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This presentation addresses different social media platforms and the audience they attract and social media sites developed for specific industries/interests.

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  • I am assuming if you are in attendance today, you already understand the importance of social media for small businesses.My goal for you: If you complete the homework, you will have a completed social media marketing plan customized for your business in four weeks. This will require a commitment and call to action on your part. I will be available by email or phone to answer questions, encourage and support you.Dec. 2 We will discuss developing a content strategy and an editorial calendar. Keep all of your completed handouts, they will form your social media marketing plan.If you did not receive the homework assignment, send me an email. Be sure to put in the subject line SMMB. Then I can filter emails more easily.
  • I get asked this question a lot. Probably most of you own your website, you developed it or contracted with someone to do it.
  • I want to show you a few clips from this video. This video statisically shows why your business should be using the capabilities of the Internet. It is called Social and Digital Media Revolution Statistics, 2013 by MistMediaGroup. Our Southeastern director, JohnPrivette shows this video to his SYOB classes. He shared this with me and I want to share with you. This video is only 4 and half minutes long.
  • Social and Digital Media Revolution Statistics, 2013. Our Southeastern director, JohnPrivette shows this video to his SYOB classes. He shared this with me and I want to share with you. This video is only 4 and half minutes long by MistMediaGroup.
  • Getting to basics first. If you already have developed a marketing plan, then you should have a good idea of your target clientele. If not work with one of our SBDC professionals and possibly have a market research report done for your industry. The more you know about your target audience the better decisions you will make in your marketing efforts.
  • Why do you want to delve into social media? I know the obvious answer is selling, but keep in mind social media is first and foremost building relationships. Think engage, share, listen.Answer these questions to yourself, if you have trouble answering them, then I would recommend spending time to answer.
  • If you are using an Ipad, you may not be able to participate in the poll. Enter your answer in the chat. It won’t become part of the %’s, but gives us an idea of our attendees activity on social media.
  • I am going to introduce you to the most popular sites and we will discuss demographics. I am not advocating you set up a presence on all of these sites-that would be disastrous. Start with two sites and add more if desirable.At the very least claim your space on the Internet. People more and more either from their smart phone or computer look up businesses.These sites are important, but let’s see how cross marketing your website and social media sites work!Look at Social Media cheat sheet:
  • At the very least, people should be able to find you when they search. It is easy and free. Google business places to get started. Google is the most widely used search engine used in the US. Other popular engines are Bing and Yahoo, at the very least, your business may already be listed, check your listing and confirm the info is correct or change.If you don’t want to go to each web browser and check your listing, you can use They will do a free scan, but they want to sell you their powerlisting function. About $500 a year, if the info is correct, they bill per month, but you are purchasing a year subscription.
  • An example of doing a search on kennels. Google pulls up kennels based on my location.
  • This is the Bunnery in Jackson and their Google listing. Look at the top right corner. This is a drop down menu, these are the search engines available to use as listed on my Google dashsboard. They have added a picture and info.
  • The Bunnery on Bing.
  • The Bunnery has a great website. Check out all of their social media links at the top. Links from left to right: blog, facebook, twitter, yelp and TripAdvisor. They have add a FB like button a share button and Google+ share buttonAgain, your website or blog should be your core site and all sm should point to your website and vice versa, this is cross marketing, take advantage of it. The Bunnery does an excellent job of this!
  • Yelp, User Reviews and Recommendations of Top Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Entertainment, etc. You list yourself, menu, reservations, etc. people can review and post on your Yelp listing.
  • Twitter page. On this screen print, it shows what people have tweeted about The Bunnery.
  • Results? If you don’t have a presence, then you won’t need to answer this poll. I only get five boxes for answers to create a poll.
  • Source: Pew Research Center, May 2013.
