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Presentation sun storage tek 9900 enterprise disk family overview Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sun StorageTek 9900Enterprise Disk FamilyOverviewJohn SzlendakSun Microsystems, Inc.October 31, 2007 1
  • 2. Agenda • ST99xx Overview • New ST9990V/85V • ST99xx Solutions • Competitive Advantages 2
  • 3. Sun Disk Portfolio for Fast Data AccessDisk storage options for all points of the data center NEW NEW ST 9990V ST 9985V Price Data Center• Data center solutions for open Systems and mainframe environments ST 9990• Modular disk solutions Modular ST 9985 that provide streamlined management, flexibility ST ST 6540 and the best TCO Specialized 6140 ST 2500• Specialized disk solutions for NEBs compliance and ST 3510 rugged military specs Performance, Capabilities, Availability, Scale 3
  • 4. The Sun StorageTek 9900 Series Meeting Customers Most Demanding Enterprise Needs NEW NEW ST 9985V ST 9985 ST 9990V ST 9990 4
  • 5. Industry Recognition Product of the Year Storage Magazine and, 2004 Most Valuable Product Award for Best Disk Subsystem ASNP and Infostor, 2005 Best New Product in the Enterprise Storage Market Enterprise Systems Journal, 2005 First in Overall, Features, Quality and Reliability Categories Storage Magazines 1st Annual Quality Awards, 2005 “Best-in-Class Storage Management Suite” Enterprise Strategy Group, 2005 5
  • 6. Sun StorageTek 9900 SeriesThe Ultimate Mission-Critical Storage and Management Platforms for the Enterprise • Market–Leading Performance: Over 200K SPC IOPS, 106GB/s bandwidth • Extreme Availability: 100% Data Availability Guarantee • Massive Scalability: Up to 830TB internal, 247PB external • Performance Scales with Capacity: Crossbar architecture (4th generation) • Controller Based Virtualization: Enables Tiered Storage & Large Scale Consolidation • Comprehensive Management Suite: Common across ST9900 product line • Comprehensive Business Continuity Suite: Common across ST9900 product line • Policy Driven Storage Management: Market Leading For data lifecycle management (DLM) Performance, Scalability • Thin Provisioning (Open Systems): and Availability Improves storage utilization and reduces cost 6
  • 7. Sun ST 9900 Series Product Family Sun ST9985V Sun ST9990V •ST 9985V/90VPerformance/Functionality •More Performance •More Scalability •Enhanced Tiered Mgmt. •Thin Provisioning NEW Sun Sun ST9990 ST9985 •ST 9985/90 •Leading Performance, Scalability & Availability •Embedded Virtualization •Universal Replication •Proven Reliability Capacity/Scalability 7
  • 8. Sun StorageTek 9990VMeeting Most Demanding Enterprise/Data Center Needs The Ultimate Storage Platform for the Data Center with Market Leading Performance, Scalability, Availability and Functionality • Industry Leading Performance • Industry Leading Scalability • Embedded Virtualization • Tiered Storage Management • Thin Provisioning • Virtual Partitioning • Universal Replication
  • 9. ST9990V – Industry Leadership • Best Performance > 3.5M IOPS, 106GB/s bandwidth • Best Availability • 100% Data Availability Guarantee • Best Scalability > Up to 247 PB • Best Storage Virtualization > Embedded, heterogeneous • Best Tiered Storage > Internal and External • Best Business Continuity/DR > Universal Replication
  • 10. Sun StorageTek 9990V Enhancements ST9990 ST9990V Technology / Virtualization 3rd Generation Cross-Bar Switch 4th Generation Cross-Bar Switch Embedded Virtualization Embedded Virtualization Maximum IOPS 2,500k 3,500k External Storage Bandwidth IOPS 2,000 10,000Maximum supported Internal Capacity 332TB’s 830TB’s Maximum supported Total Capacity 32PB’s 247 PB’s Internal Bandwidth 83 GB/second 106 GB/second Maximum cache 256GB 256GB today, 512GB in future Back-end loops 64 x 2Gb/second 64 x 4Gb/second Front End Fibre Channel Ports 192 x 4Gb/second 224 x 4Gb/second Maximum Internal Disks 1152 x 2Gb/second 1152 x 4Gb/second Maximum LDEV’s 64k (MF) 16k (OS) 64k MF & OS today (128k in 4Q 2007)External Storage Connection FC FC, FICON in 4Q 2007 Maximum ESCON PORTS 96 112 Maximum FICON PORTS 96 112 Size Single LDEV 2TB 2TB NAS and iSCSI support High Performance NAS platform NAS and iSCSI options not available at GA 10
  • 11. ST9990V Business Continuity Enhancements ST9990 ST9990V TrueCopy Sync PAIRS 16k 32k TrueCopy Async PAIRS 16k 32k TrueCopy Async CTG’s 128 128 TrueCopy Async PAIRS per CTG 4096 4096 Universal Replicator PAIRS 16k 32k Universal Replicator CTG’s 256 256 Universal Replicator PAIRS per CTG 4096 4096 ShadowImage PAIRS 8k 16k ShadowImage CTG’s 128 128 ShadowImage PAIRS per CTG 4096 8192 Increased number of copy operations provide more flexibility and allows for complex BC/DR plans 11
