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10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State
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10 Reasons Why Gujarat is a 'Happening' State


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A countdown of factors that have propelled Gujarat to become one of the leading states of India.

A countdown of factors that have propelled Gujarat to become one of the leading states of India.

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  • The biggest reason why Gujarat rocks is - the Gujarati people. An old Sanskrit saying YATHA RAJA, TATHA PRAJA has now in the days of democracy, been turned into YATHA PRAJA, TATHA RAJA. As are the people, so are the rulers. Even in the feudal era, kings such as Sayajirao Gaekwad of Vadodara and Bhagwatsinhji of Gondal carried out developmental activities. In the heydays of socialism too, Gujarat forged ahead. The common thread through the times is the quality of people - for ever pragmatic, changing according to circumstances, positivists, progress loving in all spheres of life, welcoming all sorts of outsiders, all kinds of ideas irrespective of who they come from and so on.So long as this remains unchanged, Gujarat will continue to rock !
    Ramesh Narendrrai Desai
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  • 1. Data Sources: NCAER, KPMG, CMIE
  • 2. Geo-economic power
    • Set for the coastal ‘Silver Corridor’ as a development arc between it’s two gulfs.
    • 3. The ‘knowledge corridor’ has wooed global players.
    • 4. Asian tigers seek access to Gujarat ports for trading with the Middle East and Europe
    • 5. Japanese township near Dholera and Korean community near Valsadis proposed to raise the State’s international profile.
    Only in Gujarat do ambitious projects like DMIC and GIFT get realized with ease, unimaginable port-based development is conceived and the largest SSP, SEZs and SIRs are implemented.
  • 6. Leader across industries
    • Home to ‘second green revolution’ with soil health cards and scientific and integrated approach to agriculture
    • 7. India’s petro-gas capital
    • 8. Contributes to 40% of the country’s pharma and art-silk industries.
    • 9. Has a lion’s share of 80% of polished diamond industry
    • 10. Leads 11% of the world’s chemical exports
    Home to Tata Nano and now welcoming, the world’s largest two-wheeler maker, Hero Honda
    The State government has formed a land bank of 50,000 hectares for industrial houses.
  • 11. Skyrocketing GDP
    Gujaratis hold 30% of the scrips floating in the market.
    Gujaratis account for 16% of Indian exports.
    Gujarat’s average industrial growth is 15%
    Gujarat’s GDP has been growing at 12% for the last 12 years – as fast as China’s.
  • 12. The Ultimate Investment Destination
    India’s largest social base of Business communities
    Political Stability, Business-friendly governance
    Path-baking infrastructure
    Attracts capital and entrepreneurial spirit from East Asia, West and Middle-east.
    Gujarat’s commercially tuned culture has made Gujarat the most “fast-forward” state of India.
  • 13. Constantly Improving HDI – Human Development Index
    100% increase in budget allotment for malnutrition
    Three-time increase in improvements in health sector.
    Upto 50% budget slotted for HDI related activities and reforms.
    • Jobs for 10 lakh youths
    • 14. Water Supply to 12,000 villages
    • 15. Electricity for 17,940 villages
    Several credible schemes have been floated in Gujarat to improve the State’s performance on HDI.
  • 16. Committed to fighting Climate Change
    First state to set up a Climate Change Department
    Bagged the world’s largest solar power plant in a 50,000 crore MoU with Clinton Foundation.
    Has the distinction of Housing India’s first Tidal Energy Project and the largest wind energy farm
    The State has country’s largest CNG and LNG infrastructure.
    Ahmedabad’s public transport system helps save 37 lakh tonnes of carbon emission.
    ‘Hopenhagen’ – Proactive policies for renewable energy, spearheading climate change initiatives in India.
  • 17. Empowering Women
    Rs. 1000 Crores sanctioned for SakhiMandals to micro-finance thousands of women.
    Girl Child Education Festival, Kanya Kelavani – Ensuring 100% enrollment and 0% dropout rate by 2010.
    Save the girl child, BetiBachaoAbhiyaan – Entails effective enforcement of PNDT act and an intensive awareness campaign for changing mindsets.
    No other state has recognized that social change lies in changing the lives of women, like Gujarat.
  • 18. Transforming lives of the Common People
    High-speed grievance-redressal systems in place
    High-speed litigation though fast-track courts and evening courts.
    Serving 44 million people, Ahmedabad has a world class public transport system. Other cities are set to follow.
    The entire state machinery has been activated to take special care of health, sanitation, education and public satisfaction.
    Disaster Management has reached a whole new level with state of the art technology and equipment placed all over the state.
    State- wide adoption of technology and IT such as e-Gram, SWAGAT, ODOD has enabled one and all to be continuously connected with the administration at all levels.
  • 19. Dedicated to the Poor
    50 ‘GaribKalyanMela’sheld across Gujarat state directly distributed Rs. 1500 crores to 25L poor people in the form of checks, auto and cycle repairing kits, cycles, sewing machines, cycles for the disabled.
    Bypassing the middlemen in the GaribKalyanMela has ensured that 100% of the funds are reaching 100% of their intended beneficiaries in Gujarat.
    The State made direct arrangements for power and water distribution.
    These initiatives offer a significantly better poverty alleviation model than that followed by governments at all levels. The right strategy combined with transparent & efficient implementation is expected to achieve results that other governments should also emulate.
  • 20. Leadership
    Shaping an organizational network in Governance
    Instilling ‘Karmayogi’ culture to make this network deliver
    Unfazed by obstacles in the march to development
    Giving special attention to environment, rural population and the poor to go hand in hand with economic growth and urbanization.
    Gujarat stands as a metaphor for the groundbreaking transformation that the state has seen under the leadership of Chief Minster Shri Narendra Modi.