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    Proud To Be In Gujarat Proud To Be In Gujarat Presentation Transcript

    • We Are Proud to be In Gujarat … where we really smile Based on findings from the Report of the Sachar Committee appointed by the Government of India Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community in India
    • “ Mire-e-Arab ko Aai thandi have jahan se Mera vatan vohi hai Mera vatan vohi hai”. - Iqbal (Where from cool winds blow to soothe my body, my heart; That is my country , Yes , that is my country.) “ To me, in politics as well in practice, Secularism means “India First’.” - Narendra Modi
    • Presenting the True Conditions of Muslims in Gujarat and India
      • For some years, malicious lies about Gujarat have been spread throughout India and the world that Muslims are severely discriminated against and persecuted in Gujarat.
      • This is an attempt by anti-Gujarat elements motivated by political enmity to break the fast pace of progressive good governance led by Shri Narendra Modi.
      • As a result of this campaign, propaganda has been spread all-round that Muslims in Gujarat are economically and socially segregated and live in extremely backward conditions.
      • The anti-Gujarat propagandist have used all ways and means for paining the wounds of the people of Gujarat and thus, it has become an unfortunate fashion that it is acceptable to speak against Gujarat without using evidence, facts or the truth.
      • Mohammad Paygambar Sahib had once said that ink of a writer is purer than the blood of a martyr.
      • The conditions of Muslims in India has been debated strongly by Congress led UPA Government at the Centre
      • In 2006, the Honorable Prime Minister appointed a high power committee headed by the Honorable Justice Shri Rajinder Sachar to undertake a detailed study of the economic, social and educational conditions of Muslims in India.
      • The Sachar Committee submitted a detailed Report which is like the shining Sun risen to dispel darkness created by wide spread lies about Gujarat.
      • This carefully compiled report shows Muslims are happiest in Gujarat and consequently proves that the chorus engaged in blaming and damaging the prestige of Gujarat and the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi is based on lies and misrepresentation.
    • Koi Rahim koi Ram bakhane Koi kahe adesh!! Nana bhesh banaye sab mil, Dhunre fire chahun des!! Kahain kabir ant na paiho, Bina Satya updesh!! - Kabir (Some praise Rahim and some Rama and some believe in Adesh; Disguised in different attire they wander in all directions, Kabir says : they could not reach the ultimate without preaching of Truth.) “ Secularism is priceless gift of our Rishi traditions followed since ancient times, which in modern age has also emerged in the Constitution of India.” - Narendra Modi
    • Muslims in Educational Field
    • Muslims in Educational Field (Sachar Committee Report Page No. 287) In this section, facts about the educational condition of Muslims in India, Gujarat and other States is given. It has been analysed from the viewpoints of Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary education as well as in the context of urban and rural areas. The average literacy rate for Muslims in India is 5 percentage points below the national average. In Gujarat Muslims benefit with average literacy rate 8 percentage points higher than the national average.
    • In Gujarat, Muslim Females in Urban areas benefit with average literacy rate 5 points higher than the national average
    • In Gujarat, Muslim Females in Rural areas benefit with average literacy rate 14 points higher than the national average
    • Muslims in Gujarat are in Mainstream of Education One of the noticeable features of education of Muslims in Gujarat is that most Muslims are receiving mainstream education. They are educated in Government or private schools with the students of other religions. *The total number of students learning in Madrassas in Gujarat is very low in comparison with other states. (NCERT Survey) Number of villages where population of Muslims is more than 1000 and there is no facility of a School (Year 2001) (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 294) (There is not even a single such village today in Gujarat)
    • Muslims education attainment Percentage of Muslims who have attained education level (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 295-297-298) In Gujarat a greater percentage of Muslims have attained primary, secondary and higher-secondary level education compared to the country average and compared to other states.
    • Participation in Secondary Schooling (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 290-291) The Sachar Committee Report has also given figures of how many years children from 7 to 16 years spend in school. These figures show the different rates of ‘drop-out’ when children leaving schooling. Lesser years of secondary schooling are an indication of poverty, as the poorest find difficulty in maintaining their children in schools. Average years of secondary schooling for children age 7 to 16 years
      • In Gujarat, Muslim children aged 7-16 are in secondary schooling for the same period as average children.
      • Muslim children in other states do not get the same opportunities as other children and the rate of leaving secondary-schooling by Muslim children after 7 years is also higher there than in Gujarat.
      • This shows that in Gujarat Muslim children are benefiting from equal opportunities to access secondary schooling as other children.
      The study undertaken by the Sachar Committee on educational condition emphatically shows the conclusion that the Muslims of Gujarat are progressing well in the field of education.
