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Presentation st9900 virtualization - emea - primary disk

  1. 1. The Best Storage Virtualization Platform on the Planet that your Competitors will die for Hu Yoshida VP and CTO Hitachi Data SystemsSun Storage Academy – APAC August 2007
  2. 2. The Dynamics of Storage Growth• Storage growth rate is compounding Capacity Growth Rate• Regulations and disaster recovery drive longer retention, with redundant copies• Transaction access rates growing faster than capacity for operational data• Technology changes faster than capitalization rate• Utilization of storage is still fairly low - 30%• Many companies are approaching the knee of the growth curve A refresh cycle follows 3 to 5 years behind
  3. 3. Who Took My Storage? Lead Time Buffer Stranded STORAGE RAID Overhead Copies 3 to N ALLOCATED/Unused Data
  4. 4. HW Costs Are Only Part of the TCO Iceberg… Device Migration Backup and Recovery The ratio of Management to hardware costs are Management 2:1 to 4:1 or more Scheduled Down Time Cost Change Management Environmental Lead Time Buffer As a result the Cost of IT Stranded STORAGE is not tracking to Revenue Hardware Costs Copies 3 to N ALLOCATED/Unused Data
  5. 5. Outdated Storage: 20 Year Old Architectures• Expensive High Function Monolithic Storage• Lower Cost, lower function, Modular Storage• 20-year-old architectures that were designed for: > Direct attached storage – No sharing > Two Shift Operations – Maintenance widows > GBs of Capacity – Easy to manage and migrate
  6. 6. Niche Storage Application Products Create Islands ofStorage CAS Nearline RISS AXIOM NAS InServ S800
  7. 7. What Happened to the Promise of SAN? • SAN promised consolidation through the elimination of islands of storage • Ten Years later the utilization of storage is still about 20% to 30% What happened? • SAN Networked servers to storage but left the islands of storage • Storage systems are not networked to work together • Storage systems are still provisioned separately • There is no data mobility between storage systems
  8. 8. Control Unit Virtualization: The key Enabler• Only storage controller based NAS Mainframe CAS virtualization: Apps VTL > Provides common storage and data services for all heterogeneous storage and WAN application requirements > Adds no complexity or latency > Is not limited to SAN connection > Preserves end-to-end security > Enables seamless integration of future capabilities > Provides data mobility that is transparent to the application
  9. 9. External Storage Virtualization ThroughThe ST9900 Control Unit HOST ELUN — LUN that is HBA Port mapped to a LUN in an external storage device Target Port ELUN Host View Devices LUN LUN LUN LUN LUN LUN LUN USP Storage Controller VDEV VDEV LDEV LDEV Internal LDEV LDEV LDEV Devices LDEV LDEV External Port Mapped Mapped Target Port USP Internal Storage External Storage Array HDD LUN LUN Group
  10. 10. Volume Migration in a ST9900/ST9985• Volume Migration is done in the controller cache• Data that has not been moved yet can be accessed from the S-Vol cache image• Information in the control store keeps track of where the data resides.• No impact to the SAN switches or to the host• Provides non-disruptive migration between multi tiers of storage
  11. 11. Dynamic Provisioning Software • Optimize Storage Capacity by provisioning only what is used Servers • Optimize Storage performance by spreading the I/O across more arms HDP Volume • Simplify Management by (Virtual LUN) allocating what is asked for and automatically provisioning only what is used • Simplify performance tuning by HDP Pool spreading the I/O across all the disks in the Pool LDEVLDEVLDEVLDEVLDEVLDEVLDEVLDEV LDEVs Array Groups/Disk Drives
  12. 12. Gartner – Thin Provisioning is Revolutionary "Thin provisioning coupled with virtualized back-end disks improves staff productivity by simplifying storage provisioning and eliminating most tuning activities associated with solving performance problems."
