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  • 1. 揭开稳莱成功秘诀Unveil the Secret of Successfor Wynlife
  • 2. The FounderB.S. in Chemistry fromNational TaiwanUniversity (1968). Ph.D. in biochemistryfrom Purdue University(1973).Dr. Chris Fan
  • 3. The Best Entrepreneur of the YearLegends of Dr. Fan’s SuccessFounder of two highly successful biotech companies:Pacific Biotech (1982) isolated antibodies inrabbit serum and developed one of the first one-step pregnancy tests. Acquired by Eli Lilly in1990.Wyntek Diagnostics (1994) created anindustry-leading strep throat diagnostic test.Acquired by Genzyme in 2001.- Arthur Young and Venture Magazine -
  • 4. Key to the Wealth of BiotechnologyOutstanding Entrepreneur Exclusive Patented TechnologyDr. Chris Fan+Genomics ResearchCenter, Academia Sinica
  • 5. September, 2006TWUS HK M’sia WorldwideWith a anti-tumor and immunomodulatoryactivities of Reishi polysaccharidesglycoprotein F3 ® in extraction andpurification technology and relatedapplicationsExclusive right forpatented technologyDr. Chris FanNew drug development,mass productionand global marketingUse MLM gateway todevelop worldwideGlobal HQ Logistics Centre Continues develop to other countriesInternationalintegrationJP
  • 6. The Company• Established: November 2006• Global HQ: San Diego, CA• Asia HQ: Taipei, Taiwan– Primary Research :Wyntek Biotech Research Team– Product Sourcing/Manufacture:  USA, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland– Current Market:USA, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia,Thailand, Singapore
  • 7. Wynlife Healthcare Malaysia• Established: October 2010• Location: Dataran Prima• Valid AJL License
  • 8. 核心价值• 严谨专业,精益求精Rigorous professionalism, Be Excellent• 追求完美,坚持最好Pursue Perfection, Adhere the best• 分享自由,共创财富Share Freedom, Create Wealth
  • 9. 社会责任 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY• 每年持续拨 10% 的盈余回馈社会
  • 10. The ProductsTrend in 21stCentury
  • 11. Malaysia Products
  • 12. The Key to Wellness – RF3 SeriesTHE CORE PRODUCTS
  • 13. USP of Wynlife Products• Endorsed by Academia Sinica, the most respectedherbal research institute in the world• Patented, exclusive products for an ever-growingmarket• Ingredients selected from the best sources• Quality control of product starting from the sourcesof ingredients till the end products• 100% natural with no side effectsTHE PRODUCTS - 1
  • 14. Flow Chart for Product QCRaw MaterialRaw MaterialExtractionExtractionPurificationPurificationFreeze DryingFreeze DryingProductsProducts19 tests for Heavy metals,appearance & etc.7 tests for HPLC3 tests for HPLCBioactivity and microbial tests16 HPLC and microbial testsTHE PRODUCTS - 2
  • 15. Concept of Logo Design1. Primary Color: Green representspure, highest quality naturalingredients; blue representsincomparable quality.2. Green Hands: The hands belowthe three rings represent ourmottoes, “Trust & Share” the bestquality, and “Protect & Value” ourpremium products.Product Quality Proclamation Pharmaceutical-gradeingredients andmanufacturing Meets and exceedsISO9000 and cGMPstandards for quality
  • 16. Wynlife’s Global Marketing Plan美商 莱国 事稳 际 业计划(effective from 1/5/2012)
  • 17. Wynlife’s Global Marketing Plan美商 莱国 事稳 际 业计划收入及优惠的通路收入及优惠的通路 AVENUES OF INCOME AND BENEFITSAVENUES OF INCOME AND BENEFITS1) 零售利润 Retail Profits 10%2) 销售红利 Sales Bonus 27%3) 组织红利 Organisation Bonus 36%4) 全球分红 Worldwide Executive Compensation Program 12%5) 特优忠实顾客计划 Preferred Customer Program (ASM) 10% -22%Sales Bonus售销 / 推荐 金奖Organizational Bonus金组织奖Worldwide ExecutiveCompensation Program高价全球分红Total付出总27% 36% 12% 75%Rank 阶级Min. Month Purchase月最低 售每 销Min Qualified DirectSponsor IBP最低合格直接推荐下线GPV组织业绩Silver 银级 40PV N/A 200PV (Within 2 Generations)Gold 金级 40PV N/A 800PV (Within 3 Generations)Diamond 石钻 40PV N/A 2,000PV (Within 4 Generations)Supervisory 总监 80PV 3 Silver 5,000PV (Within 7 Generations)Regional Supervisory区总 80PV 3 Supervisory 40,000PV (Within 7 Generations)International Executive国总 80PV 6 Supervisory 120,000PV (Within 7 Generations)Qualified Criteria 合格条件Benefits of Wynlife Compensation Plan2 Parts – Compensation Plan and ASM Program1) Compensation Plan–High Paid out up to 75%–Simple and easy to achieve–No Pressure2) ASM Program- ASM Bonus entitlement- Direct discount from DP upto 22%- Sustain customer loyalty
  • 18. Sales BonusSales Bonus 销售销售 // 推荐奖金推荐奖金Supervisory& Above27%Diamond24%3%Gold18%6% 9%Silver10%8% 14% 17%Member 10% 18% 24% 27%Generation代数% Silver Gold DiamondSupervisoryRegionalSupervisoryInternationalSupervisory1st9%      2nd8%       3rd7%       4th7%        5th5%         6th5%         7th5%         Remarks注备 36% K valueOrganizational BonusOrganizational Bonus 组织奖金组织奖金 (OB)(OB)7.5% 3% 1.5%SupervisoryIBP Bonus总监RegionalSupervisoryIBP Bonus区总 InternationalExecutiveIBP Bonus国总  Worldwide Executive Compensation ProgramWorldwide Executive Compensation Program高 全球分阶 红高 全球分阶 红BENEFIT:1) Special discount on Price and PVASM Member:* Price:10% discount; PV :20% discountASM VIP Member:* Price: 20% discount; PV: 25% discount2) Entitle ASM Bonus worth RM10003) Can make purchase at any time4) Enjoy “Free Delivery” service uponpurchase >RM 200 per order5) Senior ASM VIP 22% - continuously for 12 monthsPreferred Customer Program (ASM) 10% - 22%Preferred Customer Program (ASM) 10% - 22%
  • 19. 稳莱成功系统 THE SUCCESSSYSTEM• 容易及有效的复制体系 Easy and effective Duplicablesystem• 特续的教育培训体系 On going training and educationsystems starting from the first day you join• 公司 100% 的支持 Full supports from the companyEmail: malaysiawynlife@gmail.comToll Free: 1800-22-1668Hotline:03-78033378www.wynlife.com
  • 20. 为什么稳莱为什么稳莱 Why Wynlife?Why Wynlife?• 新近及迅速成长的公司 New but growing rapidly, andsoon to be entering many of the world’s biggest markets• 拥有独特专利及有效的天然生化科技产品 Natural BioTechnology Product series with proven results and patents• 稳固的事业发展计划 Compensation Plan:Organizational strength = Fast and stable• 容易复制的成功体系 Easy and duplicable systems leadto success• 无风险,低成本 No risk, low capital• 公司全面的支持 Full Support from the company