Assignment 1: journal (entry 2)


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Assignment 1: journal (entry 2)

  1. 1. October 14, 2012 [PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 1]] Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) FNBE (Semester 2) July’12 Intake 1 Assignment 1 (Journal) Social Psychology (PSYC0103) FNBE July’2012 Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) 16th October 2012
  2. 2. October 14, 2012 [PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 1]] Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) FNBE (Semester 2) July’12 Intake 2 Entry 2 On 10th October 2012, my group mates and I had come up with a plan for our final assessment, Run for Charity, for Introduction to Businessin order toraisefunds total of RM1500. As mentioned, there will be a concert upcoming at Stadium Merdeka on 13th October 2012.We are scheduled to reach there in between 4pm to 5pm since the concert will began at 7.30pm. On that day, one of our group mates suddenly informed us that, he couldn’t make it by that time because he will be attending a Marathon in Kuala Lumpur, Nike We Run KL. He told us he can only arrive there by 8pm. By that time, I was really mad at him as he is the only one with transport that day. Now, I need to figure a way to transport those cans drink, ice box, tables to the appointed place. I have no other options but to request my aunt to fetch me and my remaining group mates there. As we were scheduled to reach there by 4-5pm to set up everything, the plan was interrupted because there’s a complication in transport. We were able to make it by 6pm, but we were hardly able to seek a spot for our booth since we are late and it’s raining on that day. Finally, the booth had set by a sloppy roadside and there we began selling cans drink. After 4-5 hours of hard work trying to get people to buy our products, the sales isn’t what we expected, it’s worse than what we imagined. Not to forget, the one that said he will arrive by 8pm didn’t show up after all. End up; we have to call up a taxi to bring our stuffs back. On that day, I had used the concept “Dispositional & Situational Attributions” and “Actor- Observer Bias”. As the observer, I tend to attribute his behavior in a certain way because of something about himself, known as internal attribution. I concluded that he’s being irresponsible and lazy that day for not attending the event. Somehow, it could lead to making a Fundamental Attribution Error. As he’s the actor, he tends to attribute himself for behaving in a certain way
  3. 3. October 14, 2012 [PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 1]] Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) FNBE (Semester 2) July’12 Intake 3 because of something about the situation he’s in, known as external attribution.The day after the event, he told me that during the Marathon, they are informed to put their belongings in a lorry and collect it after the run. There are thousands of participants that day, so the time for them to collect their belongings are delayed. At the meantime, he couldn’t find his belongings and was worried about it. So, he’s unable to attend the event after that. Moreover, I had applied the concept “Counterfactual Thinking”. On that day, I’m been having lots of counterfactual thoughts regarding the event. It affected my emotional reactions as “If only we have transport; we could have arrived earlier, and gets a better spot. We could have sold more cans drink.” Even its 30 minutes earlier, the outcomes could be better compared to what we had right now.