  • These stats were actually very challenging to find.Additional notes: An incredible 94.5 percent of all mothers in the U.S. are internet users.The 45–54 age bracket using Facebook has significantly grown, increasing by 45 percent since the end of 2012. Out of all the social networks studied, Facebook dominated the older generation’s social media usage, as well as the wealthier population. Seventy-three percent of people earning over $75,000 annually have a Facebook account, which surpasses any other network by over fifty percent in the highest income bracket.Most followed brand on Twitter is YouTube 34.9 million followers. Twitter-the 55-64 age group is the fastest growing age group; 79% since 2012.57% of Pinterest users interact with food related content. The #1 category of content.Wyoming still has the least number of monthly visitors to LinkedIn out of all 50 states (sorry Wyoming-according to Boolean Blackbelt)
  • I sent you this template for this week’s assignment. You can change the column titles, add more items to consider. Please share with me other considerations you added. This week I want you to do some research. I have already done an overview of the most popular social media sites. I want you to research and find possible sites for your small business industry. I mainly want you to explore and be aware of what is out there. You really won’t understand how vast social media is until you explore it for yourself. Even if you won’t be doing the social media management yourself, you should understand what is out there.
  • This is purely an example. I googled and found sites I have never heard of. As I have said before, social media changes daily. It is very challenging to stay up-to-date on this topic. My goal is for you to get out there and explore!For visual media consider Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.Identify media that best portrays your products.I would highly recommend subscribing to some free newsletters to stay on top of changes. My all around favorite newsletter is Social Media Examiner. I would recommend everyone.
  • Social Media Marketing For Business

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing for Small Business Overview of Social Media Debbie Gorski Wyoming Entrepreneur SBDC, MRC, PTAC
    2. 2. How This Class Works • Weekly webinar on Mondays noon-1:00 PM – – – – January 6: Overview of Social Media January 13: Customizing a Social Media Plan For Your Business January 20: Building Relationships, Strategies and Tips January 27: ROI or Is Social Media Worth It • Handouts will be sent each week via email. • Goal: Social Media Marketing Plan completed in 4 weeks! • You can send questions via email anytime: debk@uwyo. Subject line: SMMB
    3. 3. Should I keep my website? • Yes!!!! You own your website. • When using social media, always link back to your website. • Social media sites come and go. • You don’t own your profile site, you don’t have access to a list of followers and their emails (or it would take a great deal of time to compile). • If you lose access to your site, you have lost all info.
    4. 4. Who Are Your Clients? Demographics-Age, Gender, Income, Education Psychographics-Buying behavior of your clients. What are their interests, causes (for example: concerned about the environment). Email MRC:
    5. 5. An Assessment of Your Time, Talent and Committment • Who will be maintaining your social media presence? • Are you willing to make time everyday for social media engagement? • Why do you want to delve into social media?
    6. 6. Poll • How many social media sites do you manage? • Answer: – None – One – Two – Three – Four or more
    7. 7. Popular Social Media Platforms • • • • • • • Facebook Google + LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest Instagram YouTube Claim your space on the Internet! Cross marketing your website and social media sites!
    8. 8. Poll • Check all social media sites where you have a presence. – Facebook – Google+ – Twitter – Pinterest – LinkedIn
    9. 9. Demographics Site *Active users Gender Age Income Education Facebook 1.19 billion 54% female 18-29 $75K+ Some college YouTube 1 billion Twitter 500 million 52% female 18-29 $75K+ Some college Google + 300 million 70% male LinkedIn 259 million 65% male 45-54 25-34 $100K + Grad school Tumblr 216 million 50% 18-24 $75K+ college Instagram 150 million 68% female 18-29 <$30,000/ year Some college Flickr 87 million 57% female 35+ Pinterest 70 million 84% female 25-34 $50,000$74,999 Some college 18-34 * (November 2013)
    10. 10. Miscellaneous: (templates)
    11. 11. • Photo Book sites: • • • • • Http:// • Sites I like: •
    12. 12. Questions? To help me understand your most pressing issues, email me your questions and I will answer these individually and try to incorporate into the webinars.