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Half Assed, FTW

Half Assed, FTW



Ignite Columbus presentation by Brian Link

Ignite Columbus presentation by Brian Link




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    Half Assed, FTW Half Assed, FTW Presentation Transcript

    • Half Assed, FTW
      • Why being lazy is good enough and usually pretty damn awesome
      Brian Link
    • What the heck?
      • Let’s talk about how technology, the Internet and social media have changed us
      • We take shortcuts every day
      • We don’t read books anymore
      • We barely even read the links people share with us
      • Yay technology
    • Being Lazy
      • I’ve always said “A lazy programmer is a good programmer”
      • BUT… We take shortcuts and find more efficient ways to code
      • Reuse is cooler than spaghetti code
      • Efficiency trumps brute force
      • Clever beats elegant
    • Just Enough Process
      • Agile Development Methodology
      • We don’t need no BigHonkingSixMonthProgramPlan.MPP
      • Don’t waste time documenting everything, just write down enough to start coding
      • 15 minute mtg: what’d you do yesterday, today, tomorrow. Any issues? OK, next.
    • Just Enough Process
      • BUT... we’re more effective, reactive and quite literally agile.
      • Software is inherently complex – focusing on smaller chunks just makes sense.
      • We’re doing more in parallel and being smarter about anticipating change instead of fighting it
    • Generation Y
      • Have you seen kids these days?
      • Programming while listening to a video podcast while chatting or twittering
      • Texting while talking with friends while watching TV or playing video games
      • The digital millennials have always had the Internet and expect instant answers and continuous connectivity everywhere
    • Generation Y
      • BUT… they embrace technology and use it as it was intended
      • They’re not afraid to try new things; they build things because they can
      • Nothing is impossible to them
      • They’ve mastered multi-tasking and trained short term memory to retain more
    • The Internet Firehose
      • We’re all overwhelmed with keeping up with all the information bombarding us
      • Twitter, email, Facebook feeds all get glanced over, not read
      • We skim everything or bookmark them and never come back
      • We’re training ourselves to ignore more than we read
    • The Internet Firehose
      • BUT… we’re exposed to much more data than ever before. Everyone is a content producer in a web 2.0 world.
      • With this ambient awareness through social media, we know what *all* our “friends” are doing and usually know the news before it’s on at 6
      • And data on the Internet is doubling so fast we can’t measure it anymore!
    • Multi-tasking
      • By juggling multiple things, being interrupt driven is the norm. We expect to leave things unfinished.
      • Some days we get nothing done
      • Ever end up with 14 open Internet browsers and lose track of how you ended up there or what you started doing?
      • We’re a mess
    • Multi-tasking
      • BUT... more is being done with less.
      • People who do it well are super productive
      • We all squeeze more into each day
      • Can you imagine doing everything with pen, paper, phones and filing cabinets?
      • (Which gives us all more time to screw around at work)
    • Entrepreneurs
      • Web 2.0 companies often start with 25-50K
      • Companies like Pownce and PleaseDressMe were written in a few weekends
      • SO… who needs millions in VC? Prove your business model next month. You don’t need to be the next Amazon, eBay or Google.
      • By start-up entrepreneurs working full time at an Internet start-up (Digg)
    • (Micro+) Blogging
      • Blogs are everywhere. You name a topic, it exists and people are talking about it.
      • Some blurt out nonsense or repeat and borrow content
      • Twitter forces your thoughts into 140 characters
      • I mean, who cares where you had lunch or what you’re doing every 10 minutes?
    • (Micro+) Blogging
      • BUT... the wealth of information, depth of relationships and degree of connectivity is insanely great
      • Twitter is the vehicle for the modern day briefcase carrying, small-talk making, golf game schmoozer relationship salesman –
      • And it’s *real* and *transparent*
      • We’re building relationships everywhere
    • I can haz? OMG, WTF
      • Texting, emailing, twitter (and ICHC) have evolved the very language we use
      • BUT… Think of all the saved keystrokes! And the opportunity cost we’ve gained! (Bonus points if you know all these and read them all in 15 seconds)
    • (Some) Friendships
      • Ever forget a birthday card and just send an email instead? Or even an e-card!?
      • Ever write on someone’s wall instead of sending an equally long email answering “what have you done the last few years?”
      • Ever gnore an IM or friend request?
      • BUT... we *are* connecting with more people and keeping in touch with zillions more than we could have just 5 years ago
    • Around the House
      • Ever tidy a room by jamming things in the closet?
      • Sweep anything under a rug?
      • Not move the furniture when vacuuming?
      • WELL... Technology shortcuts are one thing, but some people are just lazy and like it that way. Your intentions are great. But your motivation is likely just to get back to your Facebook account. Oh well.
    • Technology’s Fault
      • With all of the new technology and new ways to communicate and connect with people, it’s no wonder we’ve evolved into this behavior
      • Information overload
        • Consume only what you’re interested in
        • Use RSS
        • Focus your networking
        • Including ignoring some fringe friends
    • Technology’s Fault
      • Day job, side job, blogging and contributing content, personal branding, keeping multiple networks of relationships alive. Technology is the enabler that makes it possible
      • Dreams are met by overclocking ourselves and taking risks. Use technology. Go nuts.
    • Why Email? Just twitter me
      • Brian Link
      • http://BEInteractiveConsulting.com
      • [email_address]
      • Twitter: @blinkdaddy
      • 614-402-5690