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Omrania UK 30th Reunion FINAL
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Omrania UK 30th Reunion FINAL


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A chronological account of Omrania UK from April 1980 to the May 28th 2010 30th Reunion celebration at the Windsor Castle Pub.

A chronological account of Omrania UK from April 1980 to the May 28th 2010 30th Reunion celebration at the Windsor Castle Pub.

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  • 1. Omrania UK 30th Reunion 27 April 1980 – 28 May 2010 Windsor Castle Pub
  • 2. Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall 20 Campden Hill Road
  • 3. How many times did we walk through these doors?
  • 4. KSA PROJECTS “I think the reunion is a great idea. I had some of the best working years of my career at Omrania.” Jon McCarthy
  • 5. Yanbu Area R4 Concept Sketch May 1980
  • 6. Final Scheme
  • 7. Perry Neubauer sketching at Yanbu al Nakl
  • 8. DHL delivery of final documents
  • 9. Pedestrian Way through Townhouse Clusters
  • 10. DQDC Diplomatic Club Diplomatic Quarter
  • 11. The August 1981 visit Wadi Hanafi Site visit August 1981
  • 12. …. all along the watchtower
  • 13. Relaxing with drinks at the Hyatt Jeddah after embassy programming interviews in August 1981.
  • 14. Atelier Frei Otto
  • 15. Design Development Presentation at RDA
  • 16. Last minute second thoughts
  • 17. Pre-bid Conference
  • 18. No blasting Maltese masons
  • 19. Eddie Pugh’s team
  • 20. DQDC Site Office
  • 21. View from International School
  • 22. View from Wadi Hanafi
  • 23. Dining Rose
  • 24. Heart Tent
  • 25. Charles and Diana visit the Club
  • 26. Hugh Eccles Security Consultant DQDC RAF Club London 2005
  • 27. Frei Otto receives RIBA Gold Medal February 2005
  • 28. Gulf Cooperation Council Headquarters
  • 29. Residence Hotel pickup Kiliç, Mitch, Lorenzo, Basem
  • 30. Nobar Kiliç Ibrahim Basem Nick Atrium View
  • 31. Secretariat
  • 32. Conference Center
  • 33. National Guard Township Behzad Shahrouz working on model
  • 34. GOSI II reflecting GOSI I
  • 35. SCANST
  • 36. Thumama Park
  • 37. Riyadh office
  • 38. Riyadh office fire
  • 39. Mazen Silwany at the DQ office
  • 40. In their element - Andy Jones and Nobar Zadoyan
  • 41. UPDATE “I look back on my time with Omrania and previously ADC with tremendous affection, they were good days.” Roger Coleman
  • 42. 12 editions – an incredible history and great reading
  • 43. COMPETITIONS “Hello from down under. Great to hear the spirit is there and this surprise contact has brought back some very happy memories.” Rob Conti P.S. I still have the bike that I used to ride to work on.
  • 44. Paris Opera 1983
  • 45. Kent State May 4 Memorial
  • 46. PEOPLE “Best to all Omrania friends who might remember me.” Perry Neubauer
  • 47. Basem doing what he likes best
  • 48. Philippa’s going away party
  • 49. DQDC team lunch on a working weekend preparing for a presentation to the Riyadh Development Authority.
  • 50. Elephant & Castle Friday
  • 51. FUN “Hard at work at Omrania never allowed out for any fun at all not even to do ballet exercises.” Phillipa Clare
  • 52. Jimmies forever - Look at the prices
  • 53. Softball and Cricket
  • 54. Always fun - a fire drill
  • 55. Queen’s Head Pub July 1989 celebrating Ward’s departure for San Diego
  • 56. Long time friends from BWS: Alan Gayler David Baker John Green
  • 57. Mike explains how to do the funky chicken
  • 58. L to R: Kamal, Nobar, Ibrahim, Mike
  • 59. L to R: Peter, Geoff, Roger, Bill, Nobar, Ken, Geoff, Lorenzo
  • 60. Malcolm Moncrieff, Conseco
  • 61. L to R: Elizabeth, Stefan, Kilic, Joan, Chris
  • 62. UK PROJECTS “Didn’t we have good times?” Mike Wilkinson
  • 63. Docklands Hotel for Nisses at City Harbour Isle of Dogs
  • 64. A successful idea and planning application but someone else benefited and landed the project which reopened the swimming baths for the Chiswick community.
  • 65. Alvik office development in Stockholm assisting CAN Arkitector with their client Nisses
  • 66. Site visit July 1987
  • 67. 16th century Huntercomb Manor
  • 68. Field investigation for Oswestry Hospital
  • 69. 4 Millbank – Old Crown Agents Headquarters 1912
  • 70. February 1988 team meeting in Stockholm
  • 71. Jack O’Connell on tour
  • 72. Drawing by Robert Potter
  • 73. Drawing by Robert Potter
  • 74. Traditional and modern model offices
  • 75. Construction
  • 76. Nisses Site Office this way
  • 77. Site Office L to R: Robin Butterell, unknown, Sandy Porter, Jack Osborne
  • 78. Sales
  • 79. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher makes a visit.
  • 80. Lunch in the atrium
