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Campus changemakers

  1. 1. A programme by National Youth Council
  2. 2.  We are a panel of students set up in this school along with other schools to assess community project proposals from the school population and decide the amount of money a project can receive. Through voting as a panel,we will either approve or reject your proposal and decide the amount of money that we can grant your project. Also the money of this fund comes from Tax Payers
  3. 3. Mrs Goh Wai YeeMr Edwin Cheong
  4. 4.  These are the people you can look for,regarding assistance,application forms or any clarificationsCassandra Jane Nerva(3E1)Ho Shu Yi(3E1)Daniel Ng Adhwa(3E1)Nicholas Lee Wen Hao(3E1)Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mohamed Noor(3E1)Joseph Francis De Souza(3E3)Jermain Teo(3E5)Farhan Lestaluhu (3E5)Cawin Chan Jun Hern (2E2)Teddy Ahmad Nur Insani B M S (2E2)
  5. 5.  The amount that we can fund per project is up to maximum $1500,or 80 % of the total amount expenditure of your project. The actual funded amount cannot exceed the grant amount that is approved by the panelists. Applicants are allowed to find sponsors/do fund raising events to cover the 20% remaining (not covered by the CCM) Please note that only expenditure with receipts will be funded
  6. 6.  Community Element: Your project proposal must adress an issue or area of concern in the school or the neighbouring community Your project proposed must benefit the school or neighbouring community Eg:Project will benefit the needy elderly in the neighbourhood by improving the facilities that they regularly use.
  7. 7.  Youth Element: Grant Applicants (YOU!) must be youths between 13 and 17 years old. Your project must be crafted,proposed and executed by students (student initiated) Examples: The project was wholly initiated by the students.The teachers only played an advisory roles.
  8. 8.  Effective Use of Funds: Items that are being funded must be of extreme importance to the project The same event must NOT be funded twice CCM Funds must not be used for the personal profit or material benefit of any of the applicants(You) or their families/associates
  9. 9.  Comply with Legal Provisos Activities must be legal Examples: The project should not have any inflammatory or discriminatory religious,or racial elements,advamce partisan political agenda or be contrary to the interest of the community and society at large. Project should not promote any areas that may be controversial in Singapore
  10. 10.  Any items that is not essential to the project that is submitted Any items for new or existing project proposed and planned by any beneficiaries,including,school and local organisation.(In other words,projects which are not student initiated/not proposed by students )
  11. 11.  The need/concern that you have identified. A detailed description of what you are going to do to adress the concern that you have identified in the community(What is the project about?) The learning objective or outcome you want to achieve by carrying out this project. Role of each team member and the allocation of duties.
  12. 12.  A detailed budget breakdown to show that the funding you are applying for is being put to good use.(Eg.Stating the price for the food) Information on the sponsors and organisations that are helping you along with the project (if applicable)
  13. 13.  Based on the merits of your project proposal against the criteria of the Campus Changemakers assesment,we will discuss and decide if your project should be funded by the Campus Changemakers Fund. The decisions we make are final once your project receives majority of votes.
  14. 14.  Please ensure that you complete and submit your final project report(including the actual expenditure table with receipts) within one month upon the succesful completion of your community project REMEMBER:Only expenditure with receipts can be funded 
  15. 15. Remember that even if yourproposal is not granted,youcan come back again to try out:)