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Painting Materials list (oil)
Painting Materials list (oil)
Painting Materials list (oil)
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Painting Materials list (oil)


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  • 1. PAINTING ½ Beaufort MATERIALS: Mineral vs. Organic(synthetic) Opaque vs. transparent PAINTS: We will be using OIL paint this semester. (do not buy “water-based” oil paint-it is a scam) MOST IMPORTANT TO HAVE: Titanium White Radiant White (only made by Gamblin) Cadmium Red (medium) Cadmium Yellow Light Cadmium Orange Alizarin Crimson Maganese Violet Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue Burnt Umber Payne’s Gray Permanent green Middle Naples Yellow Gamblin Paints: Brown Pink (transparent) Indian Yellow (transparent) Quinacridone Red (transparent) Optional: Olive Green Permanent Rose or Magenta Pthalo TurquoisePthalo Blue Powder (King’s) Blue Warm/cool Gray Pale Terracota Transparent Orange or Yellow Prussian Blue Pthalo Green Transparent Red Oxide YOU DON’T REALLY NEED TO BUY BLACK…but get Mars Black if you insist. MEDIUMS: Refined Linseed oil Gamsol (solvent) or odorless mineral spirits Galkyd (alkyd resin) (optional) Stand oil (optional) VARNISH: (optional) Ketone matte varnish (wax based) BRUSH CLEANER: Murphy’s Oil Soap Industrial Strength (Home Depot) PALLETTE: FREEZER PAPER (from publix) on a piece of cardboard or Masonite BRUSHES: As many as you can afford of all types and sizes A variety of flat and round brushes will do 1 VALUE PACK BRUSH SET (Princeton Art& Brush) de
  • 2. small rounds, midsize flats LARGE BRUSHES 30 Blick Mega Brush, white nylon (filbert) 40 Blick Mega Brush, nylon filbert 50 Blick Mega Brush, nylon, flat PURDY 3” Nylon Brush from HOME DEPOT (for priming) PALETTE KNIFES: 3-4 of various sizes, cheap white plastic brand ok PENCIL: HB and Ebony pencil (8B graphite) PRIMER: Zinsser Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 Primer SURFACES/SUPPORT: Anything over 11x14” and as large as you would like to go. Birch Panel (home-made or store bought) Masonite from Home Depot Have them cut to 16”x24” or 18”x24” I do not recommend canvas for a beginner class We are going to need a minimum of 6-8 surfaces to work on. Some other ideas: Ampersand and Hardboard ¾” cradled:
  • 3. Blick Studio Artists Boards If you have the money BUY LINEN! TAPE Blue Painters tape (delicate surfaces) from home depot (1 roll) MISCELLANEOUS: Sandpaper 150,220 grit (6 pack from Home Depot) 2 large plastic cups with lids for medium, etc. smock 1 bottle dish detergent (joy or other) carrying cases, boxes, etc several rolls of paper towels Materials for this class might be expensive, but it IS possible to make great work without spending a fortune. Remember, you may not end up using everything and can continue to paint far into the future. Think of it as an INVESTMENT! Please buy mid-priced paints when possible. Cheap paints usually yield AWFUL and depressing results that may result in mental anguish. Frustration and tears. Good materials=Good Art. I RECOMMEND !!! Easel Art Supply Center 810 Park Avenue Lake Park, FL 33402 561-844-3111 They will give you a good discount if you are a student and are very helpful.