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Presentation sun storage 6780 solution

  1. 1. Sun Storage 6780SolutionExceeding Service LevelsJune 2009 LSI Confidential 1
  2. 2. Agenda• Challenges• Why customers purchase the 6000• The Power of CLIPP• Service Delivery Platform (SDP)• How Sun 6780 makes VMware better!• How Sun 6780 makes Oracle better!• How Sun 6780 makes Exchange better!● How Sun Profiler makes the 6780 better!● Customer Success Stories LSI Confidential 2
  3. 3. Chaotic Demands On Today’s Storage Systems Applications Infrastructure Creating, collecting and Technology driving evolution analyzing valuable data Initiatives SLAs Virtualization / “Green” Continuous availability and application responsiveness Growth Consolidation Maintain SLAs through Varying application demands relentless growth create mixed, concurrent workloads LSI Confidential 3
  4. 4. 6000 Family – Addressing 3 Key Business Challenges Grow Business Reduce Mitigate Cost Risk Business Goals LSI Confidential 4
  5. 5. Sun Storage 6780 ArrayThe power to accelerate your entire enterpriseImprove Productivity Scale without Deploy withDrive Top-line Growth Sacrifice Confidence LSI Confidential 5
  6. 6. Improve Productivity / Drive Top-line Growth Real-world performance drives faster applications for improved productivity More performance per drive = less cost for power, cooling, acquisition, service and management On-the-fly reconfigurations with data protection and a HA architecture maximize business opportunities LSI Confidential 6
  7. 7. Why customers purchase the Sun Storage 6000 series • World Record Performance 6780! > Independent SPC benchmarks • Non-disruptive Flexibility > Scale and change everything on the fly > Industry-leading non-disruptive flexibility • Complete System Availability > High Availability with world-class support - SDP > Redundant Everything • Faster Time-to-benefit > Application Profiles deploy 2X as fast with automated provisioning > Instant-on volumes storage is available at a fraction of the time it takes EMC Exceed Service LSI Confidential Levels – Performance, Availability and Cost 7
  8. 8. Why customers purchase 6780!the Sun Storage 6000 series • Application integration > Microsoft VSS, VMware SRM, Oracle RMAN etc….. • Best Investment Protection > CLIPP, data-in-place upgrades, flexible host interconnects • Lower Overall Costs > Up to 2X better rack density and Data Center utilization > Copy Features sold one-time license basis, not by host-tiered or capacity > Industry’s best RAID 6 • RAID 5 performance at half the cost of RAID 10 • White Paper - RAID-6 on the Sun Storage 6000 Array Exceed Service LSI Confidential Levels – Performance, Availability and Cost 8
  9. 9. The Power of CLIPP 6780 New! 6580 New! 6540Price 6140 Data Services Licenses CSM200 LSI Confidential Performance - Scalability - Flexibility 9
  10. 10. The Power of CLIPPCustomer Loyalty & Investment Protection• Umbrella term for the various upgrade paths available in modular disk• Allows us to physically move drive trays between systems, across generations and up the portfolio > Transfer data service licenses for full upgrade• Data-in-place migration (DIPM) keeps customer data intact on the drives between systems – no need to move data up and over the SAN• Enabling technology is DACstore 512 MB > Configuration metadata stored on every configured drive in DACstore > Enables drive mobility Usable Capacity LSI Confidential 10
  11. 11. 6140/65x0 Seamless Upgrades to 6780 6780 Exchange controllers with ESMs 6140 CSM200 Convert to CSM200CSM200 CSM200 Swap out controllers enclosures 65x0 6780CSM200 CSM200CSM200 CSM200 LSI Confidential 11
  12. 12. Service Delivery Platform (SDP) “Enterprise Class Service and Support for Modular Storage”• The SDP platform is a service delivery product that is free to customers! > The customer must provide the connectivity• It provides faster problem resolution• Improves diagnostic capabilities• Provides analysis and trending capabilities• Internal SDP website that will provide all the information about SDP. > > The SUN account team orders the SDP product - see the website for the details LSI Confidential 12
  13. 13. Service Delivery Platform (SDP)• Customer interface with > Remote VPN connectivity on/off switch > Remote Access Monitoring > Device alert data > Ticket creation• Key SDP Benefits > For Disk Environments: • “Phone home” for all subsystem failure events • Automated collection of data logs and system profiles to speed problem resolution • Remote diagnostic access to immediately connect the right expert with the troubled component, speeding problem resolution > For Tape and Library Environments: • “Phone home” for all component failures with FSC code • Collection of system data logs for rapid failure analysis • Media Management Reporting LSI Confidential 13
