Effective public communication (e portfolio)


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Effective public communication (e portfolio)

  1. 1. Effective Public Communication (FCOM 0102) E-Portfolio  Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) July Intake’2012
  2. 2. Test 1, 2 and 3 In Week 4, Week 9 and Week 11 of Semester 2, I had an in-class test for Effective Public Communication. The tests are to examine how much had I learn and understanding of selected chapters covered throughout the semester in class and test mastery of concepts.Test 1 is to identify whether I understand the concepts and the ways I relate those concepts into the movie I been asked to watch. Test 2 covered both verbal and nonverbal communication and how people behave and communicate in different situations. Lastly, Test 3 is about relationships and interpersonal communication; it was an open book quiz to show that I was able to reference from the texts. 
  3. 3. Assignment 1 In Week 12 of Semester 2, Effective Public Communication Lecturer, Mr. Nathaniel Woon, had given the first individual assignment.This assignmentis for us to prepare an essay based on one of the topics given by lecturer. Each topic will not exceed more than 8 students to be attempted; it will be first come first serve basic. We should read through the textbook “Human Communication” to search for relevant texts. After that, describe the topic chosen like how we usually wrote the academic essay. This task had allowed me to realize that I’m able to explain those basic ideas with reference given in textbook. In addition, it allows me to prove that I understand the given topic and able to emphasize on key points. Lastly, it shows that I had the capability to show proper APA citations and referencing. 
  4. 4. Assignment 2 In Week 14 of Semester 2, our next assignment had given out. This assignmentis for us to have a class debate on the topics given by lecturer. It must consist of at least 3 members in a group. We will have to draw lots to decide our topic and the sides we are on; the supporting motives or against motives. Each member is required to do some individual research on the given topic in order for every member to provide objections during the debate. Furthermore, we should look for examples that support or against the issue too. After finish with all the research, we should decide the group first, second and third speakers. The learning outcomes I get from this assignment are that I was able to provide and prove accurate evidences to support my stands. Not only that, it helps to create awareness of the importance of cultural differences and government states when researching and presenting the topics. 
  5. 5. Assignment 3 In Week 16 of Semester 2, this was the last assignment assigned to me for the subject Effective Public Communication.This final assignmentis for us to prepare an illustration or drama script regarding on Effective Public Communication concepts we had learnt for the past 16 weeks. There are 10 topics given to allow students to choose from, each topic can consist of only two groups; one group with illustration and another group with drama script. Later on,work in group to decide the story outline and the concepts applied in the illustration or drama script. Each member will need to present a short oral presentation explaining the work. Once the task is completed, I will be able to prove that I had applied critical thinking on the task by providing a storyline and the ways to relate to the concepts. Next, I will be able to learn how to explain the concepts using illustration and drama script. 