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Presentation   enterprise cloud & v clouddatacenter Presentation enterprise cloud & v clouddatacenter Presentation Transcript

  • Enterprise Cloud & vCloudDatacenterBill LowryVice President, Cloud Hosted by:
  • Completely sharedSingle network contextPublic transport onlyShared computing resourcesFirst come first servedOne-size-fits-all
  • Dedicated environment Fully secure and customizable Loses shared economies of scaleExpensive to deploy, manage & maintain
  • Physical multi-tenancyLogical segmentation of resources Private compute pools Private network integration Private address space Dedicated firewall contextGuaranteed availabilityFully auditable
  • Data CentersNetwork InfrastructureConnectivityServer PlatformStorage Architecture
  • NAP of the Capital Region™• 30 acre federal-grade campus• Engineered to meet Uptime Institute Tier III standards• Highest levels of physical security• Office building with SCIF-compliant 150-seat auditorium• Goal: FISMA & DIACAP compliant deployments
  • Data CentersNetwork InfrastructureConnectivityServer PlatformStorage Architecture
  • Architectural security Physical security AuthenticationManagement security model Lifecycle security services Compliance & audit
  • ApplicationsManagement Systems Security Models StandardsVirtualization Platform API
  • Datacenter migration servicesColocation for legacy device connectivityDedicated circuits/Private networkingManaged servicesBackup servicesDisaster Recovery
  • SkillsExpertiseOrganizational StructureCommunication PathAdditional Services
  • VMware vCloud Datacenter ServicesEnterprise Hybrid Cloud Delivered Michelle Kerby Director, vCloud Product Marketing VMware © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • “Enterprise Hybrid” Requirements Aligned with VMwareRecent global study among CIOs and top IT decision makersKey findings: Requirements for Enterprise Hybrid cloud are clear; (high performance, enterprise-level security and Quality Of Service, application portability) Business Agility is the top driver for cloud (75%) Highest deployments in private clouds today; ~ 20% (and growing) using hybrid cloud today 88% would use cloud more if they could achieve the same or better security as their internal datacenter 88% rate cloud computing as priority over the next 18 months Adoption is maturing quickly; 2/3 of respondents planning or adopting cloud today, 22% already in department and enterprise-wide deployments 95% agree that virtualization is critical to cloud 93% agree with VMware’s definition of cloud computing Base: 636 Total respondents; 234 US respondents; 202EMEA respondents; 200 APAC respondents Source: CIO Global Cloud Computing Adoption Survey January 201116
  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Requirements – Summary Agility with Reliable Performance • On-demand provisioning of virtual servers • Fast scale up at reasonable cost • Predictable, consistent SLAs Security • Secure & auditable cloud infrastructure • Secure apps and user access Application Portability • Compatible with existing workloads • Globally consistent service across providers17
  • VMware offers the best of both worlds with hybrid cloud Apps Apps  Common platform Common management  Common security Private Cloud vCloud VMware Service Provider Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Security Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure Management Cloud Computing Moves from a Technology Discussion to a Business Decision 18
  • vCloud Enables Agility and Efficiency Across Multiple Clouds  Increase business agility by empowering Consuming Infrastructure as a Service users to rapidly deploy services on-demand through self-service portals and catalogs Optimize not only  Improve security and compliance within multi-tenant environments with strong how IT is delivered access controls and vShield security and managed, but  Reduce costs by more efficiently Producing Infrastructure as a Service also how it is delivering resources and by consolidating and standardizing your infrastructure consumed  Enable application portability and interoperability across clouds while leverage existing investments 19
  • Why a VMware Enterprise Hybrid CloudVMware Key Differentiators Quality of Service • vSphere is the most trusted virtualization platform, offering unique capabilities for performance and availability Security • VMware offers robust security across private and public clouds covering the platform, access controls, and network security Complete, out-of-the-box solution • VMware has the complete software stack and the IP to deliver on cloud computing today Compatibility and interoperability across clouds • VMware extends your investment in vSphere to offer the benefits of cloud computing while: o Supporting both new and existing applications o Operating across public and private clouds o Leveraging open standards and interfaces 20