  • 12. ST9990V SPC Performance ResultsIndustry Leading and Record Breaking Performance October 1, 2007 News Release: The ST9990V platform achieves the highest SPC-1 #1 in benchmark result in enterprise storage history, eclipsing Performance results of every single enterprise storage system ever tested with 200,245 SPC IOPS. This nearly doubles the performance levels achieved by competing enterprise storage systems with a single controller. Leads industry with 3.5M peak cache IOPS. A 75% - 300% advantage over other enterprise systems in the market. The SPC is a no-profit corporation founded to define, standardize and promote storage system benchmarks and to disseminate objective, verifiable performance data to the computer industry and its customers for a complete list of SPC-1 and SPC-2 Results visit for ST9990V specific, go to the following: 12
  • 13. ST9990V SPC-1 Performance ResultsWhat do these market leading SPC-1benchmark result mean for customers:Greater Productivity: Sustain significantly morebusiness transactions than any other enterprise storagesystem in the market, boosting sales and profitabilityIncreased Efficiency: Greatly improve applicationresponse time to single digit millisecond levels andsupport more users, more applications, and handle morecapacity on a centrally managed platform that leveragesyears of mature and reliable microcodeLower TCO: Run a multitude of applications, such asMicrosoft Exchange and Oracle Database 11g,concurrently on a single storage controllerReduced Risk: If your applications don’t perform wellthen your business suffers—performance definitivelymatters to business success. 13
  • 14. SPC Performance BenchmarksIndustry Standard for Storage Performance measurementSPC = Storage Performance Council Benchmark 1 (SPC-1)• Consists of a single workload designed to demonstrate the performance of a storage subsystem while performing the typical functions of business critical applications. • Applications are characterized by predominately random I/O operations and require both queries as well as update operations.  Simulated: database workload mix, 90% Random, 10% Sequential; 60% Read, 40% Write; and 20% cache hit rate.• Each SPC-1 result has been both audited and peer reviewed for compliance to ensure consistency.• An Executive Summary and Full Disclosure Report (FDR) for each SPC benchmark result is available for download and review, including those for the Sun StorageTek 9990V: 14
  • 15. Sun StorageTek 9985VSmall footprint, BIG capability Fully Integrated Enterprise Storage and Virtualization Solution in a Flexible Modular Package • 4th Gen. Crossbar Architecture • Embedded Virtualization • Tiered Storage Management • Thin Provisioning • Virtual Partitioning • Universal Replication
  • 16. Sun StorageTek 9985VFully Integrated Enterprise Storage and/or Virtualization Solution in a Flexible Modular Package• 4th Generation, 4Gb/s end-to-end cross bar architecture > Maximum performance, scalability and 100% availability > Up to 180TB internal, 96PB external storage• Embedded Virtualization > Up to 96 PB of heterogeneous storage support with common services and management (both open systems and mainframe)• Thin Provisioning capability > Improving storage utilization, reducing management complexity, enabling non-disruptive capacity upgrades and lowering cost• Virtual Storage Partitioning (cache, IO and disks) > Maximizing application security, performance and QoS levels• Configuration Flexibility > Fully integrated enterprise storage solution > Virtualization engine for heterogeneous storage 16
  • 17. ST9985V Overview• Capacity – 240 HDDs – 72 TB (300GB 15K FC HDDs) – 180TB (759GB 7.2K SATA II HDDs ) – 96 PB w/virtualized external storage• I/O – 48 FC – 24 FICON – 24 ESCON• Cache – Data Cache 64 GB (128 GB future) – Shared Memory 16 GB 17
  • 18. ST9985V Overview• Performance – Based on same 4th generation crossbar switch architecture as the record breading ST9990V* – 13.3 GB/sec aggregate bandwidth • 8.5 GB/sec data bandwidth • 4.8 GB/sec control bandwidth – 4Gb/s FC ‘End-to-End’• Supported Environments – Open Systems, Mainframe, VMWare ESX• Configuration Flexibility, either/both – Powerful mid-range enterprise storage system – Diskless heterogeneous virtualization engine * based on most recent SPC1 benchmark results 18
