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Assignment 1: individual essay
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Assignment 1: individual essay


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  • 1. November 6, 2012 [INDIVIDUAL ESSAY] 1 Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) FNBE Effective Public Communication July’12| Assignment 1 Effective Public Communication (FCOM0102) Yam Yih Hwan (0305861)
  • 2. November 6, 2012 [INDIVIDUAL ESSAY] 2 Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) FNBE Effective Public Communication July’12| Question 4: Even when nonverbal cues are used in text-based messages, communicating online can still lead to misunderstandings. Look at the differences between communicating online and communicating face-to-face and examine how vocal cues are important to communication. ______________________________________________________________________ For somewhat more than a decade, the internet and social networking have changed the way we interact with people. Nowadays, non-verbal cues had become rarely used in society. The absence of non-verbal cues unable speakers to emphasize on important information in a certain conversation, such as facial emotions, characteristics, and personalities, which eventually leads to less productive and unapproachable; therefore miscommunication happened much often.Moreover, people adjust into a different situation by filling the messages or interpreting from certain rhetorical and contextual cues into the non-verbal communication medium.Thus, allowing normal relational communicationto occur, in whichpeople areable to understand an emotion, characteristic, and attitude easily. There are two types of communication used in society, the online communication and face to face communication; both communications are handful to humans but had their differences. First of all, online communication is a new method introduce in the early 60’s; it refers to reading, texting, and communicating with others through networked computers. For examples, people communicate in real time through chat or discussion software, with all participants at their computers at the same moment; or people communicate in a delayed fashion usingtheir computer programs such as e-mails; andthe reading and writing of online news, articles and documents through the World Wide Web.On the
  • 3. November 6, 2012 [INDIVIDUAL ESSAY] 3 Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) FNBE Effective Public Communication July’12| other hand, face to face communication is a method people usually used to communicate in places like school, colleges or workplaces. Face to face communication enables to express visual cues effortlessly, for instances, the uses of facial expression, oculesics, body movements, hand gestures, haptics, physical appearance and the objects in surrounding; with the help of visual cues, messages are easily delivered to listeners and understandable. If to compare online communication with face to facecommunication, there are several differences between these two communications. Both communications have its own characteristics and specialties, online communication is a little bit complex because it required internet connectionto participants, but face to face communication having flexibility;with online communication people are able to communicate easily but it is impossible to transfer the feelings and emotions because this type of communication only happens in a Cyberspace, but face to face communication, this exchange happens, but it is difficult to communicate with all friendsbecause they may locate in far distance or even overseas, so the best way to communicate in this situation is through the online method. Besides that, people are able to communicate much often with the uses of online communication than face to face communication, even if they are located in different places. They are still able to send an e-mail or messages whenever they want to present something to others. This is the advantage of online communication. On the other hand, the advantage of face to face communicationis that emotions, feelings are able to transfer easily. It requires less time to understand each other.
  • 4. November 6, 2012 [INDIVIDUAL ESSAY] 4 Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) FNBE Effective Public Communication July’12| Moreover, you have more ways to express yourself like smiles, gestures, different intonations of speech in face to face communication. Due to all of the factors, you will be able to understand another person in a proper manner. While you communicate online you have just letters and symbols, so you have to be more accurate in your statements, otherwise someone might read what they want to read instead of what you want them to read. As mentioned above, non-verbal communication is a form of communication without the use of words. However, vocal cue played a vital role in communication. A vocal cue is a sound or inflection of the voice used to send a particular message when we want to create an impression or express feelings, or conveys variations in tone and volume toward others. Sometimes, people use capital or lowercase letters differently, typing errors, exclamation points, and other punctuation marks, emoticons, smileys along with their non-verbal messages to emphasize on their current feelings and emotions. A vocal cue is not a word but rather a different sound made with the vocal cords. There are few types of factors adapt in vocal cue, the volume, rate and fluency. Volume is known as the voice an individual produced, it is either high or low; when the voice produced is too high, it might turned into aggressive situation, for examples, cursing or scolding another individual; when the voice produced is too low, it eventually turned into an awkward situation, as the listeners hardly able to hear what you are trying to say, therefore listeners often pretend to remain silence or answered in short sentences.Next, it’s the rate and fluency; it means the rate you spoke within a specified time. A faster rate usually represents an individual under terror or furious situation, and slower rate represents an individual under sorrow or depression situation.
  • 5. November 6, 2012 [INDIVIDUAL ESSAY] 5 Yam Yih Hwan (0305861) FNBE Effective Public Communication July’12| In conclusion, both communications are important in society nowadays. The lack of either one communication might bring discomfort toward humans; therefore people need both to increase their standard of living.