  14. 14. How does the 6780 make VMware better?• Non-disruptive Flexibility: Dynamic Features > Tune and configure applications, mixed workloads and virtual machines on-the-fly > Makes LUN re-sizing a snap!• Best Data Protection - RAID6: Protects against double disk failure at half the cost of RAID 10 > 10 to 1 server consolidation = 10x the data makes VMware data protection critical > 6780 RAID 6 hardware-based implementation with virtually the same performance as RAID 5• Integrated Backup & Recovery: VCB (VMware Consolidated Backup) solutions with all major backup vendors > Quick Recovery of virtual machines and files > Lowest TCO data protection, integrates with existing backup investment & operations > Additional backup software, maintenance, training not required• Affordable Disaster Recovery: Integrated, automated failover solution using Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Data SnapShot and Data Replicator software > Real-world disaster recovery PoC solution – ESG white paper > Enterprise-class functionality for all application tiers at mid-range prices LSI Confidential 14
  15. 15. 6780 Delivers Real-world Performance• High Availability, High Performance Consolidation > Highest virtual machine scalability of any mid-range platform*• Best in Class Database IOPS - OLTP performance* > Response Time ≤ 6ms up to rated IOPS• Best in Class Sequential Apps – OLAP performance*• Pair with SunFire servers > Outstanding VMmark (server) results • #1 in VMmark benchmarks (24 core)• Headroom for backup and disaster recovery services Demonstrates sustained balanced performance for concurrent applications running on VMware LSI Confidential 15IBM Confidential *SPC-1 & SPC-2 Tests 15
  16. 16. Sun Storage 6780 Real-world Disaster Recovery Solution Production Disaster Recovery SRM• First Real-world Disaster Recovery SRA storage test for a virtual environment• Six SunFirex4000 servers with 6780 and Data 6540 Rep Sun 6000 Sun 6000• Demonstrates virtual machine scalability while mirroring from site to site• Demonstrates automatic failover Sun Data Replicator, Sun Data SnapShot between sites And VMware Site Recovery Manager Demonstrates an affordable, automated Sun Storage solution LSI Confidential for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 16
  17. 17. How does the 6780 make Oracle better?• Oracle RAC Grid consolidation: highest performance and availability > Best in class OLTP performance - SPC-1 benchmarks – 58,158 IOPS • Flat response time ≤ 6ms up to rated IOPS > Redundant Everything with World-class support• Tiered Storage: drive intermix provides the lowest and most flexible cost solution > Production, development, test and data protection tiers > Multiple partitions and mixing drive types support the data lifecycle mgmt capabilities in Oracle 10g and the enhancements in 11g• Copy Services: Data Snapshot and Data Volume Copy offload production databases for enhanced performance• Data Warehouse: enterprise-class bandwidth at a fraction of the cost > Best in class OLAP performance - SPC-2 benchmark – 4,818 MBPS• Seamless Backup & Recovery solutions: integrated RMAN backup and recovery solutions with major backup vendors• High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Data Replicator software with Sun Cluster or Veritas Cluster Server > 6780 has the headroom to handle replication as well as OLTP and OLAP LSI Confidential 17
  18. 18. Sun Storage 6780 Oracle Performance • With Oracle ORION tests, 6780 delivers up to 1.31x greater IOPS and 2.69x greater MB/s than 6540 > ERP applications (OLTP) > Data Warehouse applications (OLAP) > Batch applications (ETL) • Superior bandwidth of the 6780 delivers more IOPS from 224 drives > 6540 configured similarly • Always at lower latency levels with the 6780 Demonstrates enterprise-class balanced performance for all applications running on Oracle LSI Confidential18IBM Confidential 18
  19. 19. How does the 6780 make Exchange better? • Mailbox Size and Scalability: Best in class Exchange performance, proven up to 55,000 mailboxes > Microsoft Jetstress tests > Independent SPC-1 benchmarks & • Outlook client, Blackberry / PDA and Exchange Server synchronization: > Best in class Jetstress response times > Microsoft ESRP tests • Email-level Backup & Recovery: integrated VSS backup and recovery solutions with all major backup vendors > Quick Recovery of mail messages, mailboxes, storage groups > Lowest TCO data protection, integrates with existing backup investment & operations > Additional backup software, maintenance, training not required • High Availability and Disaster Recovery: integrated LCR, CCR, SCR and SCC protect email services or database or both LSI Confidential 19
  20. 20. Sun Storage 6780 Exchange Performance• Proven up to 55,000 mailboxes > Very Heavy Profile - .48 IOPS per user > 400 MB mailbox size• Time is Money > Beats Microsofts requirements for average response time Demonstrates enterprise-class Exchange LSI Confidential scalability and performance20IBM Confidential 20