  • 19. ST9985V – Virtualization and Full Services Platform• Services Oriented Storage Platform with Single-Rack Dual-Rack advanced virtualization capabilities for Configuration Configuration block, file and object-based data• Virtualization Services that simplifies: – Non-disruptive Data Migration – Data Replication • Local • Long Distance• Thin Provisioning of internal and virtualized external storage that: – Reduces storage management – Reduces capital expenditures and Primary Rack Primary Rack Primary Rack monthly electrical and cooling costs 19
  • 20. ST9985V – Flexible and Powerful● Can be configured w/o disk > Use as A Virtualization Engine to provide a single point of management for a large heterogeneous storage pool > Start small and add capability – Start as a virtualization engine – Add internal disk for production processing (e.g. High volume OLTP) – Add disaster recovery software such as Universal Replicator – Add support multiple hosts: Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, Linux ect. – Add support for more protocols: FC, FICON, ESCON, NAS● Same architecture and functionality as the market leading ST9990V, but smaller● Up to 96PB internal and external Tier 1/2/3 storage 20
  • 21. ST9985V Summary• The Sun StorageTek ST9985V delivers a fully integrated, full service enterprise-level storage and virtualization solution with a balance of advanced features and cost in a flexible modular package• The ST9985V improves storage and management efficiency and lowers Total Cost of Ownership with storage virtualization, thin provisioning, virtual partitioning and tiered storage management capability• AT9985V is designed to meet the requirements for small-mid size enterprise storage consumers with accompanying solutions for storage aggregation/consolidation/simplification, tiered storage, data lifecycle management, data protection and disaster recovery 21
  • 22. Upcoming Enhancement - 750GB Low-cost DrivesAvailable 12/4/07● 750GB 7200 rpm low-cost drives (SATA II) for ST9990V and ST9985V Tier 2-3 storage● Will increase internal ST9985V capacity up to 180TB and ST9990V up to 864TB● Will significantly reduce $/GB for Tier 2-3 storage● Will provide and unprecedented levels of flexibility allowing customers to deploy low cost tiers storage infrastructure either inside the ST9990V / ST9985V platform or externally in a virtualized environment. 22
  • 23. ST9900 Solutions for Mission Critical Applications,Improving Storage Management and Business Continuity Needs 23
  • 24. Sun StorageTek 9900 SW Solutions Suites Storage Virtualization Universal Volume Manager Tiered Storage Manager Virtual Partitioning Manager Management, Provisioning, Security, Business Continuity Performance and Data Movement Universal Replicator Dynamic Provisioning TrueCopy Remote Replication HiCommand Management Suite ShadowImage In-System Replication Suite HiTrack Remote Monitoring eCopy Serverless Backup Dynamic Link Manager Compatible Replication for IBM SANtinel LUN Security Server Priority Manager XRC Data Retention Utility Performance Monitor Compatible Mirroring for IBM Volume Migrator Performance Monitor FlashCopy Traffic Manager 24
  • 25. New ST9990V Software SuitesSimplified with single license key for each bundle1. Basic Operating System (BOS) software > Includes HiCommand Device Manager and all Resource Manager components > Includes Virtual Partition Manager with support for up to 4 partitions > Includes Server Priority Manager2. BOS Virtualization (BOS V) software (BOS is a prerequisite) > Includes Universal Volume Manager > Includes Virtual Partition Manager for up to 32 partitions3. Disaster Recovery software > Includes TrueCopy Sync + HUR for both Open and Z/OS4. Disaster Recovery Extended software (DR bundle is prerequisite) > Includes TrueCopy Sync + HUR with advanced function: 3DC for Open and z/OS and 4x4 for z/OS only5. In-System Replication software > Includes ShadowImage for Open and z/OS and CoW for Open6. Compatible FlashCopy software > Includes FlashCopy Version 2 for z/OS
  • 26. Universal Volume ManagerVirtualization: Consolidate/Aggregate Multiple Arrays into aSingle Pool with Common Tools and Common Management• Protects and adds value to existing storage investments• Virtualize up to 247 PB > Large scale storage consolidation• Common management for mixed systems• Enables legacy data migration• Support both FC and FICON external storage 26