  13. 13. Different Approaches to Storage Virtualization “SAN’s are the third leading cause of application Mapping Mapping failures, with an average outage of 25.5 Table Table hours” 2006
  14. 14. All Storage Controllers Do Virtualization Today • Host servers talk to cache images of disks in a storage controller - not to the actual physical disk • Storage Controllers create a Logical Unit Number (LUN) from a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) • Controllers have years of proven data mobility functions like snap copies, remote replication, Copy on Write • The storage control unit is the best platform for virtualization of external storage > Because it has all the information needed to virtualize storage
  15. 15. Why Don’t Other Storage Vendors Do the Same? No other Storage Controller has a Dynamic Cache Architecture • Dynamic cache enables changing storage configurations without disruption to applications • Virtual ports enable physical ports to support thousands of host connections • Host Storage Domains provides each virtual port with it own address space for safe multi- tenancy • Logical Partitioning insures QoS for critical applications by partitioning resources like cache • Switch architecture insures availability by switching around failures and hot spots
  16. 16. The Evolution of Hitachi/SUN Storage Virtualization 1995 Global Cache with separation of control and data 2000 Introduction of first scalable crossbar switch architecture 2002 Introduction of Virtual Storage Ports and Host Storage Domains with second generation of crossbar switch architecture 2003 Introduction of Storage Area Management and heterogeneous (external) storage management 2003 Cross-System Copy is introduced to move data between Lightning V and Thunder V without host intervention 2004 ST9900 enables large-scale virtualization of externally attached storage behind third generation crossbar switch architecture 2007 ST998v Increased performance and Dynamic Provisioning
  17. 17. Security Features• Separation of Control and Data – Administrators can not touch data• Audit Logging – Transaction format, NTP, SYSLOG• Management Interfaces – HTTP/SSL and server side certificates – Roles based Access for admin, auditor, Account manager – Anti Virus• Data Protection Feature – WORM capability with shredding Security is integrated in the Architecture• Privacy Feature Not bolted on – Data Shredding with tiered storage movement• Secure multi-tenancy – Private Virtual Storage Machines- Logical partitioning – Virtual Ports and Host Storage Domains• FC-SP CHAP - End to End authentication• Encryption with Appliances
  18. 18. Taking Back Your Storage Virtualization and Lead Time Buffer Lead Time Buffer Dynamic migration Stranded STORAGE Virtualization and Stranded STORAGE logical partitioning RAID Overhead Reduce RAID overhead with RAID 5 Dynamic Provisioning Dynamically migrate Copies 3 to N and lower cost tiers between RAID types Dynamic Provisioning RAID Overhead ALLOCATED/Unused Data Data Reduce cost with lower tiers
  19. 19. Operational Benefits of Hitachi Virtualizationand Dynamic Provisioning Device Migration Non disruptive heterogeneous storage migration Backup and Recovery VTL and de-duplication reduces B/R times, Backup and Recovery multi-tier storage reduces costs, Backup Services Manager Heterogeneous replication Scheduled Down Time Scheduled Down Time Non disruptive maintenance, migration, upgrades, provisioning Change Management Common Heterogeneous management, non disruptive Change Management configuration changes, HSSM, HTnM, HTSM Environmental Reduced storage and SAN footprint, power, cooling Environmental through consolidation
  20. 20. Hitachi Can Consolidate Different StorageRequirements with a Common Services Platform Content Tiered Content Storage Services Services Services File Services Nearline CAS RISS Content NAS Services Virtual Virtual Tape Thin Thin Tape Services Provisioning Provisioning Services Services Thin Services Provisioning Services Tiered Storage VTL Services AXIOM File InServ S800 Services
  21. 21. The Storage Industry: The Future View NAS Mainframe SUN ST9990v ST9985• A Virtual storage infrastructure to match dynamic business growth• Consolidation of management through one common interface without vendor lock-in• Add storage as business requires without giving up functionality or over buying• Extend the life of current assets and enable easy technology upgrades• Dynamically move data to the appropriate tier of storage as required.
  22. 22. Thank YouHubert YoshidaVP and CTO Hitachi Data Systems