  • 81. RECOGNITION “I think most people including myself felt that Omrania was the best working environment we were in and most are sorry we had to move on.” Robert Johnson
  • 82. 1984
  • 83. Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Barry Gasson, Sandy Wilson - some pretty distinguished company.
  • 84. Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Varnishing Day Friday 11 May 1984 Photo by Crispin Boyle
  • 85. …. Omrania – all showed work of considerable flair and had 1985 designed effective stands.
  • 86. 1987
  • 87. “The garden designs by Marina Adams and Omrania suggest that there is a yearning for a more orderly kind of garden design and something of a return to formal geometry.” (Nick Sweet drawing)
  • 88. 1986
  • 89. 20 th REUNION “What a beautiful surprise; warm glimpses of precious past and happy memories.” Basem Shihabi
  • 90. Elephant & Castle September 2000
  • 91. Great fun …..
  • 92. But the most incriminating is ……
  • 93. But the most incriminating is ……
  • 94. How about the 30th in 2010?
  • 95. A great evening and reunion
  • 96. 30 th REUNION “What a brilliant idea for the 30th Reunion.” Guy Dare “It is a really lovely idea to have a major get together.” Dave Tallin
  • 97. “I can’t be with you for your reunion but I have asked my good friends Judy and Ward Thompson to personally wish each of you a very happy reunion. You did great work and should be very proud.” Barack Obama
  • 98. 28 th May 2010
  • 99. 6PM and awaiting the onslaught
  • 100. Together again Guy and Philippa
  • 101. Friends of Omrania UK Philip Lidgate (York Mansions) CG Pettersson (4 Millbank) and Judy Thompson and Alan Gayler (BWS)
  • 102. Judy Thompson Marianne Fanous Reema Shihabi Sally Zadoyan
  • 103. Philippa and Ken
  • 104. Robert Potter and Chris Burrows
  • 105. Ward and Basem Nabil and Judy
  • 106. Basem Nobar CG Alan Nabil Ward Basem Jackie
  • 107. John Basem CG Judy Alan Philip
  • 108. Who else? Jon McCarthy at the bar of course
  • 109. Everyone, including Jon, is astonished - Jon buys a round
  • 110. Paul Hugh Andy Jon Keith Dave
  • 111. Dave Hugh Keith Mark Broad and Paul Fox
  • 112. Jon, I have been meaning to ask you about something.
  • 113. Hugh wins the finals of the Windsor Castle Friday hold your breath contest against stiff competition.
  • 114. Andy McCarthy shows his true colours
  • 115. Sanjib Showti Mike Carol Reema Shaden
  • 116. David Roger Kenneth Carol Ward Guy Judy
  • 117. Roger makes his case for Basem has had enough of back pay while Basem David’s structural mumbo jumbo listens patiently. and reaches for his revolver.
  • 118. Shaden and Robert discuss Despite Lorenzo’s best Robert’s uncontrollable stories, Ken struggles to stay winking syndrome. awake.
  • 119. Mike explains the value of Judy suggests Mike tries drinking water at a reunion. Harvey’s Special.
  • 120. Jon and Judy both thinking “what does Ward want now?”
  • 121. Philippa and a few of her boyfriends
  • 122. OK boys, here’s the plan.
  • 123. You must be joking Kenneth. The transfer didn’t come through?
  • 124. Kenneth in custody awaiting the paddy wagon.
  • 125. Basem Hugh Gallagher Dave Fisher Philippa
  • 126. Wendy Alan Ward John
  • 127. Sally and Nobar Zadoyan
  • 128. Jacqui Osborne
  • 129. Philip Lidgate
  • 130. Judy Thompson
  • 131. Nabil Fanous
  • 132. The end of a terrific evening – next one in how many years?
  • 133. “Once we got over the shock of where all the young people had gone to then I think we had some fun.” Robert Johnson and Shaden Jiryes “It was a lovely evening and so enjoyable to catch up with some I haven’t seen for may years.” Robert Potter “It was a very special occasion … ten years for the next get together seems too long to wait, also I shall be 76!!” Alan Gayler “It was such an effortless and easy transition back in time without feeling it was back in time at all.” Jacqui Osborne
  • 134. “As for the boss (Basem) what a wonderful chap, hasn’t changed a bit and obviously enjoyed himself immensely and managed to talk to just about everyone with genuine interest and sincerity.” Roger Coleman
  • 135. A Day of Joy Let this be a day of joy, When we all can dance and play, When we all can shout and sing And rejoice in everything. Then you’ll see the sun will shine And the lovely spring be mine, Enchanting birds will sing for me, Lovely flowers and rustling tree. Suddenly we all are young, Happy lives are re-begun. Nothing will be sad or grey. Every sorrow fled away. For this blessing we will be Always happy, always free, Always loving, always gay. Heavy work is turned to play. Edward C.R. Fawcett OBE
  • 136. IN MEMORIAM
  • 137. Joan Carden Vaughn Lawton Ted Happold