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Solaris cluster customer presentation
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Solaris cluster customer presentation


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. What isSolaris Cluster?
  • 2. Why Clustering? Keep business services running 24/7 through planned and unplanned maintenance, disasters and outages
  • 3. Solaris Cluster Overview• Industrial-strength High Availability software platform for mission-critical business services• Integrates largest portfolio of industry-leading commercial and open-source applications• Open and flexible configurations• Business continuity across campuses, across metropolitan areas and across the world
  • 4. Failures happen Failure points
  • 5. Solaris Cluster HA platform• Tolerates any failure > By exploiting hardware redundancy and software algorithms• Monitors health of the cluster > Servers, storage & network > Applications• Recovers cluster infrastructure and applications
  • 6. Why Solaris Cluster?• Out-of-the box support for over 50 leading applications including Oracle RAC, SAP, Apache and many others• One-click capability to add support for custom applications• Support for Solaris on SPARC and x64 platforms
  • 7. Availability Everywhere• Network Availability• Data Availability• Application Availability
  • 8. Simple Cluster Application Management ● Start 2 node cluster ● Stop ● Monitor ● Restart ● Fail-over Disk Fencing Heartbeat Quorum Voting
  • 9. Network Availability Global Interface IPMP Local Interface Global Network Service ● Global IP address ● IP address fail-over ● Load-Balancing
  • 10. Data Availability Global Devices Global File Service Failover File Service
  • 11. Application Availability Failover Service ● Application failover ● Global Interface failover ● Failover file service Resource Group Manager Scalable Service ● Resource dependencies ● Application failover ● Inter RG dependencies ● Load Balancing ● Global Interface
  • 12. Application Availability Integration With Solaris Containers Container Container● Manage & Failover Containers● Manage & Failover Applications within Containers
  • 13. Open and Flexible Configurations• Its all about choice > Systems > Storage > Network > Data Management and replication software
  • 14. Deployment options Scaling ● Vertical : 1-106 processors ● Horizontal: 1-16 nodes Storage ● Sun Storage ● 3rd party EMC, HP, NEC, NetApp and more ...
  • 15. Network Options Protocol ● IPV4 ● IPV6 Public Network Private Interconnect● Fast Ethernet ● 2-6 independent● Gigabit Ethernet interconnects● ATM ● Fast Ethernet● IPMP ● Gigabit Ethernet● Sun Trunking ● Infiniband● Jumbo Frames ● PCI-SCI● VLAN
  • 16. Data Management Options Replication and Mirroring ● Sun StorEdge™ Traffic Manager ● Sun StorEdge™ Availability Suite** ● Sun StorEdge 99x0 TrueCopy** ● Sun StorEdge 9900 ShadowImage** ● EMC SRDF** File System ● UNIX® file system (UFS) ● Sun StorEdge™ QFS shared file system**Volume Manager ● Veritas File System**● Solaris™ Volume Manager● Veritas Volume Manager** ** For SPARC systems only
  • 17. Campus/Metro ClusteringBusiness Continuity Solution Up to 400KM
  • 18. Solaris Cluster Geographic EditionDisaster Recovery over Unlimited Distance One-Click Takeover Multi-Cluster / Multi-Site Support Single Console Management
  • 19. Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Multi-Cluster and Multi-Site capabilityN+1 Multi-site Support Paris BerlinOne site backs up multiple GenevacitiesOne way DataReplication Rome
  • 20. Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Multi-Cluster and Multi-Site capabilityActive – Active ConfigurationEach site backs up theother NewBi-directional Data Replication York London
  • 21. Solaris Cluster Geographic EditionDisasterRecovery Admin. Client Primary Site Backup Site Optional Heartbeat Network Optional Storage Network Unlimited Distance Separation
  • 22. Solaris Cluster GeographicEdition Admin. ClientOne-Click Site Primary Takeover Backup Site Managed Switchover Managed Takeover Global Resource Manager
  • 23. Solaris Cluster Geographic EditionWeb-based Single Console Solaris Cluster Manager Global Heartbeat Monitoring Notifications Custom Heartbeat Configurable Timeout Period
  • 24. Why Solaris Cluster for Oracle RAC?• Allows consolidation of Oracle RAC and other applications into a single High Availability framework• Faster failover and recovery with Solaris Cluster heartbeats in kernel• Eliminates single point of failure for Voting and OCR disks with redundancy• Solaris Cluster leverages Oracle RAC advanced capabilities > CRS integration > ASM support• Shared file system storage for Oracle binaries for better
  • 25. Highlights • I/O Fencing and quorum prevents CRS and CacheFusion traffic data corruption • All interconnect links are used with automatic failover built-in > Upto 6 links supported • CacheFusion traffic is striped over private interconnects resulting in higher throughput and lower latency for clients
  • 26. Oracle Solutions Solaris Cluster HA Oracle HA Oracle Agent Oracle DB Agent SC Solaris Solaris Cluster Oracle RAC Agent RAC RAC Agent SC Solaris Solaris Cluster Advanced Edition for Oracle RAC RAC RAC Agent QFS Advanced SC-SVM Edition SC Solaris
  • 27. Summary• Proven and mature Solaris Cluster monitoring and failover• A high performance filesystem to improve manageability• Robust Solaris Volume Manager for data mirroring and availability• Supports up to 8-node Oracle RAC configurations for SPARC and x64 platforms
  • 28. Solaris Cluster Highlights• Industrial-strength High Availability software platform for mission-critical business services• Over 50 industry-leading commercial and open- source applications• Support for 16-node clusters running Solaris 10 on AMD and SPARC platforms• Availability Everywhere: Across campuses, across metropolitan areas and across the world
  • 29. Where to go next?• Get Solaris Cluster >• Get Started >• Get Trained >