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Point, Line, Shape, Mass, Volume, Texture, Value

Point, Line, Shape, Mass, Volume, Texture, Value






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    Point, Line, Shape, Mass, Volume, Texture, Value Point, Line, Shape, Mass, Volume, Texture, Value Presentation Transcript

    • Point, Line, Shape, Mass and Volume,Texture, and Value
    • POINT• The simplest of elements– Used singularly to highlight– Series can suggest lines– Clusters can suggest density
    • LINE• Line types– Actual– Implied• Line in Two-dimensional Art• Line in Three-dimensional Art
    • Line Variations. a. Actual line.
    • Line Variations. b. Implied line.
    • Line Variations. c. Actual straight lines and implied curved line.
    • Line Variations. d. Line created by an edge
    • Line Variations. e. Vertical line (attitude of alert attention); horizontal line(attitude of rest).
    • Line Variations. f. Diagonal lines (slow action, fast action).
    • Line Variations. g. Sharp, jagged line.
    • Line Variations. h. Dance of curving lines.
    • Line Variations. i. Hard line, soft line.
    • Mysterious Marks Near Dunhuang, China
    • GESTURAL LINE• Line that conveys the energy of the artist’s hand asit moves across the drawing surface.
    • Jackson Pollock. Drawing. 1950.11 1/8" x 60".
    • Curvilinear lines
    • IMPLIED LINE• A series of points that the eye recognizes as a line;a perceived line where areas of contrasting color ortexture meet.
    • Zander Olson
    • CONTOUR LINE• An actual line or implied line that defines the outerlimits of a three dimensional object or two-dimensional shape; used synonymously with“outline”.
    • SHAPE• Geometric or Organic• Figure and Ground• Positive and NegativeShape• Amorphous Shape• Three-dimensionalShape
    • POSITIVE SHAPE• A dominant shape on a ground.
    • NEGATIVE SHAPE• A shape “left over” or around a dominant shape.
    • FIGURE• A shape on a background.
    • GROUND• A background on which marks, shapes, or figuresare placed.
    • Figure (or ground) can be either dark or light…
    • Geometric Shapes
    • Organic Shape
    • Amorphous (irregular) shape
    • MASS and VOLUME• Mass: the physical bulk• Volume: the measurable area that anobject occupies• Mass and volume can be actual or implied
    • http://www.lisahamilton.net/
    • MASS• An actual or illusory three-dimensional bulk.
    • VOLUME• The measurable area that an object occupies-itsheight, width, and depth.
    • Jen Stark
    • TEXTURE• Actual Texture• Implied Texture– Visual texture: an illusion of tactile qualities• Invented Texture
    • TEXTURE• INVENTED TEXTURE:The illusion of tactilitythrough the arrangementof lines, colors, and otherdesign elements.• ACTUAL TEXTURE: Thetactile quality of thematerial used to make anartifact.• IMPLIED TEXTURE:• The tactile quality ofelements in an artifactrendered in a way thatgives the impression oftexture.
    • VALUE• Highlights• Shadow• Contrast
    • VALUE• The relative degree of light or dark.
    • VALUE
    • CONTRAST• The degree of value difference in an image; highcontrast is a wide separation between dark andlight; low contrast is a narrow range of values in animage.