  • 27. ST99xx - Unique Embedded Virtualization Layer Simplifies Tiered Storage Management Increase Efficiency • Simplified infrastructure and management File Order Data E-mail Print ERP Service System Mining Service Maximize current and past investments • Extend life of existing devices SAN • Provide the new functionality of the ST99xx to existing storage Sun Simplify Operations ST9985V • Single set of tools for data management and replication 100% High Perf. Archive General Move, migrate, or copy data 99.99% Purpose Backup across heterogeneous tiered EMC DMX2000 Thunder 9585V Lightning 9900 V Series WMS100 IBM Shark -ESS 800 storage IBM Shark-ESS 800Simplifying operations with as much as 247PBs of storage managed as one common pool 27
  • 28. Fast Time-to-Benefit w/ST9900 Virtualization • Virtualization capabilities are built in, providing a low-risk way to implement storage virtualization and eliminating the need for a dedicated appliance • Existing storage devices are given new life with new capabilities and extended value • Data volumes are given new mobility • Internal and virtualized storage become a tiered storage environment to better manage data lifecycles with policy-based tools • Partitioning technologies enable organizations to better manage application service level and more tightly control accessibility • “Storage Agnostic” remote replication enables more creative disaster recovery implementations • Near limitless scalability and thin provisioning enables massive storage consolidation projects 28
  • 29. Gartner’s View on the Next Big Thing….Storage VirtualizationAccording to Gartner, “The Next Big Thing in high-end enterprise storage arrays is array virtualization and partitioning, which will enable matching of application requirements to storage resources. This will improve security for individual applications and enhance functionality.”Gartner also firmly believes that the Role of Enterprise Storage is Changing. “Disk array partitioning and virtualization will change the role of the disk storage control unit. It will bring significant operational benefits to data centers, such as enabling matching of application requirements to storage resources and improving security for individual applications.” 29
  • 30. Virtual Partitioning ManagerQoS Optimization/Security: Logically divide, secure andprioritize storage pool resources• Creates up to 32 Virtual Private Storage Machines (8 w/ST9985V) Operations Dept. Sales Dept. Marketing Dept. IT Dept. No. 01 No. 02 No. 03 No. 04• Logically partitions disk, cache and ports• One departments data is Dept. 1 Dept. 2 Dept. 3 Dept. 4 securely isolated from others Consolidatio StorageTek n taking > Think LPARs or library partitions place here 99xx > Complements server partitioning technologies for end to end application optimization IBM Shark ESS 800 StorEdge 9980 EMC DMX2000• Enables service level agreements and utility models 30
  • 31. Adjusting Virtual Storage Machinesto Meet Changing Business Requirements Windows UNIX UNIX Host UNIX Windows Host Host Testing Testing Exchange SAP SAP SAN ST99xx Allocate resources Cache as needed, from anywhere in a Exchange SAP Test Partition heterogeneous storage pool Vol1 Vol2 Vol3 Vol4 Vol1 Vol2 Vol1 Vol2 Vol1 Vol2 Vol5 Vol3 Vol4 Vol3 Vol3 Vol3 Vol4 Vol1 Vol1 Vol2 Vol3 Vol2 Lightning Thunder EMC DMX AMS500 9585V IBM ESS 9980V with SATA 31
  • 32. Tiered Storage Manager Data Lifecycle Management: Manage and migrate datavolumes automatically to lower cost storage• Enables Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) > A component of ILM• Policy driven volume migration• Works with Universal Volume Manager to make data movement between tiers painless and transparent• Moves non-crucial data to lower cost systems• Matches the value of data to needs of the application• Resolves performance bottlenecks and capacity issues• Works extremely well with huge databases 32
  • 33. Example: Enterprise Storage Capability forSecond Tier or Modular Storage Perform non-disruptive maintenance on modular storage by moving the data to the ST99xxV system with ST9900 Tiered Storage Manager software SAN Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 ST99xx Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Perform maintenance EMC CLARiiON External Storage 33
