Presentation to Renewable Energy Research Conference Oslo

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Presentation to Renewable Energy Research Conference Oslo



Learning to "Lead the Change" in Energy

Learning to "Lead the Change" in Energy



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Presentation to Renewable Energy Research Conference Oslo Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Poster Session “Making Room for the New” Energy Transition Strategies based on Energy Scenario’s and the roles of business and stakeholders in the change Learning to “Lead the Change” in Energy 16 June 2014, Oslo Founder Energy For One World Program Director- Executive (Energy) Education Nyenrode Business University Adriaan Kamp
  • 2. 2009- Founder of Energy For One World; A practice on Global Change, Energy and Leadership over Change. Program Director Nyenrode BU Executive Program- The Netherlands: Energy MBA 17 years Shell International : Upstream Oil and Gas Project and Business Development ( 5 Countries and HQ). Director and Entrepreneur of Start-ups Adriaan Kamp
  • 3. Agenda 1. Global Change & Energy Future 2. A brief introduction into our (new styled) Executive Energy Education and workshops. 3. Where do I want to go
  • 4. How are we going to live together and provide energy to all people of this world- reliably, affordable, sustainably and in harmony?
  • 5. The world needs energy 6/16/2014 Energy For One World- All Rights Reserved
  • 6. 16.06.2014 • Geopolitical shifts and re-alignments • Economic and finance system change and fundamentals • A new technological era • Changing labour markets • Global production systems & the rise of new (multinational) corporations • Planetary boundaries • Demographic change and migration Global Change Energy, costs and it’s relations/ impact on our Economy, Society and Nature.
  • 7. 2/1/2012 Energy For One World- All Rights Reserved Earlier Shell Energy Scenario’s : We do not know how it will play out
  • 8. The State of Our World Energy System The world energy system is presently changing – and under the influence of: • Population Growth • Wealth Distribution • Energy Demand Increase • Distribution and Prize Fluctuations • Economy, Society, Geo-Politics and Ecology Givens: • Five worlds- Five Emotions (OECD, BRICS, Opec/Gaspec, Emerging and Developing, Poor) • Present Realities in Technology and New Frontiers in the Cleantech- Fossil Industry • Global, Local and Regional dimensions • Importance and Realities of Business, Society, Ecology, Economy and Politics
  • 9. Agenda 1. Global Change & Energy Future 2. A brief introduction into our (new styled) Executive Energy Education and workshops. 3. Where do I want to go
  • 10. • 8-day Energy MBA’s • Master Classes & Lectures • In-company training • Experience Learning • Workshops New Styled Executive Energy Education At Nyenrode BU.
  • 11. Research & New Technology New Human Behaviour& Needs Business Finance, Economy & Wealth Leadership & Governance & Systems One Planet Serving Many People Soft-Knowledge Cycle Hard-Knowledge Cycle System Approach Multi-Disciplinary Faculty Academy, Practitioners and from the Field Hard and Soft Knowledge Cycle
  • 12. Course Modules (Typical) 1. The Playing Field • Global Change, Energy Outlook & The Future of Energy • Scenario’s and Strategies: From Global to Local/ Global, Regional, Local • From Strategy to Opportunity: Framing & Opportunities , Reason(s) for Change • Analysis- Qualitative/ Quantitative 2. Execution, Innovation and Organisation • Case: Green Building Designs, Sustainability in Cities and Housing • Business Modelling and Road-mapping • Innovation and Possibility Thinking • Finance and Project Finance of Infrastructure/ Energy Projects • Industry Examples : Re-connecting the market. 3. Leadership & Leadership over Change • Leadership over self, others and in complex, multi-stakeholder settings • Leadership over Change; Organizational Change • Strategic Leadership • The National Energy Innovation Agenda • Leadership Examples: From the Energy Business and in Politics
  • 13. Future Strategies and Scenario’s Based on Uncertainties ScarcityAbundance
  • 14. Building the Future 6/16/2014
  • 15. Shaping the Future 6/16/2014
  • 16. Problem: Overwhelm Results: • Non-decisions • Oversight Problem: Blindness Results: • Right answer; wrong question • Unforeseen threats • Lost opportunities Inappropriate boundary conditions can result in poor decision-making. Too far Too closeAbout right Results: • Right priorities • Decision-based action Framing The right people treating the right problem from the right perspective. Energy For One World- 2012, All Rights Reserved
  • 17. Strategic X-Factor Building (Realistic) - Shaping (Creative) Shareholder- Societal Yin- Yan
  • 18. Re-inventing Strategies/Relationships: “X-Factor of Integration” Renewables Energy Efficiency Product Re- designs Energy Architectures Re-designs Fossil
  • 19. Elements for Success Strategy Organisation Execution Context & Situational Analysis Stewardship & Leadership over Change 1. If you have a good Strategy – but you cannot Execute- you only have a good Idea. 2. If you have a good Strategy, and you know-how to Execute this , but you do not have the ability to organize or lead- you will be only go-ing that far… 3. Great Strategies combine our abilities to re-align and re-tune our Organizational Forms in order to Execute the Strategy- in a great and majestical way.
  • 20. Some Results from our “Hall of Fame” (from team working groups)
  • 21. A New Balancing Act ”Integration” Global- Regional- Local CrossSector- Sector- in Company Energy Architectures of the 21st Century Strategies Execution Organisation Leadership Strategy ExecutionOrganization
  • 22. Agenda 1. Global Change & Energy Future 2. A brief introduction into our (new styled) Executive Energy Education and workshops. 3. Where do I want to go
  • 23. INTEGRATION • Global, Regional and Local Energy. • Conventional and renewables/energy efficiency. • Business, Economy, Sustainability and Societal/ Political interests. • Energy architecture, energy transition and innovation : Transportation, Cities, Industries & Infrastructures. • Strategy, Execution and “Leadership over Change”. 1) Cross-Sector 2015/ 2016 Goal “House Of Energy” 1) Education- Consulting- Workshops & Events- Projects- Research & Publication
  • 24.  Conscious Capitalism  The rise of new (global and business) leadership: Gandhi’s and Mandela’s  Neuroscience , psychology and spirituality  Gaia, Oneness and Global Mind-set. Transformative leadership Conscious Humanity
  • 25. 16.06.2014 With, for and by vested parties Nurturing and Growing the Energy Professionals and Decision makers Accelerating Innovation in the up- and downstream Energy markets of Europe / RestofWorld Serving / Conscious Leadership With future potential for International Exposure and Outreach Supporting the Rise of Vibrant Sustainable Societies
  • 26. In this “Leadership over Change” we are all Pupils for Life.
  • 27. Energy For One World- 2012, All Rights Reserved Mail to: Tel nrs: 0047- 40767156 0047- 21393858