BYOD: ieder zijn eigen mobiel kantoor


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Presentatie van William Visterin op het Nieuwe Werken Congres van 11/12/2012.

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  • There are 3 implications in the Post-PC era The 1 st is choice computing – applications and devices are chosen by users, not IT, the user becomes the center of the IT universe The 2 nd is the disaggregation of data – while data centers are consolidating across multiple organizations, the data itself is becoming disaggregated . Most users have on average between 3-7 devices and information gets replicated across these devices; data can live in the cloud or on premise. As a result there is a need in the marketplace for a consistent set of policies applied to data, regardless of its location or the device upon which it resides . The 3 rd is around emerging roles in the Post-PC era , all focused on enhancing the experience and productivity of the New Users . There is the New Developer who will use new tools and techniques available to enhance the New User experience . There is the Cloud Architect who will ensure information can be made available anywhere and at any time . There is the Data Scientist who makes sure the right set of information is made available to the right user and the right time . These three implications have profound implications to the architecture, technologies and best practices used by organizations as the Post-PC era becomes more and more a part of our daily lives.
  • BYOD: ieder zijn eigen mobiel kantoor

    1. 1. Iedereen zijn eigen slim kantoor: Bring Your Own Device
    2. 2. It’s a Mobile Worldafter all
    3. 3. Nice to meet you. I’m William @wvisterin
    4. 4. Smart Business Strategies
    5. 5. Smart Business Strategies• The only Belgian IT magazine that takes the business manager in perspective• Business decision maker• Target audience: managing director, IT manager, HR manager, marketing manager,...• Understandable and strategy focused• Cases & user centric• Business IT magazine that matters
    6. 6. Smart Business Strategies
    7. 7. It’s a mobile World After all (workshop)
    8. 8. It’s a mobile world after all1. The Trends2. The Devices3. The Approach
    9. 9. 1.The Trends
    10. 10. While we were sleeping…
    11. 11. New collaborative model…
    12. 12. It’s aNew Way of Work
    13. 13. From Workplace to Meeting place
    14. 14. 50m 2 24
    15. 15. 13.500 euros a yearand here he spent… 25
    16. 16. 3% of his time 26
    17. 17. Homework?Are you allowed to work from home?Yes: 48%No: 52% Source: ZDNet, Smart Business Strategies, N=412
    18. 18. Flex desk?Use ‘flex desk’ at the office?Yes: 29%No: 71% Source: ZDNet, Smart Business Strategies, N=412
    19. 19. 1.The Trends
    20. 20. A. It’s aMobile World
    21. 21. B. It’s aDigital World
    22. 22. Digitaal kantoor: Stand van Zaken
    23. 23. Welcome to Generation Y
    24. 24. Welcome to Generation i
    25. 25. “It took me three days to figure outthat there was another side to the tape.”
    26. 26. C. It’s aCloud World
    27. 27. Cloud computing refers… …to the provision of computational resources on demand… via a computer network, such as software, infrastructure, etcSource: Wikipedia
    28. 28. Biggest enemy ofIT-manager?
    29. 29. Everybody has an enemy, who’s yours?
    30. 30. Zero tolefor IT…
    31. 31. D. It’s aUser World
    32. 32. Consumer -ization
    33. 33. BYOD
    35. 35. BYOD: Private smartphone at worktt Bron: ZDnet, Smart Business Strategies, 2011, N=240
    36. 36. BYOD: Private notebook at worktt Bron: ZDnet, Smart Business Strategies, 2011, N=240
    37. 37. How users and programmers see each other
    38. 38. Worst jobs to have?
    39. 39. Worst jobs to have? *1. Phone sex operator2. Ferry cabin cleaner3. IT-manager * Indianapolis Business Journal
    40. 40. It’s a mobile world after all1. The Trends2. The Devices3. The Approach
    41. 41. 2.The Devices
    42. 42. New kids on the block
    43. 43. Welcome in thePost PC era
    44. 44. Use of smartphone (daily)Gebruikt de smartphone meerdere keren per dag voor: 1.) SMS (61%) 2.) E-mail (50%) 3.) Telefonie (49%) 4.) Sociale netwerken (34%) 5.) Surfen op internet (32%) 6.) Agendabeheer (29%) 7.) Specifieke apps (25%) 8.) Spelletjes (18%) 9.) Muziek beluisteren (17%) 10.) Foto’s nemen (5%) Bron: Mobistar, 2012