  • 34. Example: Enterprise Storage Capability forSecond-Tier or Modular Storage Perform non-disruptive maintenance on modular storage by moving the data to the ST99xxV system with Tiered Storage Manager software, and then move it back to the modular storage after the maintenance is performed SAN Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 ST99xx Volume 6 Move volumes back Volume 4 Volume 5 to external storage non-disruptively after EMC CLARiiON maintenance is completed. External Storage 34
  • 35. ST9900 with UVM, PM and TSMCreate a Dynamic, Tiered Storage Infrastructure across allVirtualized Storage (internal/external)• Various arrays of different capabilities are consolidated Operations Dept. Sales Dept. Marketing Dept. IT Dept. > Mission critical data volumes are No. 01 No. 02 No. 03 No. 04 stored on native FC drives (tier 1) > Volumes are migrated to lower cost, Dept. 1Dept. 2 Dept. 3Dept. 4 external FC/SATA drives (tiers 2-3) Consolidati on taking StorageTek according to pre-defined policy place here 9985V/90V > Volumes can be promoted back to tier 1 if required IBM Shark ESS 800 StorEdge 9980 EMC DMX2000• The cost of storing data is better aligned to the value of the data to the organization• Tools, data services and functions are common across all arrays 35
  • 36. Universal ReplicatorBC/DR: Provide advanced Disaster Recovery/BusinessContinuity worldwide • Sophisticated storage agnostic remote copy • Enables comprehensive disaster recovery plans • Disk-based journaling > Masks link outage and recovery issues • “Pull” methodology improves performance of the primary > Reduces WAN costs by using a smaller pipe • Multi-hop with delta resync for maximizing RTO and RPO 36
  • 37. Extend ST99xx In-System HeterogeneousReplication Power to External Storage Enables you to cost-effectively keep more backup data on disk for broader protection and faster restore Within the ST9990V Benefits: • Reduced licensing costsWithin other ST99xx systems SAN • Simplified and consistent management of data replication for allWithin other vendor systems storage platforms Secondary Volume Storage Secondary Primary Volume Pool Volume ST99xx Sun IBM EMC SE99xx DS4000 WMS100 CLARiiON Series Secondary Secondary Volume Primary Volume Secondary Primary Volume Secondary Volume Volume Volume 37
  • 38. Common Replication Software AcrossHeterogeneous Storage Tiers Data mirroring across tiers with ST9900 In-System Heterogeneous Replication software or ST9900 Copy-on-Write Snapshot software Benefits: SAN • Ultimate in flexibility • Simplified and consistent management of replication for all storage platforms • Rapid Restore from Disk Secondary Primary Volume Volume ST99xx Sun IBM EMC SE99xx DS4000 WMS100 CLARiiON Series Backup Copy for Copy Testing 38
  • 39. Common Remote Replication SoftwareAcross Heterogeneous Storage Tiers Remote Replication with ST9900 Universal Replicator SoftwareWindows UNIX UNIX Windows UNIX UNIX Host Host Host Host Host HostExchange SAP SAP Exchange SAP SAP SAN SAN Primary Remote Volume Copy ST99xx ST99xx Sun Sun EMC Sun Sun EMC SE99xx ST6xxx CLARiiON SE99xx ST6xxx CLARiiON Secondary Secondary Volume New York San Francisco Backup 39
  • 40. ST99xx Enables SAN Storage Consolidation ofMidrange or Older Enterprise Storage • For those that need more performance or increased data protection – ShadowImage In-system replication/disk backup, remote data replication, etc.- all require multi-processing power • ST9900 Universal Volume Manager software/ST9900 Volume Migration software provide built-in migration with minimal disruption • Consolidation of EMC CLARiiON CX700, HP EVA5000, IBM DS4500 (FAStT900) • SE99xx, ST99xx technology refresh/consolidation Sun StorageTek 99xxV IBM TotalStorage HP StorageWorks Hitachi 7700E Sun DS4500 / DS6800 EVA 3000 / 5000 IBM Shark SE9910/60/70/80 40
  • 41. Extend Life of Older Midrange or Older Entry-EnterpriseStorage Systems via Virtualization• EMC CLARiiON CX700, HP EVA5000, IBM DS4500 (FAStT900) or other legacy storage systems that are not yet fully depreciated, and customer seeks more advanced feature / function Externally Attach and Exploit: - ShadowImage - TrueCopy - Universal Replicator - Software Management Suite HDS 7700E, 9910, 9970, IBM Shark, EMC Symmetrix HP StorageWorks EVA 5000 Non-disruptive Migration to Internal Sun Storage when lease StorageTek expires IBM TotalStorage DS4500 9985V (formerly FAStT900) 41
  • 42. Dynamic Provisioning (Thin Provisioning) 42
