 4Gb/second data paths at the entry• Switched Loop Architecture to the midr ange!• About 2X the Performance of StorEdge 6130 or STK FLX240• $20K Entry point at US List Price ✔ Includes dual RAID controllers, 2 GB cache, 4 FC host ports, 5 drives, Common Array Manager software, 4 gigabits per-second Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  8. 8. Sun StorageTek 6140 Array Compared to Previous Generation StorageTek 6140 StorageTek 6140 StorEdge 6130/ Flexline 240 with 4GB cache with 2GB cache Flexline 240 Drive LimitedEnd-to-Eng 4Gb/s infrastructure YES YES NO NOCache Size (per array) 4GB 2GB 2GB 2GBMax capacity per array 56TB 32TB 43TB 4.2TBHost Ports 8 4 4 4Host Connectivity 4 or 2 or 1 Gbit FC 4 or 2 or 1 Gbit FC 2 or 1 Gbit FC 2 or 1 Gbit FC# of drives per tray Min 5 / Max 16 Min 5 / Max 16 Min 5(3 for 240) / Max 14 Min 3 / Max 14Max # of drives per array 112 64 112 14Disk Type FC/SATA FC/SATA FC+SATA FC OnlyFC/SATA Intermix YES YES NO NOSBOD YES YES YES NORoHS Compliant YES YES NO NO Cache:125K IOPs, 1500 MB/s Cache:100K IOPs, 1200 MB/s Cache:77.5K IOPs, 800 MB/s Cache:77.5K IOPs, 800 MB/sPerformance Disk: 44k IOPs, 990 MB/s Disk: 30k IOPs, 700 MB/s Disk: 25k IOPs, 400 MB/s Disk: 25k IOPs, 400 MB/sStorage Domains (partitions) 4/8/16/64 4/8/16 16/64 4/16 SnapShot, Volume Copy, SnapShot, Volume Copy, SnapShot, Volume Copy,Data Services Snap Shot Data Replication Data Replication Data ReplicationManagement (Included) Common Array Manager Common Array Manager Common Array Manager / N/A N/A StorageTek 6140 Array Previous Generation Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  9. 9. Sun StorageTek 6140 ArrayAdvanced Data Protection for Cost-Conscious Enterprises Data Protection Flexibility Value Enterprise-class data Economical data Simple, application- protection combined with protection & money- oriented management, a highly-available saving price/performance On-line changes, architecture equals seamless growth, hot- best resilience in its class swap components 9
  10. 10. Sun StorageTek Midrange StorageSystem Wins Top Quality Award!StorageTek Wins Diogenes-Storage Magazine Best Midrange ArrayAward!●The Quality Awards identify and recognize productsthat have proven their quality and reliability in actualuse.●Customers voted StorageTek Midrange arrays topchoice, ahead of EMC, IBM, HP, NetApp and Dell.●When asked, “Would you buy this companys arrayagain?” StorageTek FlexLine and Suns 6920 took thetwo top spots, at 86.4% and 85.7% respectively, out-scoring all other arrays. Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  11. 11. High-quality, High-availability• 100% redundant I/O paths with auto- failover helps ensure against any application disruption● Non-disruptive controller firmware upgrades• Switched “SBOD” architecture enables pin-point control over back-end operations• Battery-backed cache provides data protection in the event of power failure• Chip-level RAID parity calculations help ensure continuous reliability of high performance RAID operations 11
  12. 12. Flexibility• Fibre Channel and SATA Intermix• Hot-swappable components OLTP Data Applications Warehouse > Disk Drives Applications > Batteries > Controllers FC FC SATA SATA• Grow seamlessly as your business grows Point-in-Time Copy 12
  13. 13. Flexibility • Non-disruptive changes > Dynamic Capacity Expansion enables capacity to be easily added to existing volume groups. > Dynamic Volume Expansion enables capacity to be easily added to existing Volumes/LUNs* > Dynamic Virtual Disk Expansion enables raw capacity to be added to existing V-disks > Dynamic RAID-level and Segment-size Migration allow for changing application workloads* OS-dependent 13
  14. 14. Economical replication and disaster recovery Value target for otherStorageTek™ 6000 Family storage systems Savings 14
  15. 15. Whats Hot About 4 Gb/s?• Faster access > Reduces time to load large data sets by up to half• Faster back-ups > Faster data transfers > Move data between tiers in less time > Faster mirroring and remote replication• Faster restores > Restores data twice as fast• Sun StorageTek array is end-to-end > Maximizes 2 and 4 Gb/s Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  16. 16. Targeted Performance - Estimates Sun StorageTek 6140 Array Sun StorageTek 6140 Array 2 GB Cache 4 GB Cache Cached Read IOPs 100,000 125,000 Disk Read IOPs 30,000 44,000 Disk Write IOPs 6,000 9,000 Cached Read MB/sec 1,200 1,500 Disk Read MB/sec 700 990 Disk Write MB/sec 650 850 Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  17. 17. Enterprise-levelData Protection 17
  18. 18. Sun StorageTek™ Data ReplicatorSoftware● Synchronous replication● Asynchronous replication● Write-order consistency groups WAN Consistency Group Consistency Group Async. Log Snap Pool Snap Pool Vol A Vol B Vol C Vol A Vol B Vol C 18
  19. 19. Sun StorageTek™ Data ReplicatorHighlights• Support for synchronous & asynchronous writes > Write order consistency option for asynchronous mirror• Support for dynamic mode switching > Go back and forth between synchronous and asynchronous modes without breaking mirror• Fast resynchronization of broken/suspended mirror• Access the remote volume while mirror is active > Snap/Copy the mirror while replicating• Support for multiple mirror relationships > 32 per STK6140 storage subsystem Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  20. 20. Robust Data ProtectionSun StorageTek™ Data Snapshot Software LUN1 – Sales LUN2 – Sales BU• Creates point-in-time image of a volume E > Up to four snaps per volume ABC A B C• Requires less disk space Base Snapshot Volume Volume• Ideal for backup, restore, Sales Sales BU checkpoint AC Snapshot Repository Physical Logical 20
