Asbestos Q&A


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Everything you need to know about Asbestos

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Asbestos Q&A

  1. 1. Asbestos FAQ Asbestos kills. The courts are now killing business. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  2. 2. Q. Which State is the best for making an asbestos claim? A. West Virginia is the best State. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  3. 3. Q. Will I always receive compensation? - I A. You might be awarded compensation, but if the company goes out of business and bankrupt, you will find there is no money to pay you. You may need to check if the company has been taken over or bought out. It may mean tracing a number of company takeovers and find who is now liable for your asbestosis. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  4. 4. Q. Will I always receive compensation? - II A. Also, some companies have gone out of business but have left a trust fund to pay for asbestosis claims. Unfortunately due to some of the mass torts being filed there is little left for those with proven cases of asbestosis. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  5. 5. Q. Are any lawyers interested in dealing with the facts? A. Yes, many lawyers are prepared to deal with the facts and not assumptions. You need to ask questions of the lawyer you hire, to find out what they are prepared to do for your situation. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  6. 6. Q. What are mass torts? A. In simple terms, this is where a number of people with similar health issues, all make a combined claim. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  7. 7. Q. Are mass torts good news for sufferers? A. Not necessarily, because many people are making combined claims, without having seen a doctor to diagnose their disease. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  8. 8. Q. How do I make a claim if I have asbestosis? A. The first thing you need to do is contact an excellent lawyer, who will want to find out all the facts, and also get the medical proof to go with your claim. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  9. 9. Q. How long before the affects of asbestosis is seen? A. It normally takes about 20 years for the results of asbestosis to be seen in a person. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  10. 10. Q. I’m an employer, but I haven’t dealt with asbestos could I be sued? A. Yes you could, if it was proven that the building you used had asbestos in it. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -
  11. 11. Q. As an employer how can I protect myself? A. Find a good defense lawyer who will examine the evidence and then act on your behalf. © 2009 All Rights Reserved -