  • 43. Thin Provisioning (Dynamic Provisioning)Improving storage utilization and reducing cost Today...• Increases in capacity often require an application service interruption to re-configure the application or database to recognize the increase.• Customers typically purchase and install much more disk storage than they initially need to avoid future service interruptions.• To avoid future service interruptions, it is common to over-allocate storage by 75% or more. The result: Low storage utilization, unnecessary costs and expenditures 43
  • 44. Dynamic Provisioning (Thin Provisioning) NEW w/ 9990Vis the Solution & 9985VWith Dynamic Provisioning, customers will be able overallocate with lessphysical capacity, then add to it transparently as needed, when needed… Purchase capacity As needed, at Allocated but no future $/GB Initial disks purchaed/installed. Disks are added Thin Provisioning Purchased, purchase non-disruptively Warning messages Allocated when additional when needed storage required BUT UNUSEDAllocation Allocation Purchased, Allocated BUT UNUSED Initial purchase Actual DATA Actual DATA Without DP With DP 44
  • 45. Thin Provisioning with DynamicProvisioning software Host server only sees Virtual Volumes Write data DP Volume doesnt have any actual storage capacityDPVirtualVolumes Actual storage capacity in DP Pool is assignedDP when host writes dataPool LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV to a LUNPhysicalDisks Array Groups/Disk Drives 45
  • 46. NEW Dynamic Provisioning Benefits w/ 9990V & ST9985V• Allows customers to allocate “virtual” disk capacity based on their anticipated future needs, but with fewer physical disks installed.• Additional physical disks can be purchased later and installed transparently without an application service interruption.• Benefits of Dynamic Provisioning include: Host server sees Virtual LUNs > Management cost reduction Write data > Remove the guess work of capacity planning DP > Physical capacity reduction Volumes (Virtual > Less disk, lower TCO, higher storage utilization LUNs) > Elimination of application service interruptions > Add disk as needed and when needed, transparently DP Pool > Improved application performance > Stripe using all available spindles in DP pool LDEVs LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV LDEV > Lower power, cooling, floorspace requirements > Fewer unused physical disks Array Groups/Disk Drives 46
  • 47. Analysts Agree"Thin provisioning takes virtualization to the nextevolutionary step by linking space allocation towrite activity. The benefits of this evolutionaryenhancement are profound, and includeimproved staff productivity, higher end-usersatisfaction rates, increased storage utilizationrates, more-accurate capacity forecasts, smallerstorage system environmental footprints andlower costs." Source: Gartner, 18 April 2007 Thin Provisioning Is Revolutionizing Storage Management Research Note G00147186 47
  • 48. TheST9985V/90V Advantage 48
  • 49. Sun StorageTek 9990V Advantage Industry Leading Performance, Scalability, Availability and Functionality• Best Performance, Scalability and Availability > Up to 247PB, 100% Data Availability Guarantee, Up to 3.5M IOPS and 106GB/s int. bandwidth > Record breaking enterprise storage SPC-1 performance over 200,245 SPC IOPS > Performance scales with capacity (4th generation cross-bar switch architecture)• Best Storage Virtualization > Embedded, Enterprise-proven (no appliances/switches). Recognized as the most elegant, simple and scalable by leading analysts > VMWare ESX support for maximum flexibility and storage utilization• Best Replication > Only storage-based replication engine to use data journaling and pull technology for high performance, guaranteed data integrity and fast recovery (max RTO and RPO) > Only platform that can use the same replication, copy, and data movement software solutions across a heterogeneous storage pool• Best Storage Management, Efficiency and Flexibility > Up to 32 dynamically re-configurable virtual storage systems (virtual partitions) for security and QoS > Flexible RAID configurations and advanced cache management with active-active mirror protection > Dynamic Provisioning for improving storage utilization, workload performance and reducing cost > Internal and external Tiered Storage capability 49
