Henry wei blue button overview top coder event 12-3-2012


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Henry wei blue button overview top coder event 12-3-2012

  1. 1. December 3, 2012
  2. 2. Today providers have many patients and patientshave many providers
  3. 3. And almost all information is exchanged with paperPhoto by Jason Winshell/SF Public Press
  4. 4. Which is dangerous and drives up costs 1.5M adverse reactions 13K diagnoses or Rx errors X 4K medical procedures 6K drugs = 200K deaths/year from errors
  5. 5. Blue Button extends simple, efficient data format ina way that enables industry-wide data exchange. In March OPM required all federal carriers to Blue Button-enable their PHRs
  6. 6. Enter VA InnovationsAn open government initiative investing over $100 millionin improved access, increased quality, enhanced Veteransatisfaction, and reduced costs Prize challenge to drive up Blue Button adoption in private sector Innovation projects to enhance Blue Button functionality Presidential Innovation Fellows to automate Blue Button
  7. 7. Format: First across the goal lineThreshold: 25,000 providers deploy Blue Button-enabled PHRfor patientsPrize purse: $50,000Winners: McKesson’s RelayHealth with 200,000 providersoffering Blue ButtonCost: ~0.3¢/patient
  8. 8. Selected Blue Button partners Over 400 commitments on the ONC website
  9. 9. Industry Challenge: Enhance Blue Button FunctionalityBlue Button Focus: Expand types of data and information that Blue Button handles Develop applications that make use of the data Provide tools that help patients personal health information Extend the usefulness of the Blue Button conceptNearly half of all submissions came in under this topic area3 winners selected
  10. 10. Presidential Innovation Fellows“Our purpose is to give patients better access to and use oftheir Personal Health Information based on Blue Button.” Improved readability and organization Increased data portability Easier mobile development Patient-Mediated Information Exchange
  11. 11. In the near future, Blue Button will be the way that weview, download, and transmit health data #ABBI for your • primary care physician • specialty care provider • in-home caregiver • pharmacist PHRs that are tagged, labeled, and coded will be more clinically useful
  12. 12. To be successful, we have to: We need Blue Button apps that Keep data current always have latest update of patient records We need Blue Button apps that Enrich the experience make it easier for patients to engage in their health We need Blue Button apps that Connect to health outcomes show how connectivity improves patient outcomes
  13. 13. www.va.gov/VAi2www.innovation.va.gov
  14. 14. Coming soon: The complete medical record• VA Demographics• VA Problem List• VA Admissions and Discharges (including Discharge Summaries)• VA Notes (progress notes)• VA Laboratory Results• VA Vitals and Readings• VA Pathology and Radiology Reports• VA Electrocardiogram (EKG) Reports• Self Entered Food and Activity Journals• VA Continuity of Care Document (VA CCD)