    • Akhand sahab ka naam Aur sab khand hai! Khandit mer sumer Khand brahmand hai!! Janka Sai so het Soi nirbandh hai! Un Sadhan ke sang Sada Anand hai! - Kabir ( The name of Almighty only is intact, complete, whole, anything else is broken, divided. Even the mountains are broken, only the universe is one. He who loves the almighty is unbroken, unshaken. In His company there is always pleasure, bliss.)
    • “ Indian philosophy says, ‘ Sarvjan Hitay, Sarvjan Sukhay’ The philosophy of this “very” land tells us ‘ Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Nirmayaha, Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Sarve Kashchid Dukhbhagbhavet’. May the entire humanity be happy, May the entire humanity be healthy, May the entire humanity prosper.” - Narendra Modi
    • Muslims in Government Services In this section, analysis of the proportion of Muslims in government services, country’s defence agencies and public sectors is given. Details of the proportion of Muslims in the higher echelons of Home Department and State Transport Department are also given. These figures are also eye-openers. (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 369)
    • Higher Posts in Government
      • The Proportion of Muslims in the total population of the country is 13.4%. Out of which
        • 3.0% in I.A.S
        • 1.8% in I.F.S.
        • 4.0% in I.P.S.
      • Conclusion : 98.7% Muslims among the Muslims employed in the Central Government jobs are serving in lower cadres. The number of Muslim employees in any Department is not in proportion to their population. Since Independence till today, recruitment in the Central Government have been mainly done by the rulers who claim themselves to be the sympathizers of Muslims. When Lalu Prasad Yadav, who claims himself as the protector of Muslims was the Central Railway Minister only 4.5% were Muslims among total 14,18,747 employees in Railway. Only 3.0% of those who occupy the highest posts in Railways are Muslims, while even in lower cadre employees Muslims are only 5%.
      Numbers of Muslim Employees in the Country’s Defence Agencies
      • (Defence Agencies include agencies like C.B.I over and above the Army.)
      • Total Number of employees is 5,19,008. Out of which 3.6% are high posts and 4.6% are lower cadre employees.
    • Proportion of Muslim Employees in Important Departments in Gujarat and other States having greater Minority Population (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 371) Home Department (Proportion of Muslims in High Posts)
    • State Transport Department (Proportion of Muslims in High Posts)
      • In Gujarat, Proportion of Muslims 9.1%
      • Proportion of Muslims in High posts 9.4%
      • (Proportion of Muslims in lower cadre employees 17.1%)
    • Proportion of Muslims in Public Sectors (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 373) Conclusion: In all these states though the population of Muslims is more than in Gujarat, the number of Muslim employees is less in comparison to Gujarat. Looking at this analysis of condition of Muslims in Government service, the allegation that injustice is done to Muslims and there is discrimination against Muslims in the Government Services in Gujarat is proved baseless.
    • “ Sahib mera ek hai Duja kaha na jaye! Duja Sahib jo kahoon, Sahib khada rasaya!!” - Kabir (I have only one Master, none other can be called so. If I say there is another, the real Master will be displeased with me.) “ Our Principle is ‘ Justice to all, flattery to none’. I am talking about five and half crore Gujaratis. Our Policy is, ‘ No Discrimination, Feelings of Equality’.” - Narendra Modi
    • (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 350) Economical Prosperity of Muslims The Sachar Committee Report contains details about total number of accounts, total deposit, and share of Muslims in them with the Scheduled Commercial Banks in different states during three years from 2002 to 2005.
    • Bank Accounts and Balance Amount (Year 2002 to 2005) Conclusion: If Muslims were discriminated and they were not provided opportunities, would this picture of their prosperity be possible in Gujarat compared to population?
    • Bank Account wise Average Deposit (Year 2002 to 2005) Conclusion: This means that Muslims are comfortable to save more in Gujarat, while the economic condition of Muslims in West Bengal and Assam is extremely bad. (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 351)
    • Credit by Banks (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 349)
    • Credit by the Central Government run SIDBI and NABARD (Year 2004-05 to 2005-06) (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 353) Conclusion: These figures show that Banks are not discriminating in extending credit to Muslims in Gujarat.
    • Credit for Development of Small Industries (Year 2004-05 to 2005-06) The total population of Muslims in the country is 13.4% while the sanctioned share of credit to Muslims in the total credit by this bank of Central Government is less than even 1.0%. SIDBI sanctioned loans to 1,91,178 people in the country, in which the number of Muslims were only 2,865 (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 352) Conclusion: The number of Muslims who got loan from SIDBI is only 9 in Gujarat. These figures give answer to them who are really doing injustice to Muslims in Gujarat.