  21. 21. Ideal for Tiered Data StorageStrategies Application• Near-line data backup• OLTP, data warehouse, 500 GB SATA II e-commerce• Content management OLTP Data• Email, vmail Applications Warehouse Applications• Computer generated animation (CGA)• Service providers FC FC SATA SATA• Medical imaging, data acquisition Snapshot 21
  22. 22. Duplicating DataSun StorageTek™ Volume Copy Software Production Analysis• Completely replicates Server Server volumes – Up to 8 concurrent active copies per source volume• Ideal for analysis, testing, ABC ABC mining, enhanced backup Source Data• Migrate data Volume Orders Clone Orders between tiers 22
  23. 23. Storage DomainsSimplifying Management with Storage Partitions Host Host Host A B Group C• Match applications to storage class• Lower TCO by Storage Storage Storage consolidating storage for Partition A Partition B Partition C heterogeneous hosts LUN 0 LUN 0 LUN 0 LUN 1• Workloads co-exist LUN LUN LUN harmoniously, with 1 2 3 minimal sharing LUN 2 Unmapped Volumes 23
  24. 24. Heterogeneous Operating System Support 24
  25. 25. Multi-dimensional Investment Protection• Use the same software across the family and easily upgrade from previous generations – no need to re-train staff• Migrate seamlessly and painlessly > replicate data from old array to new array with the arrays data migration software > Data-in-place upgrades allow users to move disk and controller trays to new systems without disrupting data• HotScale allows FC &/or SATA drive enclosures to be non-disruptively added to existing systems.• Instant Availability means new disks are accessible as soon as they are added to the system.• Backward Compatibility easily incorporate existing StorEdge™ 6130 or FlexLine™ modules into new systems Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  26. 26. Sun StorageTek™ CommonArray ManagerCentralized Management Utility ● Easily manage many 6140 arrays Save Time ● Deploy by application type (Storage Profiles) Use Storage Profiles to quickly and ● Up to 1024 volumes predictably provision storage to ● RAID 0, 1+0, 1, 3, 5 precise application demands. ● Dynamic expansion ● Dynamic re-configuration Maximize Performance Easily and dynamically tune any attribute to exact application tolerances. Grow Without Disruption Dynamically scale the volume as the application needs dictate. 26
  27. 27. Sun StorageTek Common ArrayManager Performance Tracking Utility Controller, volume and array statisticsOptimize System Performance ● ● Track IOPS performanceQuickly visualize performance health, ● Track throughput (MB/s) performancefinely tune attributes to reach the optimal ● Track IO characteristicsconfiguration for precise application ● Track write %, read %, cache hit %needs.Reduce System DowntimePerformance degradation is oftena precursor to component or system downtime,performance tracking enables predictive,preemptive maintenance. 27
  28. 28. Sun StorageTek Common Array ManagerOptimize System OperationsEasily ensure the system is running with the latestpatches. Link to Sun Download Center to easilydownload, install, andtrack patches as needed.Maximize System Uptime Automated DiagnosticsWherever you are in the world, quickly receive ● Set and track system alertsnotification of any system health issue...quickly ● Easily manage patch distributionisolate and repair failed components. ● Embedded service diagnostics 28
  29. 29. Sun StorageTek Common ArrayManager Simplify System Management With administrative domains, manage storage by application or targeted host/organizations.Storage Domains● Segment storage by host/app. Ensure Optimum Performance● Up to 64 “virtual” arrays Use Storage Domains to unite key storage● Heterogeneous host support resources with critical business applications.● Multiple storage classes 29
  30. 30. Sun StorageTek™ Common ArrayManagerApplication-Oriented Management Accelerates Time-to-Market Storage profiles... Wizards that provide quick, consistent results every time • Use 15 pre-tested profiles (e.g., Oracle, OLTP, HPC) • Customize existing profiles • Create unique profiles • Share profiles between storage systems • View configuration details at any time 30
  31. 31. Sun StorageTek™ 6140 ArrayKey Benefits • Protects growing enterprises from the threat of data loss and downtime. • Maximum bandwidth with fast 4 gigabit-per-second • Common, application-oriented management across the StorageTek™ 6000 Family. • Flexibility and investment protection with data-in-place, on- line upgrades • Eco-friendly - Compliant with "Restrictions on the use of Hazardous Substances" (RoHS) Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  32. 32. Whats HOT about this new array?• FASTER... applications, backup and restore, archive, and data retrieval• Sun StorageTek™ Common Array Manager, application-oriented management across the StorageTek 6000 Family• Data protection - synchronous and asynchronous replication, snapshots with copy-on-write; full-volume copy Sun StorageTek™ 6140 array• Backwards and forwards compatibility -auto- negotiating fibre channel interfaces support new and existing gear• Tiered storage in a single system with intermixing of up to 112 Fibre Channel or Serial ATA drives• Maximized data center real estate with 16 disk drives per tray• Optional SANtricity software Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  33. 33. Why Choose Sun Storage?• Systems approach > Integrated, tested systems reduce cost, complexity, and risk• Innovative technology > Providing a wealth of storage innovation by combining our own and partner technologies to increase service levels and simplify management > 4 gigabit FC• Investment protection > Product strategies and built-in upgradeability help maximize the value of your investment• Comprehensive storage portfolio > Feature-rich portfolio of platforms, infrastructure, software, and services to fit your data environment needs 33
  34. 34. Sun StorageTek 6140 ArrayYour name