    45. 45. On mobile devicesKiller app = Killer cocktail
    46. 46. New kids on the block (bis)
    47. 47. Laptop versus Tablet
    48. 48. Meerwaarde van Mobile devices?
    49. 49. Added value of Mobile Devices(smartphone & tablets)= Productivity
    50. 50. Show me the money
    51. 51. Source: Gartner (November 2012)
    52. 52. Source: SmartBusinessStrategies,2012, B2B use
    53. 53. It’s a mobile world after all1. The Trends2. The Devices3. The Approach
    54. 54. 3. TheApproach
    56. 56. Mobile OS in Belgium Welk besturingssysteem gebruikt uw smartphone? Android 43,5% Bada 1,1% BlackBerry 4,8% iOS 15,3% Symbian 5,2% Windows 4,5% Ander 2,7% Weet ik niet 22,9% Bron: Ivox, Mobistar, 2012
    57. 57. Must have: gemeengoed op iPhone, iPad of Android1) EvernoteDoet zijn naam alle eer aan: weinig toepassingen zijn zo goed in het bundelen vannotities, foto’s, foto’s, geluidsfragmenten en internetpagina’s te bundelen. –Gratis2) DropboxDe ultieme bewaarplaats: je sleept een bestand op je pc of laptop naar je lokaleDropbox-folder en meteen wordt er online een back-up van gemaakt. -Gratis instapversie (34 euro per jaar voor full version)3) LinkedinNaast Facebook en Twitter is ook het zakelijke netwerk LinkedIn een populairetoepassing op smartphone en tablet. - Gratis instapversie4.) All SyncOm gegevens van vrienden uit je sociale netwerk te synchroniseren met decontacten uit je adresboek. Alle bekendste sociale netwerken worden ondersteund.- Gratis.5) SalesforceOm je sales team onderweg op de hoogte te houden van klantencontacten enverkoopkansen. - Gratis instapversie.
    58. 58. 6) Train InfoIn een vingerknip weet je wanneer je trein vertrekt en aankomt.– Gratis7) How Stuff Works: video’s, quizzen en artikelen die je leren hoe dingenécht werken. - Gratis8) Documents to GoOm Microsoft Office-bestanden te bewerken en bewaren op je tablet. En zevervolgens te synchroniseren naar andere toestellen. - 7,99 euro9) iWork for iPadMicrosoft Office voor iPad: tekstverwerking (Pages), rekenblad (Numbers) enpresentaties (Keynote). Alternatief voor QuickOffice. - 7,99 euro per stuk10) Scatterslidesbrengt je presentatie over op een grotere scherm en laat je via je mobiel toestelde presentatie aansturen. - 3,54 euro
    59. 59. “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”
    60. 60. What the enterprises broad approach to BYODshould beOptions range from laissez-faire to lockdown:1. HR takes the lead: Ban employee-owned devices being brought onto enterprise premises and prevent them from connecting to any enterprise network assets.2. HR takes the lead: Allow devices on-premises but offer no access to enterprise network assets.3. Enterprise IT takes the lead: Allow devices on-premises but limit the connection for everyone to email, name and address book, and contacts.4. Enterprise IT takes the lead: Segment employees, allow the use of BYOD for enterprise business, and provide support in a way that is appropriate for each group.5. Enterprise IT takes the lead: Segment employees. In addition, offer enterprise-purchased and enterprise-funded mobile devices to some categories of employees.6. No one take the lead: Allow employees to do what they like with their own devices.
    61. 61. A High-Level Checklist for Implementing BYOD Step Key Deliverable 1 Deciding on a BYOD Strategy Determination of Which Approach to Adopt to BYOD 2 Grouping Employees, and Defining Support Segmentation of Employees Into Three to Six Groups, and a Package of Policies and Technologies for Each and Access for Each 3 Implementation Planning Scope of Tools, Network Services and Financing Models 4 Project Setup Staged Approval for BYOD Program 5 Proof of Concept Successful Pilot and Key Lessons 6 Implementation BYOD Rollout Plan 7 Program Renewal Periodic BYOD Health CheckSource: Gartner (June 2012)
    62. 62. The Tools
    63. 63. Mobile Device Management
    64. 64. MDMMarket
    65. 65. Virtualization
    66. 66. Cloud Computing
    67. 67. It’s a mobile world after all1. The Trends2. The Devices3. The Approach
    68. 68. And finally…
    69. 69. “Denial is not a river in Egypt”
    70. 70. President of the MichiganSavings BanktoHenry Ford:“The horse is hereto stay, but theautomobile is only anovelty.”
    71. 71. It’s a mobileWorld After all
    72. 72. Kind regards,William VisterinE-mail: William@minoc.comTwitter: @wvisterin