  21. 21. How does Sun Profiler make the 6780 better?• Manage explosive storage growth – reduce storage over provisioning• Storage supply chain views from application to spindle• Identify and reclaim unused storage across the supply chain• Proactively monitor your environment - reduce application outages• Identify, troubleshoot and resolve problems before they impact applications and the business.• Increase administrator productivity across the storage life cycle, enhancing business agility Custom Fit with Sun Storage 6000 series LSI Confidential 21
  22. 22. Profiler Console• Single Pane Reporting > Capacity > Backup Status > Trending Forecasting > Alert Consolidation• Array Details > Allocation > Availability > Asset Information > Capacity > Performance• Servers & Applications • Oracle, Exchange, VMware, SQL LSI Confidential End-to-End View of Storage 22
  23. 23. Application Guides / White Papers• Best Practices for running VMware ESX Server on a Sun Storage 6780• Using RAID-6 on the Sun Storage 6000 Array• VMware Consolidated Backup using NetBackup on a Sun Storage 6780• Disaster Recovery using SRM and 6780 Data Replicator software• Sun Storage 6000 Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery Design Guide• Real-World Disaster Recovery (Proof-of-Concept) with SRM - 6780 and 6540• Sun StorageTek 6540/6140 and 2500 Series Configuration Guide for VMware Interoperability, Token# 531775TestedConfidential LSI and backed by Sun - Application Guides, Best practices, and White papers 23
  24. 24. Application Guides / White Papers• Best Practices for running Oracle on a Sun Storage 6780• Oracle RMAN Disk-to-Disk Backup Methods on a Sun Storage 6780• Remote Mirroring for Oracle using Sun Storage 6780 Data Replicator software• 6140/6540 Snapshot/Mirror Software Usage Guide for Oracle Databases, #496262• 6140/6540 Data Replication Software Usage Guide for Oracle Databases, #496260• Tiered Storage Systems for Oracle Transaction Processing Applications, #505768• Analysis of Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for Sun StorageTek Storage Arch• Sun Large/XLarge Reference Configurations for Oracle Data Warehouses• Sun Medium Reference Configurations for Oracle Data Warehouses• Sun Small Reference Configurations for Oracle Data WarehousesTestedConfidential LSI and backed by Sun - Application Guides, Best practices, and White papers 24
  25. 25. Application Guides / White Papers• 6780 55,000 Mailbox ESRP Exchange 2007 Solution• Best Practices for running Exchange Server on a Sun Storage 6780• Exchange VSS Backup and Restore using NetBackup on a Sun Storage 6780• 6540 20,000 Mailbox Exchange 2007 Storage Solution, Token# 527486• 6140 6000 Mailbox Exchange 2007 Storage Solution, Token# 527484• 2530 2000 & 4000 Mailbox Exchange 2007 Storage Solution, Token #522028TestedConfidential LSI and backed by Sun - Application Guides, Best practices, and White papers 25
  26. 26. Sun 6000 Solution Marketing Materials• 6780 Sales Training Presentation• Oracle Sales Training Presentation• Exchange Sales Training Presentation• VMware Sales Training Presentation• Oracle Channel brief• Exchange Channel Brief• VMware Channel Brief LSI Confidential 26
  27. 27. Exchange Hot Backup Solution Customer• Large Enterprise – Broadcast and Entertainment Industry > We choose this solution for functionality, performance and TCO. This solution allowed us to keep our current Backup and Recovery architecture without adding another application and its associated cost and complexity• Beat NetApp and SnapManager for Exchange > Best capacity utilization for Exchange > The customer wanted a best of breed and lower cost solution• 8000 mailbox Exchange solution with 20+ TB of Storage > Partnered with Symantec NetBackup > Five node MSCS Windows Cluster > Data Snaphot and SANshare > Single Mailbox Restore > Data Replication / Disaster Recovery – coast-to-coast LSI Confidential 27
  28. 28. Shutterfly Success Story• Sun outsider – Oracle Provided another chance• Sun’s ST6540 vs, Hitachi’s AMS1000 – 6540 showed 40% perf adv.• Sun Won six (6) 6540s with 152TB of storage• AND follow-up opportunity for Tape• Sun won 30 PB SAM-FS license and all HW & SW to run it• Four (4) more 6540s with 209TB of SATA• 10,000 slots SL8500 with 13 T10k drives• Three (3) year Platinum Support and > $75k PS and more….• Over $4M! (at list) LSI Confidential 28
  29. 29. SAP Belgium Education Center• Challenge > Increase number of students without adding physical space > Reduce noise pollution > Cut heat production and related energy costs > Increase flexibility• Solution > Three Sun Fire Servers > Sun Storage 6140 array > VMware ESX Server• Results > More enjoyable learning environment > Increased capacity > Improved flexibility > Reduced administration and energy costs LSI Confidential 29
  30. 30. Sun Storage 2500 and 6000 Series Customers LSI Confidential 30
  31. 31. Thank You!LSI Confidential 31