  • 50. ST9990V Can Solve Enterprise Storage Problems Better than Competition• Increase application performance and business productivity with industrys highest performance enterprise storage system• Reduces risk and assures business continuity with market proven reliability and availability• Simplifies the management of a heterogeneous storage infrastructure• Ensures application QoS by limiting application resource contention within a single storage system (Virtual Partitioning)• Ensures that your out-of-region disaster recovery plan meets risk and recovery objectives with near zero RPO and RTO• Provides long term data retention, protection, and shredding to meet regulatory compliance requirements• Reduces capital expenditures by improving utilization with thin provisioning on both internal as well as virtualized external storage• Reduces storage costs with internal and external tiered storage infrastructure• Enables growth with massive performance and capacity scalability 50
  • 51. ST9985V Competitive Advantages• Embedded virtualization with up to 96PB of internal and external heterogeneous storage under common management and services • Thin Provisioning for improving storage utilization and reducing management, electrical, and cooling costs • Virtual Partitioning for storage resources (cache/disk/IO) for application security/co-existence and QoS performance optimization• Reduces storage costs with internal and external tiered storage infrastructure • Universal Replication across heterogeneous platforms providing any-to-any” synchronous/asynchronous distance replication of data with low RPO and RTO • VMWare ESX Server support for maximum flexibility and storage utilization • 100% data availability guarantee
  • 52. ST9985V/90V vs CompetitionEMC DMX-4 950 & IBM 8xxx/6xxx ST9990V ST9985V EMC DMX-4 IBM DS 950 8xxx / 68xxMax HDDs 1152 240 360 1024/128Embedded Storage Virtualization Yes Yes No NoController Only SAN Storage Virtualization No Yes InVista!? SVCVirtual Partitions (Logical Partitioning) 32 (cache/IO/disk) 8 (cache/IO/disk) 8 (cache only) 2 (factory set)FICON Connectivity √ √ √ √ 112 ports 24 ports 48 ports 128 portsESCON Connectivity √ √ √ √ 112 ports 24 ports 64 ports 64 portsTier 1 Storage & Virtualization √ √Thin Provisioning / Internal Storage √ √Thin Provisioning / External Storage √ √VMware ESX Server / Internal Storage √ √VMware ESX Server / External Storage √ √VMware ESX Server / Thin Provisioning √ √ 52
  • 53. Sun StorageTek 9900 Virtualization AdvantagesBest Enterprise Storage Virtualization and Partitioning* Virtualization is built in • No extra boxes > No Appliances (non-enterprise) > No Proprietary SAN HW/SW > No Complex management and support • No new management • No 3rd parties in disk path • Supports standard networks and disk • Up to 247 PB of heterogeneous storage support • Open and Mainframe * Recognized recently as the most elegant, simple and scalable in the industry by leading analysts 53
  • 54. WhySun? 54
  • 55. The Enterprise/Data Center Storage: Suns Mission:• Help customers improve productivity, reduce cost and protect their businesses with our industry leading storage portfolio, world-class services and systems expertise Innovative Architectures Service and Support Data Center Broadest Product Experience Portfolio 55
  • 56. Why Sun?Suns Mission is to help customers improve productivity, reduce cost and protect their business with industry leading storage portfolio, services and system expertise. To that end,• We provide market leading performance, scalability and availability with our ST9900 enterprise disk family and the only Thin Provisioning enterprise disk solution in the market• We offer the best end-to-end virtualization solution in the market that spans not only across disk and tape, but servers and operating systems• When used with Sun servers, we offer the highest level of compatibility, availability and performance. Sun Server LDoms + Solaris Containers + ST9900 Virtual Partitioning = Perfect application isolation, performance optimization and security• Unlike storage only or disk only vendors we have an in-depth system knowledge and expertise, including Servers, OS, File systems, Software, Storage, Backup and Archive, we do it all.• We provide a single vendor solution (one hand to hold, one neck to choke) from end-to-end• We provide one of the most complete and broadest end-end storage portfolios in the industry.• We offer world-class service and support (disk, tape, servers). Our SE organization has been recognized as the best in the industry.• Sun was one of top two Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Awards for enterprise arrays (only behind HDS)• Sun Certification of all ST9900 hardware and software• We have ST9900 joint support center staffed by HDS and Sun experts. Available only to Sun customers 56
