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How to Book a PC

How to Book a PC






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    How to Book a PC How to Book a PC Presentation Transcript

    • A visit to the library for many ofour customers includes…- Using a computer- Printing some documents- Paying for and picking up thosedocuments before leaving the libraryLet’s take a look…
    • The customer has approached a Self Service PCReservation Station and is presented with two optionsto proceed.Next Available PCFutureReservation
    • The customer selected ‘Next Available PC’ and isprompted to enter the library card number. Customersmust have their library card in order to reserve a PC.
    • If the customer selected the Future Reservation button,he/she will see they have options to select a future date(up to 7 days in advance) and a preferred time. Thecustomer then clicks on the Make Reservation button inthe upper right hand corner.
    • The customer is now presented with a confirmation ofhis/her reservation and an option to Accept or Cancel.The information listed includes the PC they’ve beenassigned, the date and time of the booking, and wherethe PC is located.
    • Now that the reservation has been made, the customercan login to the PC with their library card number.
    • Before access to the PC is granted, the customer ispresented with a Library Internet Use Policy that he/sheaccepts by choosing to continue.
    • On the desktop the customer will see a CountdownTimer and a Welcome Message. It cannot be closed butit can be minimized (by pressing OK) limiting the displayto the bottom banner with the Time Remaininginformation.
    • The customer is about to write a document. TheCountdown Timer shown at the bottom right of thescreen stays on top of the open program to keep thecustomer informed of their time.
    • The customer has decided to print their document.They can choose from a list of printing options thatclearly show the various options available from colourto paper size to double-sided.
    • Printing Charges•Single sided, black and white, letter size = 15 cents•Single sided, black and white, legal size = 15 cents•Double-sided, black and white, letter size = 25 cents•Double-sided, black and white, legal size = 25 cents•Single sided, colour, letter size = 50 cents•Single-sided, colour, legal size = 50 cents•Double-sided, colour, letter size = 90 cents•Double-sided, colour, legal size = 90 cents
    • Having selected a printing option, the customer is shownthe cost of their print job and given the opportunity toproceed or cancel. This makes them fully aware of thecost.
    • Having accepted the printing cost, the customer isshown that the Print Job has been sent throughsuccessfully and is ready for pick up at a Print ReleaseTerminal.
    • Towards the end of the PC Session the customer iswarned that there is only 15 minutes left in the session.Another warning is given at 4 minutes before the end ofthe session. If there’s no one waiting to use thecomputer, session time will be automatically extendedfor additional 15 minutes.
    • When ready to end their Session the customer selectsthe End Now button from the Countdown Timer banner.If the customer doesn’t choose to end their Session andtheir time runs out, the system will automatically shutthe Session down.
    • To ensure privacy, the PrintRelease Terminal will beconfigured to prompt thecustomer to enter their LibraryCard Number. They will then bepresented with ONLY their ownprint jobs. The queue willinclude all print jobs associatedwith their Library Card.
    • After entering the library card number, the Print ReleaseTerminal opens and the customer can see their ownprint jobs waiting to be released. They can highlight thejobs they wish to print and press the Print buttonlocated in the upper left hand corner. They can alsochoose to delete jobs at this point as well.
    • After pressing the Print button, the customer ispresented with Payment Options. They can pay in cashthrough a vending device such as a Coin-op. A StaffOverride button can be used if the vending device is outof order.
    • After selecting a payment option and payment beingmade, the Print Management system confirms that thejob has been released to the printer.All that remains is for the customer to pick their job upfrom the Printer tray!