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Product training.e


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • As the name suggest, you can imagine this product is a combination of 2 ingredients: green tea and capsaisin, the active ingredient from chilli. Whereas for green tea, we are using not others but the highest bioactivity EGCG.
  • Transcript

    • 1. United States 美国 Taiwan 台湾 Malaysia 来西马 亚 Japan 日本United States 美国 Taiwan 台湾 Malaysia 来西马 亚 Japan 日本
    • 2. Malaysia Products
    • 3. Natural HerbsStudy of herbal medicineFACTS!!WHO estimated that 80% of peopleworldwide rely on herbal medicines forsome part of their primary health care.More than a quarter of all drugs usedtoday contain active ingredientsderived from plants.
    • 4. Medicinal Value• Medicinal Herbs are in use for thousand of yearsand are renowned for their effectiveness in manydiseases.• Effective in boosting the immune system,increasing the body resistance to infections,healing the allergies, and raising and renewingthe body vitality.
    • 5. Traditional Chinese HerbsCertain herbs or extracts play a role incancer prevention and in treatment ofcancer and other diseases when combinedwith mainstream treatment.- American Cancer Society -
    • 6. Reishi for Immune System HealthNon PoisonPromoteLongevityCure Disease
    • 7. Essence of Reishi?Whole Reishi?Fraction F3Reishi!!Reishi Slices?Reishi Powder?
    • 8. Wynlife RF3™Capsule• Contains the highest bioactivityfraction, the essence of Reishi - F3TM• Exclusive right for the patentedtechnology of F3TM,awarded 6 USpatents & 1 Taiwan patent (immunemodulating & anti tumor).
    • 9. Scientific Papers of F3™
    • 10. Promote proliferation of stem cellsEnhance production of monocytes, macrophages & NK cellsStrengthen the cytotoxic activity of NK cellsPromote proliferation of spleen cellsInduce apoptosis in THP-1 leukemia cell linesFunctions of F3TM
    • 11.  Regulateimmunity Maintain andenhancevitalityFunction SuitabilityDaily healthsupplementIndividual whotire or sick easilyRecovery fromsicknessRF3™ Immune Modulator
    • 12. Wynlife RF3 withhighest BioactivityWynlife RF3 withhighest BioactivityProduct Uniqueness
    • 13. RF3®VS. Other Reishi ProductsAspect RF3®Other Reishi ProductsCompositionPurifiedPolysaccharides(F3TMFraction)Crude Extract containsTriterpenes 、 Polysaccharides ...Potency High VariesSide-effect NoneToxic to normal cell(eg. hepatotoxicity inhigh dose)
    • 14. RF3™ Premium 500• Suitable for cancer patients (patents in anti tumor)• Suitable for autoimmune disease sufferers (SLE,psoriasis, hypersensitivity)• Suitable for individual who just recovers fromillness/ surgery.
    • 15. F3™ RejuLifeWynlife®F3™ RejuLife is a natural drink thatcontains 100mg F3 ™, vinegar (natural applecider vinegar) and marine collagen. It is thebest choice to keep you healthy as well asrejuvenate and nourish your skin!
    • 16. UniquenessUniquenessIngredients USPF3 + vinegar Exclusive anti aging technology,youthful begins from the cellsTripeptide aminoacidSmall molecules, easy for absorptionVitamin B Reduce fatigue, improve staminaVitamin C, Proline,CeramideHydrates skin, whitening effect andto boost collagen synthesis
    • 17.  Firming Anti-wrinkle Hydrate Whitening Reduce joint pain Improvedigestion Improve staminaFunction SuitabilityAging skinDry skinDull skinIndigestionGet tiredeasilyF3™ RejuLife
    • 18. What is Cordyceps?“Winter worm, summer grass”Cordyceps sinensis are parasites on thestroma or carcasses of the moth ofgreen bat.
    • 19. Cordy Hirsutella• Reduce fatigue• Improve vitality• Improve cell regeneration• Improve respiratory health• Improve liver health• Helps in detoxificationFunction
    • 20. The Benefits of Cordyceps
    • 21. • Genuine cordyceps species• Exclusive extraction technique which preservethe cordyceps bioactivity.• High potency Hirsutella sinensis mycelia arecombined with Paecilomyces hepiali mycelia(Cs-4) in the ratio of 3:7.• Cultivated cordyceps, contain higher nutritionalvalue than wild cordyceps.UniquenessUniqueness
    • 22. Green Tea Plus CapsicumGreen TeaCapsaisin
    • 23. • Anti-oxidant• cholesterol• BP & bloodglucose• Radiant skin• WeightmanagementAging skinIndigestion BP, BG,cholesterol,Obesity UV exposureFree radicalexposureGreen Tea Plus CapsicumFunction Suitability
    • 24. Aspect USPFormula Exclusive GT EGCG + CapsaisinExtractsPatented raw material(Teavigo® EGCG – DSM)Bioavailability > 94% EGCG, < 0.1% caffeineUniquenessUniquenessAccording to a Purdue University research report, EGCG and Capsaicin trigger apoptosisof tumor cells. The effects become more evident when used jointly.
    • 25. Consumption RecommendationProduct RF3 ™ Capsule F3™ RejuLifeRF3 ™Premium 500Instruction• 2 times a day• 1 capsule each• Consume withmeals• 1 bottle a day• Drink aftermeal or beforebed time• 1-2 packets a day• Consume with mealsSuitabilityforVegetarianYes No YesRemark -Shake well toavoidprecipitation-
    • 26. Consumption RecommendationProduct Cordy Hirsutella GT + CapsicumInstruction• 2 times a day• 1 - 2 capsule each• Consume with meals• 2 times a day• 1 capsule each• Consume with mealsSuitability forVegetarianYes YesRemark -Individual with gastric painplease take with or aftermeal
    • 27. Malaysia Products
    • 28. ThankYou !謝謝大家 !United States 美国 Taiwan 台湾 Malaysia 来西马 亚 Japan 日本United States 美国 Taiwan 台湾 Malaysia 来西马 亚 Japan 日本