  • 57. Why Enterprise Customers Choose Sun Unmatched portfolio of disk systems, storage software, tape and archive solutionsPortfolio Proven track record with enterprise data center customersSatisfaction Extensive data center and SAN expertise Support & Service 57
  • 58. Thank you!Questions ? 58
  • 59. BackupSlides 59
  • 60. Sun StorageTek 9900 SeriesMission-Critical Storage and Management for the EnterpriseCore Family Attributes > Extreme availability (100% data availability guarantee) > Cross bar architecture for maximum performance and scalability (up to 3.5M internal IOPS, up to 247 PB) > Powerful management and business continuity capabilities > Advanced Virtualization of heterogeneous storage > Virtual Partitioning (cache, disk and I/0) > Policy based Tiered Storage Management > Broad OS support, including mainframeMission Critical Fits > Large scale consolidation > High volume transaction processing and large scale data warehousing Market Leading > Complex business continuity needs Performance, Scalability > Excessive cost for downtime and Availability 60
  • 61. ST9985VTechnical Overview 61
  • 62. ST9985V Hardware Specifications Hardware Specification/Quantity Connectivity Fibre Channel, FICON, ESCON, NAS (TBD) 8/48 Fibre Channel Min/Max Ports 8/24 FICON, 8/24 ESCON NAS (TBD) Drive Types 73GB FC, 146GB FC, 300GB FC, 750GB SATA II Maximum External Capacity 96PB Minimum Cache 4GB Maximum Cache 64GB Min/Max Control Memory 4GB/16GB Max # of LUNs 16,384 Max Virtual Host Ports 1024 per physical port Max Private Virtual Storage Machines 8 (Max 8GB per Virtual Storage Machine) Maximum Internal Capacity 180TB (750GB HDD) 62
  • 63. ST9985V Business Continuity Data Protection ST 9985V TrueCopy® Synchronous PAIRS 32k TrueCopy Asynchronous PAIRS 32k TrueCopy Asynchronous CTG’s 128 TrueCopy Asynchronous PAIRS per CTG 4096 Universal Replicator PAIRS 32k Universal Replicator CTG’s 256 Universal Replicator PAIRS per CTG 4096 ShadowImage® PAIRS 32k ShadowImage CTG’s 128 ShadowImage PAIRS per CTG 8192 63
  • 64. Specs Comparisons: ST9985 vs ST9985V Feature ST 9985 ST 9985V   First General Availability Release  Performance 700,000 IOPS 800,000 IOPS Minimum: 4GB Minimum: 4GB Cache Memory Maximum: 64GB Maximum: 64GB (128 GB Future) Maximum Cache Path 8.5GB/second 8.5GB/second Bandwidth Minimum: 3GB Minimum: 4GB Shared Memory Maximum: 6GB Maximum: 16 GB Maximum Shared Memory Path 3.6GB/second 4.8GB/second Bandwidth Total Maximum Bandwidth 12.1GB/second 13.3GB/second 16 Fibre Channel ports Integrated Front End Ports (Integrated on the MIX Adapter) Not applicable Maximum Front End Directors 3 3 (Channel Adapters) 48 48 Maximum Fibre Channel Ports (16 integrated + one 32-port Fibre Channel (Three 16-port Fibre Channel FEDs) FED) 16 24 Maximum ESCON Ports (One 16-port ESCON FED) (Three 8-port ESCON FEDs) 16 24 Maximum FICON Ports (One 16-port FICON FED) (Three 8-port FICON FEDs) 8 Maximum iSCSI Ports (One 8-port iSCSI FED) TBD  8 C-NAS 4QCY07 Maximum NAS Ports (One 8-port NAS Blade FED) 64
  • 65. Specs Comparisons: ST9985 vs ST9985V Feature ST 9985 ST 9985 V   First General Availability Release  Maximum Back End Directors 1 1 (Disk Adapter) (Integrated on the MIX Adapter) Back End Director Data Transfer 2Gbps 4Gbps Rate External Storage Connection Fibre Channel Fibre Channel 16K Mainframe 64K Mainframe Maximum Volumes 64K Open Systems 64K Open Systems 69.2TB 69.2TB Maximum Internal Capacity Based on 300GB HDDs Based on 300GB HDDs Maximum Internal + External 32PB 96PB Capacity Minimum Number of HDDs 0 0 Maximum Number of HDDs 240 240 Maximum Spare HDDs 16 16 Fibre Channel 73GB 15K RPM Fibre Channel 73GB 15K RPM Fibre Channel 146GB 10K RPM - Supported HDD Types Fibre Channel 146GB 15K RPM FC 146GB 15K RPM Fibre Channel 300GB 10K RPM  FC 300GB 15K RPM FCSATA II 750GB 7.2K RPM Virtual Partitions 8 8 65
  • 66. Specs Comparisons: ST9985 vs ST9985V Feature ST9985 ST9985V   First General Availability Release  Disk Controller dimensions 480mm x 648mm x 703mm (WxDxH) 445mm x 800mm x 438mm (WxDxH) Disk Controller weight 82kg (No HDDs) 70kg (No HDDs) Additional SVP/Battery Chassis N/A 445mm x 800mm x 84mm (WxDxH) dimensions Additional SVP/Battery Chassis N/A 13kg weight Disk Chassis dimensions 480mm x 648mm x 522mm (WxDxH) 445mm x 647mm x 522mm (WxDxH) Disk Chassis weight 66kg 70kg Rack Dimensions 1920mm, 1230mm,897mm (H/W/D) 2001.75mm, 600mm,1050mm (H/W/D) 66