    • “ Sabad Sabad Sab koi kahe, Sabad ke haath na panv! Ek sabad aushadh kare Ek Sabad kir ghav!!” - Kabir (Everyone talks about ‘word’ but ‘word’ has no hands or legs. One word can serve like medicine to heal, while another may wound.) “ In our country, unfortunately, the word which holds most confusion is ‘secularism’. Secularism does not mean atheism. The essence of secularism is impartiality towards all sects (Religious Path).” - Narendra Modi
    • Availability of Basic Amenities to Muslims in Gujarat (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 357-361) Gujarat is one of the most developed states of the country. The basic facilities like education, health, roads etc. in Gujarat in large scale are not available in any other state. The Sachar Committee Report has further brought to light that basic facilities in Gujarat are not provided on the basis of religion. The Sachar Committee had also examined availability of basic facilities to Muslims in rural areas, the detailed analysis is as below: (Figures in percent)
    • Conclusion: Basic facilities like Education, Health, Post and Telegraph Service, Bus stop and pucca Roads are provided in sufficient proportion in the villages of Gujarat having Muslim majority. Note Category-A : Only six villages are without school. Category-C : There is only one village where Post and Telegraph Service is not available Category-A : Only 18 villages are without bus stops. Category-B : Only 3 villages are without bus stops. Category-C : Only one village is in want of a bus stand. Category-B : Only 15 villages are without approach roads. Category-C : Only 12 villages are without approach roads.
    • Per Month Per Capita Income of Muslims *(Hindus Rs. 644), (Schedule Caste & Schedule Tribes Rs. 527), (Other Backward Classes Rs. 594) Conclusion: The per month per capita income of rural Muslims in Gujarat is 20 to 25% more than the Muslims in the rural areas in other states and it is also more than other people in Gujarat. The average income of rural Muslims in India is Rs. 553 whereas the average income of rural Muslims in Gujarat is much more. (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 365) Rural Sector
    • Per Month Per Capita Income of Muslims Conclusion: Average monthly income of Muslims in the cities of India is Rs. 804 while income of Muslims in Gujarat is much more. (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 364) Urban Sector
    • Employment to Muslims in Private Sector in Gujarat Conclusion: Muslims in Gujarat have got more benefit in comparison to their proportion in backward class. (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 342-343)
      • Total Working Workers
        • In production Sector -13.3%
        • In business Sector – 22.7%
        • Self-employed – 53.7% ( Hindus - 38.8%)
      Schemes for Minorities (Year 2002-03 to 2004-05)
      • Minority Finance and Development Corporation
        • Total expenditure of Rs. 17.02 crore
        • Benefit of 99.40% amount to Muslims.
        • Benefit to 5,659 people of Minority Community.
        • Muslims 99.49% 
      • Gujarat Backward Class Development Corporation
        • Total amount of Rs. 33.67 crore
        • Benefit to total 8,941 people
        • Muslims 10.11%
      (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 377)
    • Term Loan to Minorities in Gujarat (Sachar Committee Report Page No.: 376) Term Loan by Minority Development and Finance Corporation Conclusion: The proportion of Muslims in the minority population in Gujarat is 92.4% while the loan amount given to them is 97.1% of total amount disbursed amongst minorities.
    • Thus, the Central Government has failed to extend basic facilities in number of villages having of Muslim majority in other states, whereas Muslims in Gujarat are enjoying these facilities on better scale.
      • The Sachar Committee Report has arrived as ray of Truth in the midst of darkness created by the storm of lies.
      • It is proved that policies and projects in Gujarat are not decided on the basis of religion neither by the Chief Minister Narendra Modi nor by the Gujarat administration.
      • All welfare schemes are being implemented for public welfare without any kind of discrimination.
      • This Report is a befitting reply to those who are ever active to defame Gujarat and it is hoped that by reading and accepting the truth they will abandon their approach of attacking Gujarat with falsity.
      • ..And most importantly, Muslims also have to recognize those elements, who have utilized them as their VOTEBANK only. They should also understand that other States have given less support to Muslims and they are left suffering economically, socially and with less education. The campaign of falsity against Gujarat should be ended and there should be joint efforts to work towards communal harmony and equality for all in the interest of our country.
      Let there be no discrimination Let there be feelings of equality
    • “ Fifty five million Gujaratis are the core focal point of my faith. My vision for the development of Gujarat is for a development that is all-inclusive, all-nourishing and all-pervasive. The development, which is determined to lay foundation of sustainable prosperity in the 21 st century. The development which is not in piecemeal but should be continuous, permanent and result oriented. The development, which should not be illusory, but common people should experience it. The development, with people‘s participation and human touch, which can reach every deprived person to transform their lives. The development, which is capable of satisfying the desire of the people.” - Narendra Modi
    • Let us awake… later is better than never…