Tips to Write Resumes that Fetch a Job in 24 Hours


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These resume writing inputs are from a senior HR professional. Simple and Effective.

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Tips to Write Resumes that Fetch a Job in 24 Hours

  1. 1. Write a Resume that’ll get you a Call in 24 Hours The Self Improvement Blog
  2. 2. Focus on Job Title Effective resumes are those that focus on a specific job title. And clearly meet the employer`s requirements for the position applied for. The Self Improvement Blog
  3. 3. Write Scannable Resumes Employees scan resumes in 5 to 10 seconds. Keep it short and interesting. Use summary. Write bullet points. Put your best stuff at the top. The Self Improvement Blog
  4. 4. List Key Accomplishments For key skills, list worthy accomplishments in different jobs you`ve handled. Effective way to reinforce your key skills. The Self Improvement Blog
  5. 5. Use Power Words Resumes should have positive words and power words. Executed. Strategized. Delivered. Achieved. Built. Set up. Talk revenue if you are in a business function. The Self Improvement Blog
  6. 6. Write Relevant Information Certifications and achievements relevant to the position ONLY must be put down on a resume. The Self Improvement Blog
  7. 7. Never Forget Contact Information Never forget to give contact numbers, including alternate contact numbers. The Self Improvement Blog
  8. 8. No Salary Info Please No salary details. No references on resume. Don't give out any information easily. First let them know your worth. You`re better at the negotiating table. The Self Improvement Blog
  9. 9. Resumes should be Like a Short Skirt No more than two page resumes. Resumes should be like a short skirt, short enough to arouse curiosity, but long enough to cover the whole thing. The Self Improvement Blog
  10. 10. Don’t Use Resume Blasters Never use resume blaster services. Select the job portals, employers or consultants you want to send CV to. Being seen everywhere reflects badly on your judgement. And also reveals desperation in getting a job. The Self Improvement Blog
  11. 11. Design is Important Design resume to look neat. Use readable fonts. Weed out grammatical errors. The Self Improvement Blog
  12. 12. Cover Letter is Critical Resumes must be accompanied by a cover letter that explains briefly how your academics, skills and experience make you fit the job requirements. The Self Improvement Blog
  13. 13. Started Writing the Resume! Follow these resume tips and Walk your Way Through an Employer’s Heart. Good Luck. The Self Improvement Blog