  • VMware vCloud Services Enhance Your Private Cloud Deployment Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud Co-Branded vCloud Services Service Consumption vCloud Request Manager vCenter Chargeback vCloud Datacenter Portability Security & performance for enterprises Service Delivery vCloud Director Cross-Cloud Standards vCloud API vCloud Express Open Virtualization Format Rapid, credit card payment Security and Compliance for developers vShield Security Family vCenter Configuration Manager Cross-Cloud Management vCloud Connector vCloud Powered Resource Management Broad array of vSphere VMware-compatible clouds for any business need vCenter Management Family21
  • Agility: Self-Service Computing, Quickly Delivered Two ways to connect • Web-based GUI – consistent with your private cloud • Programmatic access through vCloud API Delegated controls • Basic VM operations, including provisioning and de-provisioning • Move vApp to new VDC • Customize the guest OS Never lose control • Bounded by the virtual data center • Segregation Of Duties through role- based access control 22
  • Predictable Cloud Performance vCloud Datacenters are given specific performance and availability characteristics • Backed by allocated hardware Availability • Pre-defined SLA / response time • Availability, performance guarantees Uses vSphere features such as • VMware HA Security • DRS and vMotion • Storage and Network I/O control vShield technologies built in Performance • Virtual firewall • Virtual layer 2 and layer 3 network templates 23
  • “Follow The Application” Security  Fully virtualized security  Full virtual layer 2 networking per vApp and per Organization  DHCP and NAT per vApp  Virtual firewall per vApp and per Organization using vShield Edge 24
  • User Security: Authentication & Access Controls Authenticate Users via Enterprise directory (LDAP) • Secure access for multiple users per account • No “shadow” user list to manage in the cloud • All access logged for audit trail Role-based access controls • Managed delegation of responsibilities • Essential to implement segregation of duties for security purposes 25
  • Portability: Bring Your Own Virtual Machine  Same management experience and look & feel  Export VM as OVF from vSphere or convert VMDK to OVF  Upload & Import into vCloud Datacenter 26
  • Types of vCloud Datacenter Services You Can Buy vCloud Datacenter IT staff and users  VMware certified to Scripts/Programs be globally consistent vCloud API VMware vCloud Director UI  Run any VMware Virtual Data Center Tiers OVF image 1. Basic “Pay-per-Use”  Target: pilot projects and basic dynamic workloads  Private cloud not  Pay-for-use model; no subscription required 2. Committed  Self-service within  Target: Workloads that need predictable performance boundaries of VDC  Subscription model; 100% resourced with 33% burstable  Auditable security Audited with 3. Dedicated  Target: Workloads that need physical segregation control set consistent  Subscription model; 100% dedicated resource  SAS 70 and/or ISO compliance 27001 audited framework27
  • Compliance Framework  Compliance Control Matrix • ISO27001 certified, which proves that security management processes are in place, and have a relevant subset of the ISO27002 controls in place; or • SAS 70 Type II audits based on the same relevant set of standard set of controls • Map to different frameworks and regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, COBIT, etc.  Ensure Customer Transparency • Compliance Logging o Identity and access management o User activities monitoring o Change and configuration management o Security and threat management o Business continuity and availability management  Ensure Customer Control • Full self-service in managing the customer organization (users, firewall policy, etc) • LDAP authentication, potentially connect back to corporate AD  Compliance Architecture • Ensure the infrastructure is secure and compliant28
  • Next steps  Learn more about vCloud Datacenter Services • • Contact us : o Email: o Phone: 1-877-4-VMWARE  Conduct a cloud readiness assessment with your VMware rep or with Terremark29
  • ATTENDEE SERVICES • Provide your feedback! Please complete our survey • View our calendar of upcoming events • A recorded version of this seminar will be available at Hosted by:30